There’s a growing fascination with RC toys among the youngsters of today. This comes as no surprise considering just how better and more affordable today’s RC toys are compared to those from 10 years ago. So, this time we’re talking specifically about best RC cars for kids.

When talking about RC toys in general, I have to notice that RC cars are the most beginner/child-friendly option you can get. Drones, for example, require extra dexterity. Flying a drone means controlling 3 major axes (X, Y, and Z). While with RC cars that’s not the case, all that the kids have to think about is accelerating and steering (because who needs brakes, right?).

Besides, the market for RC cars has become saturated with an insane number of designs, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. And believe me, the expensive ones will act as toys for adults as well. Though, keep in mind that getting higher-end RC car models for your child warrants extensive care that they don’t break it. After all, imagine spending $1000 just for your kid to pull its wheels apart. Oh, the agony!

The 5 RC car models we’ll be mentioning in this article are your best bet at getting something interesting, durable, relatively cheap, and functional enough for your kid to enjoy. And once your kid’s asleep at night, you’ll grab that RC car and drive it around the house because adults need to experience the joy of them as well! I just know that’ll happen because it happened to me. Oops.

Let’s jump into the list, shall we?


Table: 5 Best RC cars for kids in 2022

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5. Bezgar 1/14

Starting out at number 5 is the Bezgar RC. This is the perfect beginner choice since it starts at around $35; which is quite cheap when you compare it to other options. The 1/14 scale of it also means it isn’t as small as some other choices on the market.

Slim but Punchy

Most parents opt for smaller-scale RC cars for their kids but believe me, it’s nice to have something of substance and weight. The 1/14 scale means it isn’t really a large RC car but it isn’t too small either. It is an all-around good size for beginners.

Product Highlights:
  • Speeds up to 20-25kph – Definitely not the fastest RC car out there but it does pack a nice punch.
  • Multi-User control – The Bezgar features a non-jamming wireless control system that works on 2.7Ghz and supports multi-user control.
  • Durability – The RC car features front and back bumper protection and the body itself has been made from strong alloys. It will live up to most rough-up challenges with no problems.
  • USB Charging and Extra Battery – One extra battery will ensure circa 30 minutes of uninterrupted usage, even at constant full speed!

All in all, this is a very potent RC car package for the price. You can’t go wrong with it because even in the event of breakage, you still won’t feel your wallet being burned. However, there’s a reason why the Bezgar is number 5 on our best RC cars for kids list and it’s no fault of its own. Still, the Bezgar should be your number 1 pick if this is your first time purchasing an RC car, have never used one before, and still want something that’ll be fun for your kid.




4. DEERC DE36W 1/16

The DEERC RC car looks like an armored truck and that’s enough to get any kid interested in it. Small but packs a nice punch. It is the slowest RC car from our entire list with a 15-20kph top speed. Still, nothing too shabby.

First Person View Support

This RC car comes with one very special feature that other RC car entries here don’t have and that’s FPV! This is made possible through the use of a smartphone as a controller (using wi-fi to connect). This might seem difficult for kids to use which is why it comes with a separate radio controller. The controller also features a phone clamp so you can still use FPV to drive around!

Affordable yet Rich with Features

The price for this ‘armored’ truck? Around $60 which is almost double the price of the Bezgar 1/14 but with some more cool features. It’s also a looker; kids will turn their heads to get a look at this RC car.

Product Highlights:
  • FPV Perspective – You’ll always know where you’re going.
  • Running Time – The DEERC DE36W can run up to 30 minutes of constant use (with 35 minutes being the ceiling for easier and slower driving).
  • Two Control Modes – The radio controller works at 2.4Ghz up to a distance of 50m but you need a clear line of site to know what’s happening. If you use the mobile app, you can expect a control distance of 30m.
  • Strong Design – The DEERC RC car utilizes strong materials to give it protection against hard impacts and falls. It also employs powerful shock absorbers which enable it to dominate even rough terrain. Lastly, this RC car has anti-skidding tires; preventing slippages.

Slower and smaller than its counterparts, the DEERC DE36W beats them in flexibility and innovativeness. The differences are still marginal, so it’s an excellent choice no matter how you look at it.




3. Bezgar Monster Truck 4×4 1/12

Bezgar’s second entry in our 5 Best RC cars for kids list is a monster (literally!). This is for kids that want to be hardcore when they take out their monster truck in the sandpit and blast all that sand into other kids’ faces.

Let it Rip

This RC car is the first one in our list that breaks the 40kph ‘barrier’; and it’s darn fast for something so small. And it isn’t exactly small either, coming in at a 1/12 scale. This makes it bigger than both the DEERC D36W and the Bezgar RC 1/14. It can reach a speed of 45kph that could be a handful for the uninitiated RC car driver. The Bezgar Monster Truck is essentially an entry-level RC hobbyist car so it would be a perfect gift for slightly older kids.

Durability and Strength for Days

This RC car model can withstand a plethora of things that could go wrong. First up, we have the IPX5 Standard. Essentially, the ESC receiver is so well protected from water that no splashes can cause a short-circuit. Even if you were to let water run over the car, it still has sufficient protection. Just don’t submerse it! As for some traditional protection, it comes with standard low-voltage cutoff and overcurrent protection. Additionally, both the front and rear shocks are filled with oil which allows dampening. This means that the RC car will handle rough terrain much better and might even enjoy it more. These shocks increase the car’s safe dropping height and additional protection against collisions.

Product Highlights:
  • High Speeds – The RC390 brushed motor runs at around 21000 RPM which sounds like a banshee’s scream – but that’s what makes it fun. This is also the reason we say it’s best you get this model for an older kid.
  • Inner-Component Protection – This RC car has very well-built inner-component protection, as described previously.
  • Oil-Filled Metal Shocks – The Bezgar Monster Truck 4×4 won’t have to worry about any terrain it encounters.
  • Reinforced RC Car Body – Thanks to having a Nylon chassis, the Bezgar Monster Truck RC car is able to take a pretty hard beating without getting damaged. This is due to nylon’s properties; durable, elastic, insulating, and resistant to chemicals. The tires also feature thermoplastic rubber which gives a better grip when driving and higher abrasive resistance.

This RC car price is about $100. Again, the Bezgar Monster Truck 4×4 is essentially the prelude model to higher-end RC cars. However, if you don’t want to keep replacing your kid’s old RC car due to damage or boredom – this is an obvious choice. For the price, it comes packed with high-quality characteristics. It isn’t gimmicky in any way – just a pure racing RC car. And when you’re faster than everyone else – nothing else matters!




2. Hosim RC Truck 9125 1/10

Another RC monster truck but this one comes with a lot more flexibility and options. The price for this RC car is around $120; so slightly more expensive than the previous one. However, the major difference between the two is that this one isn’t really limited to older kids. But more on that soon.

Looks with Speed to Boot!

I want to mention just how SICK this RC car looks. It looks angry and willing to destroy everything in its path. Which isn’t surprising considering this one’s even faster than 45kph! It can go a max of 46kph! Jokes aside, even this 1kph increase over the Bezgar Monster Truck has a reason behind it. In this model, you’ll find TWO RC390 Brushed motors, compared to Bezgar’s one. This might not give it a higher top speed but it does give better acceleration.

Large Scale Obstacle Crusher

This is a big RC car. Which also means it must be strong; built with quality. Well, the Hosim 9125 comes with 4×4 drive and each wheel was built with bouncy materials, even the springs. This gives the RC car plenty of fluidity and freedom over rough terrain. Coupled with its size, the Hosim 9125 can conquer all. The design is great and obviously it has been created with high-grade materials in mind. Nothing better than having a 1/10 scale RC car that your kid can use to his/hers heart’s delight without having to worry about any damage!

2 Speed Modes and Impressive Range

The transmitter used in this vehicle has a range of 80m; great range for such a powerful RC car. And remember when I said this one isn’t really limited to older kids? That’s because it comes with two speed modes. You’ve got the full speed mode (no limitations) and the half-speed mode which limits the RC car’s top speed to 23kph; perfect for younger kids who are a bit more hectic with their controls!

Product Highlights:
  • Large Scale – Smaller RC cars are completely fine and might be better for younger kids (as they are mostly slower than larger RC cars due to smaller motors), but it feels awesome to hold a heavy and large ‘toy’.
  • Quick and Agile – We did say the Hosim 9125 was faster than 45kph and.. It gathers speed quickly and efficiently thanks to its wheel and suspension design. Speaking of.
  • Offroad King – The wheels have PVC rubber on them which is elastic, soft, and anti-skidding. The suspension system has been overhauled compared to previous models by having 4 suspension links and springs.
  • Powerful Battery – Hosim 9125 has a 1600mAH battery that can power the RC car for around 10-15 minutes at full speed.
  • 2 Speed Modes – One for younger kids, one for older kids and adults!

For its price and characteristics, the Hosim 9125 Monster Truck makes the perfect gift for your kid, whether they’re just starting out or have some experience driving RC cars. It would have taken first place in this list but simply, there is one RC car that trumps all the rest – if you’re willing to pay a slightly higher price of course. Nevertheless, the Hosim 9125 is both a great beginner and advanced-level RC car well worth the price!




1. Laegendary Legend

If you’re looking for a fully-loaded RC car package that any of your kids can drive, including adults when the kids are away, the Laegendary Legend is for you. Coming in at $170, this is the ultimate birthday present for your kid.

Quickest of the Bunch

If 45 or 46kph isn’t fast enough for your kid (or you), then the Legend will blow you away with its 48kph top speed. This is made possible through the use of double brushed motors which give blazing acceleration on top of the top speed. Just make sure you’re ready to see this absolute legend plow through any terrain your throw it at.

Replace Worn-down or Broken Parts with Ease

If something on your Legend breaks down or gets destroyed through a crash at high speed, you’ll easily be able to get a replacement part for it. It’s essentially a miniature RC version of a real road car. US-Based customer support is available for this. The parts you can get replaced include everything from the wheels to the tiniest screw. And hey, you might even be able to build a clone Legend from the spare parts!

Battery Life

Thanks to the two Li-Po 7.4V 1600mAH batteries and a unique connector for the two batteries, the Legend can run up to 30 minutes, no matter how hard you drive it! Both batteries are rechargeable of course and you’ll receive two USB chargers to use as well.

The Legend is absolutely perfect in every aspect. If you do get this model, you’ll be happy to know it paid off. Just wait and see for yourself. In the meantime, here are the astounding features of the Laegendary Legend – explained.

Product Highlights:
  • Lightning Speed – Let your kid blaze past the opposition with a blistering 48kph top-speed Legend!
  • 4×4 Drive – The Legend comes equipped with a 4×4 drive which, as said before, lets it handle any terrain – tarmac, hills, rocks, snow, ice, glass; take your pick. The heavy duty wheels are connected to the chassis by oil-filled metal shock absorbers.
  • Two Driving Modes – Similarly to the Hosim 9125, the Legend is possible to drive in two driving modes. One for beginners where the speed is limited and another that lets you utilize the full potential of this amazing RC car.
  • The radio controller has a range of about 75m.
  • Length of Use – It’ll keep your child entertained for at least 30 minutes with no issues.

You won’t be able to know the full extent of the Laegendary Legend unless you get it. And your kid will love it! Here’s a tip: When you get it, try it out yourself first and then give it to your kid. Because once he or she grabs it, they won’t let it go for a long time.

The absolute winner in terms of choosing the best RC car for your kid! Let us know your thoughts about any of these in the comments!



FAQ: Best RC Cars for kids


How old should my child be to start using RC cars?

The minimum age required for most RC cars is 3 years old. However, some advanced RC cars require that no child under the age of 6 should use them. The minimum age required depends on how advanced an RC car is so make sure to be aware of that. Though a rule of thumb says that your kid should be at least 3.


Is it better to replace parts or buy a new RC car if the previous one is damaged?

If the damaged RC car is a cheap one, it is usually better to purchase a new one even if the company offers replacements. This is mainly because of shipping. However if you have a more expensive RC, it is best to get replacements (especially if the parts are smaller and non-complicated).


Which scale RC car is best for a kid/beginner?

Your best bet is to get a scale 1/10 as this is the middle ground for agility and obstacle clearance. Smaller sizes like the 1/14 and 1/16 are quick but generally require level terrain as even a small rock can throw them off balance. The larger ones like the 1/8 are also good choices but they are usually very fast and can be tough to control for someone starting out.


I’ve heard RC cars shouldn’t be used in the summer if the outside temperature is too high. Is this true?

While most RC cars won’t have a problem running in high temperatures, crossing 45 degrees Celsius might cause issues. The battery safe-temp is at around 50 degrees Celsius, the ESC at around 60 degrees Celsius, and motors at 70 degrees Celsius. The components themselves generate heat when they’re active so a combination of outside temperature and inner temperature will cause damage if run for long.


Final Words

RC cars are an amazing gift for children because of many reasons. Coolness, price, ease of use, and length of interest. Almost all children who receive a present such as this will be out of their minds. And thanks to modern-day technology, the present RC cars you can get are some of the best that ever existed – for a fraction of the price in the past.