Ford has been making cars for.. Well, longer than you or I were alive. The first Ford vehicle was the Model T and it was revolutionary. Over the years, the Ford company has made muscle cars, sports cars, supercars (looking at you Ford GT), pick-up trucks, offroad vehicles, and much more.

best ford rc trucks 2020

The company itself is ingrained in vehicular culture; almost everyone knows what a Ford is. The size also doesn’t matter – whether people want to own a miniature Ford vehicle to put on their desks, get Ford toy models for their kids, or purchase themselves a brand new Ford F150 Raptor to conquer the wilderness.

Or, you know, just get an RC Ford truck to crawl over rocks without having to spend a dime on gas. It’s endless fun!

And hey, if you’re stuck inside and feel like you can’t use your RC Ford truck properly – don’t despair. Just throw some obstacles in its way and demolish them with ease. Though just remember that these RC trucks aren’t exactly speedsters; they’re meant to be rock crawlers and do their job with impunity.

In this article, we’ll go over the 4 best Ford RC trucks you can get to enjoy the outside world and drive them through mud and rocks. These aren’t really RC trucks from Ford itself but they are modeled after real-life real-size Ford vehicle models. Oh and we’ve got Traxxas and Vaterra making them – which always means they’ll be well worth your money.

So let’s not waste any more time on just talking about them from a distance – and get into the nitty-gritty of just how good these RC trucks are. Up first – Team Associated CR12 Ford F-150 Pick-Up Truck!


4 Best Ford RC Trucks


4. Ford F-150 1/12 by Team Associated

Ford F 150 RC Truck

Our first entry is one that will be a perfect starter for you if you’ve never owned an RC truck before. The Team Associated Ford F-150 Pick-Up truck is the smallest of the bunch coming in at 1/12 scale. This might seem small for a rock crawler but in reality, it’s more than enough for a beginner.

It is also the cheapest out of all the RC trucks that we’ll list. Those of you who want to have fun whilst driving around a nicely packed RC truck – this one’s for you. Not a huge setback finance-wise and has plenty of features that you’d want out of an RC vehicle.

Rugged and Ready

The entire construction of this RC truck has been made with durability in mind. Almost nothing can stop it no matter how hard you try. It doesn’t have the best steering and throttle response but again, it is much cheaper than some other options. Additionally, there’s no prep or assembly necessary – just take it out of the box and you can start obliterating rocks in no time. Okay I lie, you do have to put the batteries in but that’s all! The CR12 Ford F-150 Pick-Up RC truck comes with a metal front CVA (so there’s some flexibility in the front as well), and rear axle shafts equipped with 12mm hex adapters. The front and rear suspension is also made from metal, using a 4-link system.

Gorgeous Retro Ford F-150

The retro looks of this licensed Ford F-150 Pick-Up truck really make it stand out from the rest. It is the truck that can still be found on the roads in America and in vast numbers – so having a small-scale version of it just goes to show how beloved Ford is. The steel ladder frame will prevent any unnecessary damage to the RC truck. There are also metal shielded ball bearings to keep the looks of the CR12 RC truck in perfect condition. Personally, the blue color they used in painting this RC truck is absolutely beautiful and a head-turner.

Product Highlights:
  • Cheap & affordable – The Team Associated CR12 Ford F-150 model RC pick-up truck comes in at around $210. Plenty of features and strength in this model; the perfect starting point in your RC rock crawler career.
  • No Assembly Needed – Some people just want to take their new RC truck for a spin as soon as it arrives. With this one – you can!
  • CMS Servo – To make steering slightly easier for you
  • 3-Gear Compact Transmission – Get over any rocks with ease using the 3 gears of the CR12 RC Truck



3. Ford F-100 Ascender 1968 1/10 by Vaterra

Ford F 100 RC Truck

Even more retro than the Ford F-150 RC truck (because the model it is based on is older, duh), and with a nice bright Yellow/White color combination, the Vaterra Ford F-100 Ascender looks like a proper offroad beast. Might be because of its heavy-duty wheels and tires that have grooves which tackle everything in sight.

This RC Ford model has been meticulously crafted to the smallest details, making it an amazing small-scale reflection of the real-world thing. It also comes with some nice LED lights so you can drive it at night as well (just make sure not to scare someone while doing jumps over miniature hills). The part I love about this model is that the color scheme is simple yet striking; which means you have full control over further visual customization!

Light but Strong

The Vaterra 1968 Ford RC truck isn’t made from steel, at least not entirely. This makes it lighter than the Ford F-150 model from Team Associated. However, just because it’s lighter doesn’t mean it can’t take a beating. The material used in the suspension links is aluminum and we all know how well aluminum fares against harsh conditions. Additionally, the front suspension is a 3-link Panhard bar while the back suspension is a 4-link. There isn’t a hill or rock this Ford RC truck can’t handle thanks to its design. The ladder frame chassis is made from steel simply because it needs the maximum support possible for what you’ll be doing with this RC truck.

A Spare Tire for your Troubles

One less headache to worry about if you do pop a tire on something unexpected or you end up pushing the RC truck over its limit (which isn’t bad of course, RC vehicles are MASSIVE fun). The good folk over at Vaterra have placed a spare tire in their 1968 Ford F-100 RC truck just in case. Imagine how terrible of a feeling it would be if you lose a tire and can’t use the RC truck anymore until you get a new one. But with this bad boy, you won’t be worrying about that. To help out the realism part of this RC truck, they’ve also made the axle housings as realistic as possible.

Product Highlights:
  • Adjustable Chassis Frame – For whatever rock crawling needs might arise
  • Single Speed Transmission – If you don’t want to bother changing into the correct gear for a difficult rock, this RC truck’s perfect for you. Oh and the gear is made from metal so pretty sturdy.
  • Oil-Filled Shocks – For a smoother ride across rough terrain
  • Waterproof Inner Components – It will withstand almost any water that you encounter, apart from drowning it completely in a lake. Definitely don’t do that.

Keep in mind however that you will need to get a transmitter (Spektrum DSMR/DSM2), a charger, and the 2S Shorty LiPo Battery with an EC3 connector to complete the build. It’s a bit of extra work and part-finding but well worth it. Price is around $270.



2. Ford F-150 Raptor 1/10 by Traxxas

Ford-F-150 RC Truck

A personal favorite when it comes to looks, this RC truck is the meanest of the bunch. Hey, even the real life version of the F-150 Raptor is a pretty sick looking truck! But looks don’t make an RC truck good by any means, so what is behind this Traxxas model that should motivate you to get it?

First off, it’s cheaper than the Vaterra Ford F-100 model and comes with all the parts that are necessary in making it run. There’s also no assembly required so just get it out and drive. The price starts at around $260 making it just slightly cheaper than the previous model but with more features. What do these features include? Well, let me preface by saying that this Traxxas model isn’t just a rock crawler – oh no. It’s more than that!

Fast and Agile

How fast do you think this bad boy can go? 15kph, 20? Nah, not even close. The top speed of the Traxxas 58094-1 is a staggering 48kph! This speed is made possible thanks to the 12-Turn Titan 550 Motor and the XL-5 ESC. All of these components are protected, meaning it can easily be driven across rugged terrain, mud, snow, and even in water! And the great thing about this whole combination is that you can pull out some 15-20 minutes of driving with the Traxxas NiMH 7-cell battery, and you won’t have to wait too long for the battery to charge either. Fast charging is done through the 12-Volt 4-amp DC fast charger. All in all, it’s a fast machine both in the outdoors and in terms of charging!

Form and Function

Traxxas have, again, done a stellar job with their RC truck. The attention to detail involved is amazing; something you don’t often see in the RC business. Their licensed Ford F-150 Raptor comes with an integrated bumper (so there’s some extra protection up front), a molded grill, side mirrors which you don’t really need but it’s nice to have them, and a tailgate – for loading whatever small thing you want in it. All of this makes for the perfect outdoor RC truck driving experience and Traxxas know it. I guarantee that if this RC truck suddenly grew in size to the real deal – it would perform just as well!

Product Highlights:
  • TQ 2.4GHz Radio System – Traxxas have designed this radio system to be as comfortable as possible to use so you can drive your Ford F-150 Raptor model for the entire day, every day. Its internal antenna is very well protected and should take no damage whatsoever.
  • Torque-Control Slipper Clutch – Just so you don’t ‘overrev’ the motors. The gears used in the differential are from hardened steel for extra protection.
  • Training Mode – Traxxas’ training mode is designed for beginners; the power output is cut in half and the brakes are set to maximum.
  • Ground Clearance – Thanks to being such a wide RC truck model, the 58094-1 can easily tackle any terrain.
  • BF Goodrich-Licensed Mud-Terrain Tires – For that perfect grip in any conditions. Additionally, the tires are protected by fenders so you won’t have any issues if you bang wheels with fellow RC truck drivers.



1. Ford Bronco 1/10 by Traxxas

Ford-Bronco RC Truck

We’ve come to the holy grail of best Ford RC trucks – again with another model from Traxxas. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Traxxas is one of the best, if not the best, RC vehicle company. So much consideration and work goes into their models it’s actually insane. But, this comes at a price. And the Ford Bronco model here is a spicy boy. It will set you back a whopping $460!

But this price isn’t just inflated because the company wants to make some extra cash. This here Ford RC model is absolutely jam-packed with features. Some that you’ve probably never seen before or knew existed in an RC vehicle. And even when you look at this RC truck, you just know that it’s a monster. A pure-blood rock-crawling monster. I mean just look at the amount of ground clearance it possesses! In any case, let’s get going on some TRX-4 features, shall we?

Differential Lock

This feature is something that only off-road 4×4 vehicles and trucks have. Oh, and the Traxxas TRX-4 as well. Who would have thought? Anyway, the differential lock is there to ensure an escape method if the RC truck ever gets stuck. Switching it on and off is easy but you’d still want to keep off the impossible to cross terrain. Additionally, the TRX-4 comes with a Low/High range transmission for extra flexibility when it comes to overcoming obstacles. This is all done from the transmitter so no need to physically touch the TRX-4 at all.

Detailed to the Max

It wouldn’t be a Traxxas model if it wasn’t detailed to oblivion. By this I mean its similarity to the real deal. As with the F-150 Raptor RC model from Traxxas, the Bronco benefits from meticulous attention to detail. You’ve got side mirrors, bumpers for protection and get this – they’re chrome. Chrome isn’t your go-2 material to use in an RC car but there you go – the lads at Traxxas are officially confirmed to be crazy! The TRX-4 comes with windshield wipers to wipe your worries about this RC truck away. And finally, chrome wheels. Who wouldn’t love this RC truck, even if only for its looks?

A ‘Stable’ Beast

Thanks to the design decisions that went into making the TRX-4 Ford Bronco model, it is virtually unaffected by torque twist. It uses the TRX-4 chassis which is a proven choice because of its stability and strength. Combine this with around 12kph top speed that it has and you probably won’t ever overturn or flip it. The TRX-4 Ford Bronco is a true rock crawler; you won’t be racing other RC cars around the block, but you will blow them out of the water on an offroad rock track. You can actually go faster with it (up to around 30kph) but that depends on the battery you use. This model doesn’t come with a battery or charger so you can get those separately depending on your style (just remember it is meant to be a rock crawler; not a drag racer)

Product Highlights:
  • XL-5 HV ESC – This ESC can easily handle what the Bronco requires it to do, especially paired with the motors.
  • 21T Titan 550 Motor – This motor essentially guarantees the Bronco RC truck complete freedom and conquest of any terrain. Use either 2 or 3-cell LiPo batteries or 6 or 7-cell NiMH ones.
  • Battery flexibility – You’ve got a choice when it comes to batteries since they aren’t included. Either go for batteries that will give you better top speed and acceleration but won’t last nearly as long, or go for batteries with hours of run time but a top speed of maybe 10kph. Personally, I’d say go for the ones that truly make it a rock crawler – so low speed but plenty of torque and life in them.
  • Waterproof – You can drive the Bronco RC truck wherever you want without fear of the electronics getting ruined. Just don’t think it’s a submarine because.. Well.. it’s not.
  • Diff Lock & 2-Range Transmission – As we previously mentioned, this is truly the defining factor of the TRX-4 Bronco model.
  • Steering Servo – To make your life just a tad bit easier!

All in all, the Traxxas TRX-4 Ford Bronco RC Truck model is one that will set you up nicely. Sure, it is the most expensive but when comparing all of its features to the other RC trucks, it has a clear advantage (plus extra)!

It might not be the best for complete beginners but if you have at least some experience driving RC vehicles – it’s the ideal choice to make.


FAQ: Best Ford RC Trucks


Are the Ford RC Trucks customizable?

You can switch out some components out of some trucks for different performance options but it all depends on the manufacturer. Though usually, you can use a different battery, tires, and shocks.


Why are RC Trucks more expensive than Drag Racing RC’s?

Predominantly because of the technology going into them. When we look at a Drag Racer, all we see is an insanely powerful motor that delivers staggering power to the wheels. But you need to run it on level ground. With trucks and other rock crawlers, a lot more is needed design-wise to use them properly and protect them from potential problems. Though there are very cheap RC trucks and very expensive Drag Racers – it truly depends on what you’ve been looking at as well.


Are Ford RC Trucks stronger than other RC vehicles?

Not necessarily. Again, this comes down to design choices and purpose. If you’re asking whether an RC truck will break from getting turned over or falling – the answer is usually no. This doesn’t mean they’re impervious to damage so don’t throw your trucks.


Should I get a smaller RC Truck as a beginner?

Ideally yes because they are cheaper and won’t take that much of a beating. However, smaller scale RC vehicles have a tougher time with different types of terrain; so a 1/10 scale rock crawler could easily overcome rocks and other obstacles while a 1/14 might not have such a good time. Still, it’s best to start on the small side – get a 1/12 if you’re just starting out.


What batteries should I use for my Ford RC Trucks?

You’ve got two choices: Either  NiMH battery pack or a LiPo one. NiMH batteries are inexpensive and you don’t really have to take special care of it. However, they are heavier and provide less power as time goes by. This means that an RC truck with a NiMH battery will go slower after each passing minute. LiPo’s don’t provide less power as you drive the RC truck and are lighter. But this also means they’re more expensive. Lastly, you’ll need to be very careful with LiPo batteries as they require special care to extend their life and use.


What’s better for a beginner RC enthusiast – brushless or brushed motors?

If you’re looking to save money and get something that isn’t complicated to use – the brushed motors are your best bet. Brushed motors use brushes to deliver the power and use simple circuitry for this. They are also the cheaper option. However, maintenance costs are higher since the brushes get worn out and you’d have to do it fairly regularly. If you want a long-term option – get the brushless motors. More expensive, their initial cost is also higher but there’s almost no maintenance required. These motors are more complicated in design than brushed ones but you probably won’t be meddling too much with the inner workings of it. It truly comes down to preference and what you’re after.