How to Disable a Drone on Your Property

Are you annoyed by drones flying over your property? Are you worried one of them might crash down, damage your property or even hurt you or your family? As horrific as this might sound, there’s no need to panic. But, if drones continue to fly around your home, this article will teach you how to get rid of them. Yep, we’re here to answer a simple question – how to disable a drone on your property?!

Why Is a Drone Flying Above Your Property

There are several reasons drones might fly above or around your property. Most of them aren’t dangerous or involve any illegal activities you should be worried about. Some, however, might be dangerous and you should react by disabling them if they continue to endanger you and/or your family.

They are as follows:

Flying/Returning from an Automated Mission

This is going to be the case for most people – drones these days are heavily automated and operators simply enter their waypoints and let their onboard tech do the rest. When in autonomous mode, drones typically fly high enough for them not to be able to record anything even remotely detailed on your property. They’re simply passing by and you shouldn’t really think too much of them.

Recording Footage of Interesting Locations in the Vicinity

If you’re living in an area with lots of natural sightseeing locations, you’re likely to be swarmed by drones, especially during the summer. If this is the case, then you’re probably already used to seeing drones flying around or over your property. You shouldn’t think too much about them, unless they’re flying way too low and are pointing their cameras directly at you and your family.

In an Active Mission

This can range from search and rescue missions to police drones used for crowd control and even locating the positioning of on-the-run criminals. The latter is most likely the case if you’re living in a highly urban area. In any case, don’t be trigger friendly as shooting down a government drone carries hefty fines and prosecution.

FPV Flying

People generally seem to think that the worst thing a drone flying over their property can do is record them doing their daily routine. Let’s be clear here – no one will spend several hundred dollars just so they can record you doing your thing.

However, that’s not to say that certain types of drones flying over aren’t dangerous. FPV drones, specifically, can be rather dangerous. How to spot them? Well, they’re typically very small and can easily fit into the palm of your hand, but fly around at insane speeds. We’re talking 100+ mph speeds here.

If one of these bad boys would come crashing down or, God forbid, hit someone, the results would be pretty bad. That’s why, if you see FPV drones flying over your property, before attempting to disable them, look around for the pilot and warn him. Emphasize that you feel endangered and ask them to stop flying over your property. 

If they’re rude and continue flying recklessly over your property, proceed to the next section which will explain how to disable drones!


How to Disable a Drone flying over your property

Please note – if a drone is flying over your property, first try to find the pilot and calmly talk to them and ask to fly their drone elsewhere. Disabling the drone on your own can get you in serious trouble and the drone operator could even press charges against you… even if he’s flying over your property. Yep, laws be crazy!

There are several methods of disabling drones, but if you’re an average Joe, you’ll probably have access to the first one.

  1. Just shoot it down with a gun, right? The simplest method is often the most effective one. Chances are you own a gun (or several guns, for that matter). If you’re worried about a drone constantly flying over your property, should you shoot it down? Prior to that, though, make sure you’ve tried finding and talking to the pilot.

    If nothing else works, just shoot it down! Keep in mind, though – if you’re living in the United States and you do shoot down a drone, charges can be pressed against you by the drone owner. You could be looking at a hefty fine.

  2. Another method is to use anti-drone drones. You don’t own one, but there are companies offering drone disabling services online. A simple Google search will do the trick! We’re not sure this is 100% legal, though, seeing as you’d still be damaging someone else’s property.

  3. A crazy method is to use a net-firing gun… or, if the drone is flying low enough, use a regular net to jam its propellers. It might sound stupid, but it works… and you know how they say – if it sounds stupid but it works, it’s not stupid.

  4. Jam the drone’s communications by using advanced tech. I know, it’s absurd and you probably won’t ever need this.

  5. Here’s another absurd method of disabling drones – use trained eagles. It’s true – the Dutch police are known for using trained eagles for taking down drones. Funny, but true!


Are You Allowed to Disable a Drone on Your Property

As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t really shoot down a drone all on your own as you could get in trouble with the law. Before trying to disable a drone on your own, it’s best to call law enforcement to see what they can do about it… especially if you’re living in the US.

So yeah – at the end of the day, a calm word is the best way of preventing drones from flying over your property. If it doesn’t work, the next best thing you can do is call the law enforcement!

Larry Haller