Whether you are a young adult, a teenager or even a parent, you have to admit that the sole thought of owning an RC powered race car makes you happy! Why is that so? Well, truth be told – RC cars under $50 are just so entertaining!

They bear the concept that made drones famous, it’s a fact! It’s basically a miniature car that you can drive around with fluid controls. The drones, of course, took things one step further and added a 3rd dimension to the whole thing. That’s why they became so successful. As a matter of fact, you can consider drones as the next-gen RC toys.

But you don’t want a drone now, do you? Otherwise, I don’t see why would you come to this site in the first place. You want an RC car, right? And not just any RC car – you want the best RC car under $50? Well, if I’m correct (and I most certainly am), I got a special treat in store for you!

Below this paragraph, you can find a list of the top 10 best RC cars on the market that fit under the $50 mark. In case your budget is not limited to $50, you might be interested in our list of 10 RC Cars under $100. There are plenty of models to choose from but I took the time and came up with the 10 best ones. Here they are!

Best RC cars under $50 List

10. Kidirace Firetruck10. KIDIRACE FIRETRUCK8mph1/2430minSee price now
9. Distianert Table9. DISTIANERT8mph1/1615minSee price now
8. Wall Crawler Table8. SZJJX WALL CLIMBER6mph1/3215minSee price now
7. La Ferrari Table7. 1/14 LA FERRARI10mph1/144hrSee price now
6. Kidirace Police car Table6. KIDIRACE POLICE10mph1/2430minSee price now
5. SZJJX Buggy Table5. SZJJX RC SJ21115mph1/2020minSee price now
4. Babrit Newer4. BABRIT NEWER5mph1/1820minSee price now
3. Kidirace Bumper Cars3. KIDIRACE BUMPER5mph1/3220minSee price now
2. SXJJX Rock Table2. SXJJX ROCK12mph1/1820minSee price now
1. Kidirace Rock1. KIDIRACE ROCK CRAWLER9mph1/1820minSee price now

What kind of RC cars can you get for under $50?

This is probably the first question that pops to everyone’s mind before purchasing a toy RC car. Well, that and Are these under $50 RC cars any good… but we will talk more about that right after the list. For now, let’s take a closer look at the types of RC cars that are priced below the $50 mark!

  • Wall Climbers
    As their name suggests, this type of RC car is able to climb walls. They usually do it with powerful suction fans placed underneath the body which suck the air out and create a vacuum. This allows wall climbers to effectively defy gravity and conquer your home one wall at a time.
  • Mini Replicas
    If you want a miniature Ferrari or Lamborghini, chances are high you’ll be able to get a 1/16 or 1/14 mini replica. These RC cars might not be the most maneuverable (or speedy) ones but they are detailed representations of real models which is what makes them wanted merchandise.
  • Rock Crawlers
    Rock crawlers have gotten their name because of their ability to drive through various types of obstacles such as rocks, inclines and all that stuff. This is done by independent suspensions and shockproof designs which effectively increase their chances of driving past obstacles.


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10. Kidirace Fire Engine Truck

Starting off at number 10 best RC car under $50, we have this Firetruck model by Kidirace. They are among the most popular RC car manufacturers today. I’m sure you would have realized that by yourself since 4 of their models have made it on this list.

This one, besides its unique design, also has a solid set of features that will be awesome for younger users. I am talking about the usual bells and whistles such as realistic sounds and the red/blue lights on top of the cockpit. They make up for a greater immersion with this Firetruck. One of its most marketed features is surely the built-in battery…

People tend to be skeptical when it comes to them, especially with budget models such as this one. But, there is nothing to be worried about. Kidirace implemented a surprisingly good battery that lasts approximately 30 minutes after being fully charged. Unfortunately, they still have a downside – it takes up to 4 hours to fully charge it.

To top it all off, Kidirace Fire Engine Truck offers great maneuverability. Also, it doesn’t require any prior knowledge in controlling RC cars – the control scheme is rather intuitive and even the youngest of users will enjoy it.


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9. Distianert Electric RC Car

Distianert Electric RC car Web

Distianert Electric RC Car is a proper steal being priced just around the $50 mark. However, it is often on sale so you can get it for as low as $40. It’s a good bargain if I’ve ever seen one! But, why do I refer it as such a good purchase? Well, here’s why…

Starting off with the design, I really believe Distianert hit the sweet spot with this awesome looking buggy. With a rugged frame, beautifully stylized canopy and sleek spoiler running the show at the back, Distianert Electric RC Car is bound to turn heads its way. It’s quite small though since we are talking about a 1/16 model. But despite that, it packs quite the punch!

It is equipped with powerful brushed motors that can develop awesome speeds for this price range. More precisely, Distianert’s RC car can go up to 10 miles per hour on grippy surfaces (concrete pavements, laminate floors and similar). The battery isn’t half bad either since it can last up to 15 minutes per charge. Not bad for such a cheap RC car, right?

Lastly, this little racer comes with a standard controller sporting the traditional pistol-style grip. It is easy to handle and provides all the usual controls you would expect from a toy-grade RC car. However, I find that it fits nicely into all hand-sizes which makes it perfect not just for kids but adults too.


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8. SZJJX Wall Crawler

Wall Climber RC Car

Now you are up for a truly unique RC experience. Meet SZJJX Spiderman – a wall climbing RC car that doesn’t care about gravity or similar petty boundaries. It’s the ultimate wall-crawler that can prove to be an excellent way of chasing flies away from you.

How does it do this? Well, it incorporates a special Traction Technology that, how should I put this simply, defies gravity. It’s basically a powerful suction fan that keeps the SZJJX “attached” to any surface no matter what’s the angle (it can even run on ceilings).

But, it does have some drawbacks. While you can use this RC car normally (read – on the ground) for up to 30 minutes, its wall-climbing technology allows only 10 minutes of active usage. Combine that with roughly 10 meters of operating range and you’ll find yourself quite limited in terms of space.

Despite that, I’m still sure that this is one of the most innovative RC cars out there. It incorporates an incredibly simple technique that seems to be VERY POPULAR with buyers. That’s basically the main reason it made its way onto the list – due to its uniqueness!


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7. 1/14 La Ferrari



RC Cars under $50

If you are aiming at a bigger replica, then this official 1/14 La Ferrari model will amaze you. With its design being pretty much identical to the real deal, this little fella is bound to charm the hearts of future Ferrari drivers all around the globe.

But, as far as the virtues go, this one doesn’t have a lot to boast with. Other than its design and average at best top speed (up to 10 mph), La Ferrari isn’t exactly a great RC car. It’s low and doesn’t have huge wheels, which makes it unpractical in rough terrain (especially on rocks). Even though it has an independent suspension system, it’s not enough for extreme outdoor activities. Another bad thing about it is the fact that it does not have a rechargeable battery. Nope. It is powered by AA ones and a set works for around 1 hour.

By upgrading the battery quality to Duracell or other high-powered ones and you’ll get more than 4 hours of fun. While that could prove to be a costly investment in the long run, it’s still worth it because you are getting 4 hours of pure fun.

And lastly, I’d just like to point out its amazing controller which resembles the steering wheels of popular Ferrari cars. But, even though it looks awesome, its performance lacks the “awe” factor, just like the rest of the product. Basically, what I am trying to politely say here is that La Ferrari 1/14 isn’t the best model out there, performance-wise. Still, with its elegant appearance and that breath of Ferrari brand, I’m still sure it will continue to attract plenty of buyers.


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6. Kidirace Police Car

After the Firetruck, Kidirace is presenting us with yet another unique model. This time around, you won’t be a fireman but a Police officer. You’ll be driving a Police muscle car, again, with realistic lights and sounds.

Does your kid want to be a Policeman? Why not support him with this awesome toy? For all I’ve seen, it actually delivers quite the value for money. With children-friendly and intuitive controls, this RC car is easy to use and can be mastered in no time. Don’t forget the best part though – it is so cheap that you probably won’t even notice the change in your wallet!

Likewise, it’s also pretty good performance-wise. With around 30 minutes of playtime (yes, it sports a rechargeable battery) and up to 10 mph of top speed, Police Car by Kidirace can definitely provide its users with a ton of fun.

Best of all, it works via the industry-standard 2.4 GHz connection which means you can play with up to 5 friends in the same area without experiencing any interference. So, if you are up for some good old cops vs thieves type of games, this Police RC Car can definitely be a go-to choice.


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5. SZJJX RC SJ211 Buggy

This is the smallest replica on this list, just 1/20 of the normal size. Still, despite that, it is able to offer nothing short of spectacular performance. I’ll dare to say that it will greatly exceed everyone’s expectations.

Starting off with the performance, SJ221 can boast with around 15 mph of top speed. Believe it or not, it is the fastest RC car on this list. Another one of its awesome virtue is definitely water resistance; allowing it to go through puddles with ease. Moreover, the remote controller sports the popular pistol design and works well up to 50 meters of range.

While that might not be as big of a number as you’d like, what will be is the battery duration which hovers around 20 minutes. That’s the average duration in this price range so I have nothing to add in that department.

When it comes to building quality, SJ221 is standing quite high. It is made with high-quality PVC and features a shockproof design. That makes him ideal for outdoor playtime as well as off-road racing sessions. All in all, if you are looking for an amazing miniature RC car, then this one looks like a solid choice.


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4. Babrit Newer

Here we have another PVC RC car with the same “rock crawler” design. It features independent suspension springs, soft and elastic design, shockproof outer frame and so on. All of this allows it to perform great on all types of terrain.

Additionally, it also has a powerful motor plus a 4-wheel drive that makes it go pretty fast, pretty quickly. On top of that, it’s also nice to see a rechargeable battery with quick charging technology. So, not only can it endure up to 20 minutes of playtime but it can also be fully charged in less than an hour.

The package includes everything you need to get this thing up and running in virtually an hour. All you need to do is let the car charger and plug in some AA batteries into the controller (whelp, I guess the package doesn’t include EVERYTHING after all…).

Once that’s done, you can go ahead and set this bad boy wherever you’d like. The powerful motor and great build quality will make sure it’s riding like crazy! So, with all that taken into account, I believe it is safe to say that the folks over at Babrit did one hell of a job with this aggressively priced rock crawler.


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3. Kidirace Bumper Cars

One RC car for $50 is too big of an investment for you? Well, Kidirace (once again) has a solution for you. For just under $50, you can get your hands on this dual RC car package. The product is called Bumper RC Cars under $50 and features a set of 2 miniature ones in blue and orange colors. Of course, in addition to the bumper cars, you will also get 2 dedicated controllers.

They are insanely fun and easy to control, allowing you to make all sorts of havoc in the middle of your living room. If you have 2 or more children, consider this an all-in-one present which all of them will love.

One of the best features of this one is the driver-eject feature. This basically ejects the drivers once the sensors notice a stronger collision. Another great feature is the technology behind their movements. You see, they are powered by 2 propellers on the backsides, allowing them to be more durable (but slower) than traditional RC toys.

Lastly, Kidirace Bumper Cars sport rechargeable batteries that last up to 20 minutes on a single charge (each, of course). This will give you plenty of time for good old demolition derby games.


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2. SXJJX Rock Off-road

This 1/18 RC car sports an aggressive design. The first thing that you’ll mention is the interesting front end with three-stage differential gear and a high-speed servo. Both of these make up for an amazing experience and allow this beauty to be controlled with proper ease.

But that’s not everything that is interesting about this one. Let’s continue with its powerful Lithium battery that can endure slightly more than 20 minutes of playtime. Unfortunately, it does not come with a quick charge feature (that’s a bit too much to expect from such a cheap model), but still charges in roughly 3 hours.

If you didn’t notice by now, SXJJX is an excellent RC car that offers an enjoyable experience. Not only is it pretty fast (cca 12 mph) and durable, it also supports strong suspension springs and unsurpassed climbing power that make it a great outdoor imperator.

Now I suppose I should say a couple of conclusive words to wrap this explanation up. So, here goes… Today’s runner up sports an excellent framework and small (but aggressive) design with proper hardware inside. All in all, there is no doubt the SXJJX is a good bargain. As a matter of fact, for this price, it can be considered a steal!


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1. Kidirace Rock Crawler

And the title of the best RC car under $50 goes to one of Kidirace’s model. The rock Crawler with 4WD and 3 potent motors that allow it to do all sorts of fun stuff. What does it bring to the table? Well, let’s see!

As I have already explained in the introductory paragraph, this model features 3 powerful motors that allow it to run on virtually any type of terrain. Whether its ultra-smooth or needlessly rough, Rock Crawler will make its way for sure! Of course, that’s not only because of its motors but because of additional traits this bad boy brings to the table.

Durable rubber tires, 4 off-road shocks, and generally heavy-duty construction are all equally important. Combined with a durable battery that allows it to go as long as 20 minutes, Rock Crawler is truly an excellent model that has already amazed a fair share of its users.

Still, even though I’ve placed it as the best model on this list, that doesn’t mean it has no downsides. You see, the biggest (and only, actually) downside of this model is its relatively low top speed of only 9 mph. While that might be enough for most of you, some might be driven away by it.


All jokes aside – Are these cheap RC cars any good?

Well, I’m being completely honest here guys when I say that most of these RC cars will amaze you with their performance. Despite being cheap (under $50 is the extreme low-end in the RC cars hobby), these little racers can provide with a good deal of fun, especially to preschoolers and children in general. Adults (beginners) will have fun with them too, but I suppose something a bit beefier should be on their menu.

As far as the performance goes, they’ve exceeded my initial expectations. I’m usually playing around with high-end models like my Traxxas Revo… but still, these little guys made a good impression. Don’t get me wrong, they’re nowhere near the Revo, but for the price they are sold for, they’re more than a good investment! So, my final answer is YES – these cheap RC cars are actually good! You’ll have a ton of fun with them and they won’t cost you too much.

Just a quick heads up – don’t be discouraged if they stop working after some time. It’s usually the brushed motors that take the hit first but they’re cheap and easily replaceable. 



This list was so fun, wasn’t it? It portrayed 10 awesome RC cars, many of which have unique abilities or appearances. We had them all; from Police cars, wall climbing superheroes, Firetrucks, and standard 4WD buggies.

If you are on the edge of purchasing one of them, I am sorry to inform you that I cannot help you any further. I did my best with the list to introduce you to all the best choices out there. In the end, it is still up to you to decide which one to go for!