The Chevy. Every single person in the US has driven, been in, or seen a Chevy. No matter the model, Chevrolet was a major part of the US automotive industry, often butting heads with Ford. Other companies have since gone bankrupt and disappeared but Chevy keeps on truckin’!

Best Chevy RC Trucks

Whether it’s a Corvette, a Camaro, or a Silverado – you’re sure to have a great time in them. The Chevrolet badge is easily recognizable and their trucks are used all over the US – and around the world. Not to mention their presence in the global automotive market selling family sedans and slightly less powerful cars than what they can actually provide.

This trend can be seen in the RC world as well. Last time, we spoke about Ford RC trucks and all of those were rock crawlers – rugged and tough. The 4 best Chevy RC Trucks we’ll be mentioning here aren’t all rock crawlers; there’s a little bit of extra variety for you to pick from. And hey, if you don’t have a full-sized Chevrolet – an RC version will be just fine. And they’re arguably more fun considering there are no rules for RC vehicles. Get that Chevy C-10 Lowrider RC truck and drive it around your house, your friend’s house, your street – take your pick!

Speaking of the Chevy C-10, that’s the first one on our reviewing list, coming from the good old Vaterra RC vehicle company!

4 Best Chevy RC Trucks 2020



4. Vaterra Chevy C10 Pickup Truck 1/10

You know what I love about RC vehicles based on realistic ones? The good ones look exactly the same as their real world counterparts. It’s astounding that such a small scale RC truck can have its details done to near-perfection. And the Vaterra C10 model is gorgeous.

Clean lines that are true to form, an attractive black color and very low ride height will surely turn some heads. But it’s not all about physical appearance and style – functionality is important as well, especially when it comes to RC vehicles.

Not a Crawler; Not a Problem

This RC truck is the only one in our best Chevy RC trucks list that isn’t a rock crawler nor was it designed for rough terrain. Do not try to go offroad with this beast since its ride height is low to the ground. However, it is a quick truck on relatively even land. Small bumps probably won’t cause too many issues but you’d still be wise to be careful. The surprising part about it is its speed – it goes much faster than expected since it is a truck, per se. It features a 4WD transmission with a special differential that controls the front and rear wheels. This means that the RC C10 can corner quicker and with more stability since the wheels can move forward at different speeds. The chassis design also ensures adequate protection and rigidness.

Details, Details, Details

The truly defining factor of this RC truck is the looks. For example, Vaterra don’t usually mount headlights on the bumper itself because of protection. And usually, their RC vehicles are rock crawlers with extra protection. Not the case with the C10! Since it wasn’t made as a rock crawler, the RC C10 is detailed to the max and is nearly the same as the full-scale truck. Its LED headlights and running lights (amber color) will illuminate the road in front perfectly.

Product Highlights:
  • 4WD Brushed RTR
  • Waterproof Servo and components – Because we can’t have water ruining the fun for RC enthusiasts!
  • Spektrum STX2 and SRX200 2CH 2.4GHz FHSS Transmitter
  • Dynamite 15T 540 Brushed Motor – This brushed motor gives the C10 its power and agility
  • Dynamite 60A Brushed ESC (FWD/REV)

The Vaterra Chevy C10 Pickup Truck costs around $230 and is a pretty filled package. By looking at this RC truck you wouldn’t expect it to be quick; but a looker. However, try out a drag race with some ‘fast looking’ RC cars! The results may surprise you! Definitely a great choice for an RC enthusiast or a car lover.




3. Vaterra Chevy Suburban Ascender-S 1/10

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at this RC truck is that.. It’s very similar to the Chevy C10 RC truck. Well, the front end is exactly the same. Which isn’t surprising considering the full-scale models come from the same company and they were made in roughly the same time period.

This doesn’t mean that the Chevy Suburban is a direct copy of the C10. In fact, Vaterra overhauled their usual design for rock crawlers when making the Chevy Suburban Ascender-S. Sure, the front bumper is the same, but everything else isn’t even close. This model is a true rock crawler; designed to be tough, flexible, and able to overcome most heavy and difficult terrain.

A LONG truck

So the Chevy Suburban Ascender-S comes in 1/10 scale. But the fascinating part about this model is its length. It’s really long. Like, half a meter long. Most other RC trucks are tall and wide but not necessarily long. The Ascender-S doesn’t care, which makes it have amazing ground clearance. You wouldn’t have to worry about bumps or hilltops that this RC truck can’t overcome. This is also made possible thanks to the revised real link geometry. The chassis is a Ladder-frame stamped-steel model for even more stability when driving.

Rich in Tech, Cheap for the Price

Let’s get some things straight. This isn’t really a cheap RC truck coming in at around $280. You also don’t get the LiPo batteries needed or the LiPo charger so there’s that. However, the Ascender-S RC truck comes with a variety of cool technological features with it. On top of the stamped-steel ladder-frame chassis, you’ll find it has locked differentials for better rock crawling, very good off-road suspension (threaded shocks that are oil-filled) and lastly, an adjustable wheelbase. Plenty of good stuff in this RC truck!

Product Highlights:
  • Attention to Detail – An almost-perfect 1/10 scale representation of the full-scale Chevy Suburban.
  • Amber Running lights and LED headlights – The headlights aren’t the strongest coming in stock but they do the job just fine.
  • Battery tray for ‘Full-Size’ Battery packs – The tray has been expanded so you can insert a more powerful battery pack
  • Brushed 35T 540 motor from Dynamite
  • Waterproof ESC and Servo

The Chevy Suburban Ascender-S RC truck doesn’t really look mean, but it will draw out some smiles and laughs because of how long it is. Aesthetics and features combined, for the price, this Vaterra RC truck is an awesome addition to your RC truck collection!




2. Vaterra Chevrolet K10 Pickup Ascender 1/10

The third and final Vaterra RC truck on our list, the Chevy K10 Pickup is again, designed with attention to detail in mind. The body of this RC truck is fully licensed though it differs slightly from the real thing.

If you’ve seen a Baja Truck then the shape and back-end of this truck will be familiar to you. Though it was necessary to make it this way because you do get a spare wheel – fully functional and ready to use if something goes wrong with the ones already on the truck. Still, the front end is exactly the same as the full-scale Chevrolet model with an extra protective bumper in front of the grille. The K10 is mounted on the same Ascender chassis as the Chevy Suburban model and it also comes with an adjustable wheelbase.

Beefy and Packed

So the Chevy Suburban is very long. The K10 Pickup is not, but it’s stacked. Everything is close together which means more control and less wobble. This Vaterra RC truck comes assembled from the box – so you can just take it out and run it! Of course, you will need batteries (Shorty 2S LiPo ones with an EC3 connector) and a charger for those batteries, but other than that – it’s already prepped for use. The Chevy K10’s tires are amazing; they won’t lose grip in any situation, especially paired with the locked diff system it comes with. A jumpy little rock crawler this one!

Quality Components

The transmission system features metal gears that have been reinforced to prevent degradation from use. Similarly to the Suburban, this model has oil-filled shocks but these have been injection molded. Of course, the inner components are completely waterproof! Just make sure not to flood the poor thing because it’s not really a submarine. Lastly, it comes with stamped aluminum panels so there isn’t a lot you can throw at this RC truck that could cause damage. Great protection all around the body with bumpers and a rear roll-cage means that this rock crawler will provide endless hours of fun.

Product Highlights:
  • 4WD Drive – A necessary feature of any rock crawler
  • Super Swamper Tires – Strong, durable, thick. Perfect for driving in dirt, mud, snow – you name it!
  • Waterproofed Inner Components – The ESC, servo, and receiver are all very well protected from any water splashing onto this RC truck
  • Spektrum DX2E radio system (2.4GHz standard)
  • Replaceable parts – If anything in your Chevy K10 RC truck breaks or ends up missing, there’s a vast plethora of available replacement parts
  • Dynamite Power System

This Vaterra Chevy RC truck costs around $360 but the prices vary depending on where you get it from. It does cost more than previous entries in our list but this shouldn’t deter you from getting it. The quality level of the components in this RC truck is very high and it is an improvement to the previous Vaterra models.




1. Traxxas TRX-4 Chevrolet K5 Blazer 1/10

To round off our list with an absolutely insane RC truck based on the Chevrolet K5 Blazer, we’ve got Traxxas. Traxxas has always been meticulous in their RC truck design; doesn’t matter if the RC vehicle is based off a real vehicle or a completely original one – you can always be sure that it was made with extreme care.

You may think of this RC truck as a full-scale one. By purchasing it, you’ll receive high-quality tools specifically designed for doing maintenance work on your Chevy Blazer. Not that it will be necessary but if something breaks, you’ll have Traxxas’ tools to fix her up. Though word of caution – this isn’t a dedicated rock crawler. You can take your chances and try out its capabilities but the RC truck is top heavy.

This means it might topple over when going over rough rocks or obstacles. Besides that, if you want to make it work like a rock crawler, you’ll have to make some modifications to it (steering arms, brass portal hubs, etc.). The Traxxas Chevrolet K5 Blazer model is a trail crawler. It’s actually PERFECT for that.

Very customizable

The stock TRX-4 is a beast in and of itself with the differential lock and 2-speed transmission, but it does allow plenty of useful customization options. People have installed a custom LED lighting system, a long-arm kit that supports 2.2 tires, and even added weight to the front of the RC truck for added realism (but it was mostly for making it a better rock crawler). If you like getting your fingers ‘dirty’ and making a unique Chevy Blazer RC truck – Traxxas has made it possible for you!


While this RC truck won’t be faster than your average drag racer RC but it does pack a punch. The Titan 21T motor combined with the locking diff (remotely controlled!) and 2-speed transmission and you’ve got yourself a very, very capable trail crawler. Just make sure not to turn too quickly when going fast because it will roll over as it’s a top heavy model. Nonetheless, the TRX-4 is powerful, stable, and agile doing its thing.

Long Battery Life

Well this actually depends on which batteries you use. It accepts both NiMH (4-7 cell) and LiPo (2S or 3S) batteries and an iD connector. Using a 2S LiPo battery with 5000mA will last you a long time before needing a charge. Possibly more than 4 miles! Again, this comes down to the battery type and size but overall, the TRX-4 doesn’t eat up the charge like crazy. And who doesn’t love going out, spending hours driving around an RC truck and then charging the batteries, instead of 20, 30 minutes at a time. Good job Traxxas!

Product Highlights:
  • XL-5 HV Waterproof ESC
  • TQi 2.4GHz system with Cruise Control – Cruise control is a fairly rare occurrence in the RC world but Traxxas still added it to the TRX-4 and we applaud them for it.
  • Rally Wheels (Replica)
  • Beautiful looks – The chrome grill, the lights, the color scheme; all of it screams Chevrolet. Traxxas has taken it up a notch with the detailing.
  • Maintenance Tools – As mentioned before, this is huge help for someone who would need to service their Chevy Blazer RC truck
  • Fully-Assembled – No need to put the components into place; just get it out of the box, put some batteries in and go!

The Traxxas TRX-4 Chevy K5 Blazer also requires 4 “AA” batteries for the transmitter so don’t forget that. The model itself costs some $500 so it’s definitely the most expensive option on our list. But the price is completely justified as this is the absolute best Chevy RC truck that we’ve ever seen. It oozes brilliance and will provide you with a lot of enjoyment. This is a purchase you won’t regret!


4 Best Chevy RC Trucks: FAQ

Chevy RC Trucks 2020

What level of customization do RC trucks offer?

You usually have a satisfying level of customization available which will be enough for most people. Of course, there are models that allow extreme levels of customization.


Can I customize my RC truck if I’m a beginner?

It’s generally advisable not to do anything to alter the stock model that you get because fiddling with the electronics and other parts of the RC truck requires some knowledge. Once you get a hang of things or have someone show you (online RC communities are great sources of precise info!), then you can start customizing without fear of messing something up.


If an RC truck is waterproof, will it get damaged if submerged?

Yes. When you see that an RC truck is ‘waterproof’, it actually means it’s protected against splashing water. Going through puddles won’t cause the RC truck any issues but if you mistakenly drive it into a lake, fish it out, and try to run it – it probably won’t work. So be careful when driving around water bodies!


Is it better to buy an expensive RC truck as a beginner or a cheaper one?

It comes down to preference and how much you’re willing to spend. Cheaper models aren’t necessarily worse than more expensive ones. Most of the price comes from the technology that goes into these RC vehicles so you can get the Traxxas Chevy Blazer for $500 and it will last you the same as a $250 RC truck model – if you take care of it. Again, it’s all about technology, but you might want to get a cheaper one with less power so as to learn the controls and develop a driving style.


Brushed or Brushless Motors?

Brushed motors are the cheaper option and the technology is fairly simple. These motors deliver power to the wheels using brushes. However, these brushes get worn out and you have to replace them so maintenance costs are fairly high. Brushless motors are more expensive and the technology is more complicated, so the initial investment is high. But there’s almost no maintenance to be done on them because there are no brushes and parts that are easily worn down.