Construction machines are fascinating, works of ingenuity that are big on size and what they can do. It’s no surprise they make for great RC toys then, because who hasn’t had a thought about piloting one of these mechanical behemoths, especially at a young age?

The good news is you don’t have to pursue a career in construction and engineering to have a chance to drive one of them. Their RC counterparts are widely available, and in this article, we’ve put together a list of the five best RC dump trucks on the market today.


Remote control dump trucks play a critical role in a construction fleet, responsible for carrying and unloading enormous volumes of dirt. Typically they accompany excavators (and you can check out our list of the five best RC excavators for info on that) to keep work going smoothly. Well, now you can simulate your own earth-shifting environment as we dive into the best RC variants today.


5 Best RC Dump Trucks in 2022


Top Race Dump Truck

5. Top Race TR-112

Our first choice comes from Top Race, and they’re no stranger to RC construction vehicles. They have an eye for detail and performance, and the TR-112 is no exception.

Affordable Fun

This bad boy is a great starting choice because it’s a perfect affordable gift. It only clocks in at about $35 USD depending on the vendor but doesn’t skimp on the performance. It hits a lot of sweet spots because it’s not too big or too small. It’s made of plastic, so its lightweight, but durable enough it can survive rough terrain. The control schema is also very simple, which is great since it’s suited for young ages.

Drives on Batteries

While many choices require charging (and depending on who you ask this is a good or bad thing) this one does not, and instead goes for the battery method. Both RC and remote need them, but that’s to be expected for a truck of this size. That said, everything else is entirely functional as you’d expected from Top Race. Full mobile motion and control accompany simulated sounds, so users get the experience they’re after.

  • Great affordable option with plastic framework for durability
  • Easy to use control scheme all battery operated
  • Functions like its real-life counterpart with complete movement and control



Sgile truck

Remote control dump truck 2020.


Next up is a dump truck RC by SGILE, another inexpensive choice that emphasizes more detail than the first pick.

Detailed and Durable

One of the most entertaining aspects when purchasing any of these RCs is details. After all, the fun is simulating what it’s like to own one of these big rigs. The SGILE is no slouch, matching plenty of details and colors as you’d expect. Additionally, it’s no slouch when it comes to performance, bigger than our first listing and capable of hauling more dirt. If you’ve got some major sand to move, this is a good choice.

Fun Functions

Once it’s powered on, this mini-rig emulates its counterparts as you’d expect. It accomplishes full 360-degree rotation and movements thanks to a 2.4ghz controller which gives it a whopping control distance of 100 meters. You’ll be running this through even the longest of dirt hills running on a 4.8V 400mAh rechargeable battery. The material is also made of non-toxic plastic so it’s safe and durable, as you’d want from a machine meant to emulate construction vehicles.

  • Detailed model with durable non-toxic plastic
  • Extreme range of 100 meters for play and outdoor environments
  • Total control of vehicle including truck bed for realism



Blomiky RC dump truck

Remote control dump truck

3. Blomiky Dump Truck

The Blomiky variant stands as our third choice, because it’s easy to take anywhere but doesn’t forego the details a hobbyist can appreciate. It also comes with three rechargeable battery packs for convenience, so you can extend playtime without needing to recharge immediately.

Fun Details

Like our other choices, you can love the various attention to details that come with this model. But unlike the previous selections, this one implements the use of alloy metals in its design. While plastic is nice, there’s something quite satisfying about operating an RC using metal parts. Specifically, the truck bed is metal, meaning it can stand up to whatever your environment of choice has to throw at it. The wheels are also made of rubber, so you’re encouraged to haul loads of dirt over your “construction site” of choice.

Value for Less

Aside from having all the driving capabilities you can expect, this $40 model has three rechargeable battery sets that come included for the dump truck. As expected, the RC unit is easy to control too, without the need for wading through complicated instructions.

  • Three rechargeable battery sets accompanying 2.4ghz non-interference controller
  • On full charge battery provides 25 minutes of playtime
  • Metal and rubber alloys added to the design for increased realism



Double E Mercedes RC truck

2. DOUBLE E Mercedes Benz Dump Truck

Our next choice comes from the well known “Double E,” a great manufacturer that puts a lot of “oomph” in their designs when it comes to construction vehicles. Double E is no slouch here, either, and utilizes a contemporary dump truck design that’s a unique addition to any enthusiast’s or child’s collection.

Fun in a Small Package

This variant is 1:18 scale, meaning its easy to haul around and not hard to carry. However, the size doesn’t stop it from having amazing details. Rubber wheels to a polished yellow finish along with great attention to definitions, you’re basically operating a miniature version of its real-life counterpart. It’s so one-to-one, the model is officially licensed by Mercedes Benz!

Functions and Convenience

No RC is complete without a range of functions, and Double E always delivers. Like you’d expect, users will experience a full range of motions when operating the unit, along with total control over the truck bed. For some extra flavor, there are included engine and horn noises too, though you can mute them if desired.

Even though it’s 1:20 scale, you won’t be left without utilities. This unit comes included with multiple recharging batteries and a 100m control range with a non-interference frequency. The best part? Despite all these great features, it’s still incredibly affordable, clocking in at only $40 USD.

  • Compact size that’s lightweight and added with realistic material and alloys
  • Attention to detail with service times of 30 minutes per full battery charge
  • Officially licensed by Mercedes Benz



Top Race 1/14

1. Top Race TR-212 – Best RC Dump Truck

Our final choice is by no means lacking, and of course, it’s from the esteemed Top Race. Top Race is a confident brand offering numerous hobbyist choices, and the TR-212 is no exception. By far it’s the most detailed and high performing pick, built with everything an enthusiast could dream about. Whether a gift or something to add to your collection, it’s a great overall choice.

Passion in Engineering

Top Race never disappointments with their models, and that hasn’t changed with the TR-212. For instance, every effort has been made to replicate its real-life counterpart from function to detail to sound. We know we’ve said that a lot but, really, this model takes the cake. It uses durable rubber tires and actual metal components in its overall design, meaning it lift and haul as you’d expect from a model like this.

The entire RC vehicle is about 18 inches long with dual back tires, made for crossing the toughest terrain. It also comes with a rechargeable battery so hobbyists are getting the most out of their machine.

Miniature Performing Power

All these specifications lend to some surprisingly beastly performance values. For instance, it can carry up to 7 lbs of weight and has full directional control thanks to its multi-functional remote. Thanks to its extensive battery life and short time, purchasers get maximum use out of it too. You can expect 50 minutes of usage before recharges are needed, which are two hours long max.

Given that there’s an emphasis on size and performance, it’s the priciest of our choices. However, at $100 USD it’s not the worst wallet burner, and the price has gone down over time. For hobbyists, collectors, and the most enthusiastic of fans, it’s a crowning item to their collection.

  • Comes with all necessary charging equipment including 400 mAH rechargeable batteries and USB chord
  • Highly detailed at 1:14 scale making it the largest variant with metal alloy parts and rubber tires
  • High-performance capabilities with large payload ability at 7 lbs



best rc excavators 2020

Best RC Dump Trucks: Q&A

So, now you’ve gone through a list of the best remote control dump trucks currently available. Hopefully, that list has given you inspiration for gift ideas or something to add to your own collection. In the meantime, we’ll peg down some questions you might have regarding the RC units.


Do these require batteries?

Aside from our first choice, no, these RC units do not need batteries outside of the controllers. Normally, in those cases, they require double AA batteries. Otherwise, they’re rechargeable and come with the needed USB cables.


What ages are they best suited for?

Starting out, any of our selections are good for 8 and up. None of them are too complex so they’re impossible to use. However, hobbyists will thoroughly enjoy the level of functionality and detail part of each unit, especially those designed by Top Race.


Do I need any special licenses or certifications?

There are some RC units out there – such as drones – which require certifications to use. That’s because they have to follow regulations and have complex functions. However, our listings are made for young ages and above, so don’t require any special licenses. Better yet, they’re incredibly simple to use, so the learning curve is small.


Are these materials and components toxic?

No, for units using plastic, each is made of non-toxic ABS plastic. However, it’s worth noting that metal components can rust if overexposed to moisture and not kept in dry environments.


How long will these best RC dump trucks units last?

Assuming it’s stored safely and not damaged during use, you can expect years of performance from each vehicle. The components that see the most use are the batteries, and as with most of our picks, each comes with multiple rechargeable battery packs.


Picking the Best RC Model

Not all models are suited for everyone, even if our selections are suited for young age groups. It really depends on what you want out of them, or who you plan to gift it to. The best way to do this is to create a shortlist of what you’d want out of the RC dump truck – either for yourself or the person gifting it. For instance, if it’s for a young child, chances are they may not be very careful with it! Therefore, an inexpensive but durable option is the best choice, like the TR-112.


So, when picking them out, consider this:

  • What is your maximum budget?
  • Who is the RC unit for?
  • Do you expect it to see a lot of use and wear and tear, or will the RC unit be part of a collection?
  • How long do you want the RC unit to last during playtime, such as up to 30 minutes (or longer)?
  • Are you willing to spend money on batteries or want the RC unit to have rechargeable ones?

With those in mind, you can better pin down the best RC selection for you. Some of our choices are best suited for enthusiasts who love detail and have money to spend, while others are just fun toys for all ages. Regardless, there’s something for everyone!



We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through our selections for the top 5 RC excavators of 2020. There’s an option for anyone and all age groups can enjoy something from the hobby. Whether it’s taking them out for a spin in wild territory or simply appreciating the attention to detail, our choices will fit any niche.

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