7 reasons to buy the all-new MJX Bugs 2W !

MJX came onto the scene last year with 2 interesting new models. Of course, I am talking about the Bugs 2 series which portray¬†Bugs 2W and Bugs 2C. Even though these guys are pretty much the same as far as performance and looks are concerned (except for the fact W version is black and red while C is white), there is just one real difference that separates them… and that’s FPV capability.

But, besides these 2 models, you should know that there is a whole bunch of new ones coming from MJX in the foreseeable future. Still, there’s no doubt Bugs 2W still seems like the hottest model their lineup has to offer… at the time of writing this article, that is. So, with that being said, let’s take a closer look at 7 reasons to buy the all-new MJX Bugs 2W!

7 reasons to buy the all-new MJX Bugs 2W

Let’s be realistic here – there are more than 7 reasons for buying this gorgeous little drone. It’s true! But for the sake of keeping this article in small form factor and easy to read, I decided to list the 7 most notable ones. So, without much further adue let’s kick things off with the first one!


1. Price tag

First things first – MJX Bugs 2W is a ridiculously cheap drone. Even with an extra battery and a spare set of propellers, this thing will not cost you more than $300. It’s amazing to see just what a quality drone you can get for such a small amount of money. Needless to say, a couple of years ago you couldn’t buy such a good model sporting GPS and a bunch of safety features… Nowadays, well – the hardworking folk at MJX are pushing the boundaries like proper champs!


2. Great battery life

As you all know, battery life is one of two most important specifications a drone has. The second one is, obviously, the operating range which will be further explained down below.

For now, let’s focus on the battery life of MJX Bus 2W and how good it really is… And let’s start off by saying that it’s really damn good! Thanks to the provided 1800mAh 2S LiPo battery (you get 2 of them inside the package), MJX Bugs 2W can withstand up to 18 minutes of flying and recording decent video footage. Quite a dashing number considering those of other similarly priced (emphasis on the pricing) models on the market.


3. Outstanding range

Yup, it’s true! In addition to a great flight duration, operating range isn’t too shy either with MJX Bugs 2W. Thanks to dual-way transmission through 2.4Ghz frequency, MJX Bugs 2W can reach up to 1 kilometer away from you. It might not be as far as the likes of DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Phantom drones… but you have to take into account the fact that you are only paying the fraction of their price tags. So, with that in mind, I am sure that 1 kilometer offered by this little bugger is more than appropriate considering its price.


4. Safety first

Safety is the fourth reason to purchase MJX Bugs 2W and it’s deservingly here as a proper reason. Why is that so? Well, thanks to GPS (more on that later on), this camera birdie has all sorts of functionalities that ensure its safety (and the safety of other people and their respective property).

Mainly, I am referring to 3 types of return to home which allow Bugs 2W to track its way back and safely land from where it took off. 2 RTH features are automatic – when the battery is low voltage and when the signal from its transmitter is lost. The third RTH feature is manual and you can turn it on whenever you like and the drone will return back to safety.




5. Solid camera and FPV

The biggest addition to MJX Bugs 2W when compared to the original Bugs 3 is that tiny little camera placed in the front. It’s built into the frame and, unfortunately, doesn’t have a mechanical gimbal for stabilization purposes.

There’s no EIS (electronic image stabilization either), but considering the fact MJX Bugs 2W is a highly stable drone, you won’t experience a lot of shakiness in your footage. Generally speaking, you are looking at a 1080p-ready camera that shots in 30fps. The video quality is pretty good and will definitely act properly for casual users.


6. Brushless motors

mjx-bugs-2w-brushless-motor-powerfulBrushed motors are a thing of the past… Well, at least when it comes to any serious drone out there on the market. At the moment, brushed motors are only being used in those cheap toy grade drones that tend to break after a few hours of flying.

On the other hand, MJX Bugs 2W sports highly durable brushless motors. To be more precise, MT1806 1800Kv brushless motors capable of giving it quite the punch. For full speed though, you will have to turn GPS off and that can be tricky for beginner pilots so I’m not recommending it.


7. GPS

mjx-bugs-2w-with-gps-satelittesLast but not least – GPS! It was already mentioned above in the Safety First reason but I feel like it needs to have its own entry. So yeah – MJX Bugs 2W is the cheapest GPS drone currently available on the market.

It greatly improves the drone’s hovering accuracy which is of crucial importance for taking high-quality aerial footage. Also, GPS brings forth a ton of safety features including 3 types of return to home functions explained above.


Final thoughts on MJX Bugs 2W

With those 7 reasons out of our way, it’s only logical to say a couple of conclusive words about this marvelous drone.

Once again, if you are just starting your journey into the world of drones, MJX Bugs 2W is one of the best models to start off with. It’s fast, reliable, fun to fly and has beginner-friendly features that drastically increase its odds of surviving the first couple of flights by a novice pilot. In addition to that, MJX Bugs 2W also sports a solid camera for the price it goes for.

So, to sum everything up in one sentence – MJX Bugs 2W is definitely a drone worth purchasing… no matter if you’re a beginner or already an experienced pilot!

Larry Haller