Black Friday 2017 : Drone Deals [Updated in real time]

This article is going to be updated in real time once Black Friday Drone Deals 2017 start. Make sure you stick around to find the best prices and save a ton of money!

Black Friday Drone Deals 2017 :

DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 is 26% ($311) OFF. Save $311 and buy one of the most popular drones ever. With a professional grade 4K camera, 6000 meter of range and 25 minute of flight time it is easily considered to be one of the best drones on the market. This high end drones is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Black Friday Price : $888.00 | Standard price : $1,199.00

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro is 11% ($111) off. This is probably the most popular drone in the world, and now is the right time to get it. DJI Mavic Pro was the first foldable drone from DJI. It’s one of the drones with the best range & flight time currently available on the market. Range : 7km / Flight time : 26min / Camera : 4k.

Black Friday Price : $888.00 | Standard price : $999.00

DJI Spark, Fly more combo

DJI Spark is 15% OFF. Newest and smallest drone from DJI just got 25% OFF. Buy most popular 2017 summer drone and capture amazing footages and breathtaking selfies almost automatically. With palm take off and gesture control, Spark will soon become your best friend. Let’s don’t forget it has a 2 000 meter range and can stay in air for roughly 15 minutes.

Black Friday Price : $596.88 | Standard price : $699.00

Yuneec Typhoon H

Yuneec Typhoon H is currently at 20% off ($300 savings) the original price. We are talking about a highly durable and reliable hexacopter viable for all sorts of industrial purposes. Typhoon H comes with Intel RealSense Obstacle Avoidance technology among other features. It flies for around 25 minutes and can reach approximately 1500 meters away from its transmitter.

Black Friday Price : $1,199.00 | Standard price : $1,499.00

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV

Parrot Bebop 2 is now on a huge sale coming in at 43% off ($300 savings) its retail price. So, if you are looking to purchase this stylish little birdie it is now or never! Parrot Bebop 2 FPV comes with SkyController 2 and Cockpitglasses. It has around 2 kilometers of operating distance and flies for approximately 25 minutes. With 3-axis EIS on its FHD camera, this camera bird is able to take awesome aerial shots and selfies.

Black Friday Price : $399.00 | Standard price : $699.00

Yuneec Breeze

Yuneec Breeze is 27% ($120.00) OFF. This compact & foldable selfie drone with 4K camera just got little better. If you are interested in selfie drones, you should know that this is one of the most popular selfie drones (after DJI Spark) on the market. It is extremely easy to control using your smartphone, thanks to all its sensors it is very stable in air and takes little to no time to get used to flying it.

Black Friday Price : $329.99 | Standard price : $449.00

GoPro Karma

GoPro Karma with HERO 5 Black is 18% OFF ($200.99). 


Black Friday Price : $899.00 | Standard price : $1,099.00

MJX Bugs 3

MJX Bugs 3 is $30 OFF from its standard price. This is the best selling drone in “under $200” price range. There are many reasons why is that so. First off, it comes with powerful brushless motors that are very durable. It has flight time of approx. 15 minutes and flight range of 300 meters. By default it does not come with a camera but you can easily attach GoPro or any other action camera to it since it comes with “camera holder”.

Black Friday Price : $109.99 | Standard price : $139.99


MJX X708 TableMJX X708W is 34% ($44) off. This is a wonderful entry-level quadcopter with powerful motors and extremely long range. MJX X708W is really agile and possesses both headless mode and one key return. With an HD camera, 80meters of operating range and around 10 minutes of flight time, it’s surely among the best beginner-friendly drones out there. Get it now for 34% off the standard price.

Black Friday Price : $85.99 | Standard price : $129.99

At the time of writing this article, Black Friday 2017 is less than 3 days away. By the time you read this, heck, it could even be 2 days or even less than 24 hours left until the greatest shopping event this year. If you are running out of time before the official start, then make sure you get all the latest info on Black Friday drone deals 2017 via this article. It will feature real-time updates during Black Friday so make sure you set your RSS feed up! You don’t want to miss out on hot sales for your favorite drone, right?

Let’s face it, Black Friday is the perfect consumers’ holiday. Atheists love it more than Christmas, it’s a fact! Jokes aside though, Black Friday 2017 is the best day to shop on the entire calendar. And it lives up to the title by racking unbelievable sales numbers each year. Considering what kind of drone deals await us, I wouldn’t be surprised if even more records are broken this time around.


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Kids & Beginners


black friday drone deals 2017

UDI U818 Plus

The first spot on this list belongs to one of the best drones for beginners, kids, or anyone who wants to experience a casual drive from time to time. By casual I mean easy to control, and without too many things to worry about during flight besides what are you going to do when those batteries are out! UDI U818 is designed and brought to life by the hands of engineering experts, who made it possible for you to get everything it has to offer for such a low price.

Camera and Features

One thing that you will notice straight away is its large camera casing, staring at you from the bottom of the drones frame. Although you may think it is extremely special, it actually is nothing fancy, supporting a 2MPX camera that can take 720P videos. UDI U818 doesn’t feature image stabilization, but considering its stable type of flight it is almost unnecessary. What makes this drone great is above average barometer allowing you to hold altitude with high precision, and control it effortlessly. It also features headless mode, 4GB TF card, and one button take-off and landing.


Specification-wise, UDI U818 Plus shows the most of its value and really separates itself from the rest. It is built from durable and flexible materials, allowing you to play without any crash related worries. Its core-less motor conversion technology provides you with enough power to fly it up to 15 minutes and to a maximum distance of 150 meters. Drone with camera black friday.


Altair AA108 Novi

drone with camera black friday

Altair AA108

Altair Aerial AA108 might just be the most enjoyable drone we played with in a long time. It comes for a bargain, still managing to fulfill even the needs of a die-hard drone enthusiasts. This quadcopter is definitely our favorite when compared to other products in the same price range,  easily flirting with the performance quality of much higher priced relatives. When flying it, you can choose from 3 different skill modes, adjusting the difficulty depending on your previous flight experience. For this reaso, it is a great choice for both experts and beginners, especially the kids, who will have a great time every moment having a controller in their hands.

Camera and Features

Aerial AA108 has a 120 degree wide-angle HD camera, allowing you to take breathtaking photos and 720p videos directly from your phone. One button take off and landing makes it easy for you to fly it anywhere you like, even indoors if you want to. Besides all this, it also comes with headless mode, and altitude hold, making sure the person controlling it can relax and not worry about any negative outcomes.


Altair AA108 should serve as an example of how to build an affordable drone without having to drastically sacrifice quality of the build. It comes with two batteries, each providing up to 10 minutes of flight time. 100 meters is the maximum distance you can go with it, and considering the purposes it is built for it sounds more than you will ever need.


drone with camera black friday

Holy Stone F181W

Perhaps Holy Stone F181W is not the most popular drone out there, but it sure has a fair share of charm. Even more so for beginners as it provides a cheap and decent flying experience. A big plus is the provided camera, but we’ll talk about it more down below. For now, let’s start off with its features and see what can you hope for!

Camera and Features

In terms of features, Holy Stone F181W has several key factors you should know about. First of all, it sports one key return to home, which makes up for a worry-free flying experience. Second, it has adjustable flight speed as well as one key flip which is bound to turn quite a few heads its way.

As for the camera, Holy Stone F181W sports a miniature HD camera underneath its body. The best part is not its image quality, although it is quite good, but its FPV capability. The range is great and latency low which will give you unforgettable flight immersion.


The build quality of this little bugger is really something. It even comes with removable prop guards that are great if you want to practice flying this birdie indoor. Numbers are not disappointing either. The provided 750mAh 1S LiPo battery gives it approximately 7 to 10 minutes of airtime and its console-style controller can function over 80 meters. Pretty neat for such a cheap little entry-level drone.


Foldable & Selfie drones

Table : black friday drone deals 2017

Hover Camera Passport Novi

drone with camera black friday

Hover Camera Passport

If taking photos and flying a drone is your type of fun, this is the perfect drone for you. Hover Camera isn’t by any means an ordinary drone, it manages to offer so much more, in a very compact and innovative fashion. The learning experience with this one is extremely fun, as it is very easy to operate straight out of the box. The Very first moment when you get your hands on this little fella, it becomes pretty obvious you are dealing with something special. It is a work of true engineering and programming experts, that wanted to bring a bit of change to both drone world and the world of photography.

Camera and Features

One thing that separates it from the rest is its camera, and its ability to take 13MP shots and 4K videos from numerous perspectives and angles. Image stabilization is out of this world, making it possible to take clear and enjoyable recordings. It works unlike other drones, starting its “engines” and hovering right on the spot where you left it. Such a technology allows you to just leave it in mid-air, without a need to take off from the ground. Hover Camera will also follow you and fly autonomously as you move around, providing a unique experience.


Its carbon fiber enclosure does an amazing job protecting the powerful 2,3 GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SOC which allows it to perform at such a high level. This self-flying personal photographer has fold-able wings and is lightweight, making it easy to carry anywhere you want. As you can see from the image above, this is a smartphone-controlled drone which does not come with a controller. Due to that, it can only achieve around 20 meters of distance from its control point. Battery duration stands decent at standard 10 minutes. Keep in mind though – Hover Camera Passport is not meant for exploration but for taking vivid selfies and breathtaking aerial videos. if that’s your thing, look no further!


DJI Spark Novi

drones black friday 2017

DJI Spark

Ever since it came out, DJI Spark has been ruling the mini-drone market with an iron fist. And it’s all deservedly since we are talking about a marvelous drone here. DJI really hit the sweet spot and took on the huge wave of miniature drones with exceptional imaging solutions. Their Spark is the definition of just that… and much more!

Camera and Features

Let’s start off with Spark’s miniature camera. Even though all other drones of this size opt for EIS (electronic image stabilization) the folk over at DJI did not agree to any compromise. Instead, they implemented a tiny 2-axis gimbal for the optimal in-air image stabilization. And it works like a charm together with its dedicated 1080p camera. Both videos and photos look absolutely amazing.

Even more so when combined with DJI Spark’s autonomous flight modes. And trust me, there is a whole bunch of those to play around with. DJI GO App works like a charm with DJI Spark and even provides the crowd-favorite features – PalmControl and PalmLaunch. They provide handsfree (this is somewhat debatable) drone operations and make you look absolutely cool down at the park.


In addition to an awesome camera and spectacular array of features, DJI Spark does not fail to deliver in terms of specifications either. If you opt for DJI Spark Fly More Combo you will get the dedicated Spark Controller. It can effectively boost its range up to 2 kilometers… but that depends on the area you live in. Battery duration is not to be taken for granted either. In fact, it sweeps the floor with other similar drones with its endurance. More precisely, DJI Spark can fly for around 16 minutes.


GoPro Karma Novi

drones black friday 2017

GoPro Karma

Now we are going to take a closer look at Karma drone by GoPro. For those of you unfamiliar with drone market, Karma is basically GoPro’s entrance on the market. After a failed first launch, the drone was recalled and released back again after a few months. All problems have been fixed and GoPro Karma is now flying better than ever…

Camera and Features

You can get Karma together with several different GoPro action cameras. They are easily mounted onto the included 3-axis gimbal. At the moment, you can choose between GoPro Hero 4, 5 and 6. Keep in mind though, GoPro Hero 4 requires a special harness which you will have to purchase separately.

Autonomous flight modes are always important for drones with cameras. However, GoPro Karma passes with style thanks to onboard GPS and a handful of smart flying features. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best aerial photography drones out there.


After certain technical issues, Karma had to be taken down from the market, shortly after its initial release. But now, it is stronger than ever featuring outstanding specs. You’re looking at around 20 minutes of airtime and close to 3 kilometers of operating range. Not to mention drone (and video) stability are outright awesome. All in all, if you’re a photographer and want to broaden your services to aerial photography… I don’t see a reason why you should steer away from GoPro Karma.


DJI Mavic Pro Novi

drones black friday 2017

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro was DJI’s initial response to the army of newly released compact foldable drones. They were rapidly growing in popularity so DJI had to step into the game. And my oh my, they did it with style. Mavic Pro exceeded everyone’s expectations and established itself as a baby Phantom 4. And deservedly so, thanks to brilliant all-around performance crammed into an unbelievably small package.

Camera and Features

I can’t say the camera is the best thing regarding DJI Mavic Pro. Not because it’s not brilliant (it is!), but becuase everything else is just as good. DJI Mavic Pro sports a miniature 4K camera that’s mounted on the world’s smallest 3-axis gimbal. This camera/gimbal combo works like a charm. They’re able to produce professional-grade aerial footage with ease. No doubt about it…

This is made true not only by the pilot’s expertise but with a plethora of available smart flight modes. ActiveTrack, TapFly – to name a few. There are many more of them, but these 2 are the main ones for sure. Obstacle avoidance is present as well, so there is no need to worry about this bugger’s well being while cruising through the air.


Last but not least, here’s a quick glimpse at DJI Mavic Pro’s specifications. Starting off with battery duration, DJI Mavic Pro is nothing short of brilliant with cca 27 minutes. The same can be said about its operating range which can go up to 7 kilometers… All thanks to DJI’s OcuSync transmission technology.


Professional & Semi-professional drones

Table : black friday drone deals 2017

Parrot Bebop 2 Adventurer

First in the line of professional and semi-professional drones is Parrot Bebop 2. More precisely, the Adventurer package which brings forth a couple of well-placed additions. Needless to say, Bebop 2 is a highly popular and well-performing aerial platform that has established itself as the go-to option for those on a tight budget. How does it perform? That’s what you will be able to find out below:

Camera and Features

First things first – let’s say a couple of things about this birdie’s camera. You are looking at a 14MPX built-in sensor with 3-axis EIS system. As far as photo/video quality (and stability) is concerned, everything is as good as it can be. With the standard array of features including GPS and Altitude Hold, nothing bad can be said about it. However, if you want fully autonomous features such as Follow Me or Waypoints, you will have to pay for them separately. And finally, if you opt for Parrot Bebop 2 Adventurer package, not only will you get the drone itself but SkyController 2, Cockpitglasses and a sleek backpack that fits everything.


Needless to say, Parrot Bebop 2 has nothing but stellar specifications. Thanks to its 3S 2700mAh battery this birdie can fly around for 20 to 25 minutes. Moreover, thanks to the provided SkyController 2, Parrot Bebop is able to fly all the way up to 2 kilometers away from you. Pretty neat for such a small drone, right?!


Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Novi

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium might just be the world’s most underrated drone. Well, perhaps not underrated as it received a lot of praises from critics. Still, it has not been receiving a lot of attention from buyers which is always a bad sign. It’s sad though, especially considering we are talking about one of the best-performing drones out there…

Camera and Features

As far as features are concerned, this little bugger has a lot in store. With safety and reliability functions such as Starpoint Positioning System and Magnetic Interference Protection, you can rest assured your drone is flying in an optimal condition. Furthermore, this camera birdie is backed by both GPS and GLONASS navigation systems. They’re powering up a plethora of features including the likes of Waypoints, Orbit and Follow Me. The provided camera/gimbal combination doesn’t slack either. You can expect virtually the same image quality just like other high-end flagship drones on the market.


The folk over at Autel Robotics made sure their X-Star Premium model gets premium specifications. And, as far as I can tell, they managed to do so. Their drone can reach around 2 kilometers with its live HD video stream still working flawlessly. As for the airtime, you are free to expect slightly less than half an hour. 25 minutes if you want a more accurate number. So yeah, if you want a cheaper DJI Phantom with a bright orange finish, Autel Robotics X-Star Premium is the perfect drone for you!


Yuneec Typhoon H Novi

Yuneec Typhoon H

Yuneec Typhoon H is the only hexacopter on this list. We are talking about an extremely powerful UAV that’s viable across plenty of industries. It’s all thanks to its lifting power as well as highly stable flight. But, it does come at a relatively high price tag, especially if you’re aiming for the version powered by Intel.

Camera and Features

Yuneec Typhoon H bears an excellent 3-axis gimbal that is able to effortlessly stabilize all of your aerial footage. There’s also a dedicated camera onboard. It records 4K videos at 30fps and FHD at 60fps.

As for the features, this hexacopter isn’t shy at all. In addition to several autonomous flight modes, it is also nicely poised with obstacle avoidance. There are 2 versions available on the market though. I recommend going for the more expensive one because it’s powered by Intel RealSense obstacle avoidance technology. I should also mention it comes with 5-rotor failsafe which will do you a world of good in case of a motor burnout during flight.


Considering this is a mighty hexacopter, it is not surprising at all to see high numbers in terms of specifications. Generally speaking, this bulky little bugger performs greatly across all departments. But, for those of you wanting more precise numbers, here is what Yuneec Typhoon H can achieve – cca 25 minutes of flight time and up to 1.5 kilometers of operating range. Not bad, huh?!


DJI Phantom 4 Pro Novi

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

I’m afraid there is just one more drone to go before finishing off with this list. Luckily for you guys, this last one is a proper beast. As you can see above, I am referring to the almighty Phantom 4 Pro by DJI. This masterpiece of UAV technology has been available for purchase for quite some time now. And, even though its price tag reflects its unparalleled quality, it’s been selling like crazy. So, for everyone looking for the very best out there, DJI Phantom 4 Pro is the obvious way to go. Here’s why…

Camera and Features

The first and foremost trait of DJI Phantom 4 Pro is surely its 5-directional obstacle avoidance system. Autonomous flight modes are plentiful, but that’s something we all expect from DJI’s newest model in Phantom series of drones.

In terms of imaging solution, DJI Phantom 4 Pro boasts with a sensor that’s effectively 4 times bigger than the one on DJI Phantom 4. We are talking about a 1-inch 20MPX sensor with a fully fledged mechanical shutter as well as aperture control. So yeah, DJI P4Pro sports a bigger, better and more adjustable camera.


DJI Phantom 4 Pro specs-sheet is unearthly. If I were to tell you everything about it, one entire article wouldn’t be able to cut it. That’s why I’ll just focus on the standard specs in the form of airtime and operating range. The latter goes to the same 7-kilometer mark just like DJI Mavic Pro as they both use the same transmission technology called OcuSync. Battery duration is great too, ranging from 25 to 27 minutes, depending on the type of use.

Black Friday Drone Deals 2017 FAQ

What is Black Friday and when does it start?


Black Friday is basically the Friday following Thanksgiving Day each year. Why is it so special and what does it represent? Well, Black Friday is the biggest shopping holiday throughout the year. It brings a ton of profit for retailers who rub their hands with pleasure year and year again. Customers are not left behind either. With jaw-dropping sales and dirt cheap prices on all sorts of products, Black Friday is the best day for shopping… hands down.

Thanksgiving Day 2017 falls on Thursday, November 23rd. Right after midnight, on November 24th, the Black Friday craze starts. Whether you plan on shopping at online marketplaces or go for a ride to your local Wal-Mart… chances are high you’ll end up spending much more than your initial plans. If you decide to do your Black Friday shopping in an actual store and not online… be careful since the probability of shopping-infused violence is pretty high.

Why is it called Black Friday?

I’m sure many of you are interested in the origin of Black Friday’s name. Well, it actually dates all the way back to 1966 when earl Apfelbaum stated that the name “Black Friday” refers to the Friday following Thanksgiving Day on which huge crowds of pedestrians swarm downtown shopping malls. It was first given by Philadelphia PD who used it as a term for explaining massive traffic jams caused by people rushing to their Christmas-infused shopping spree. At first, retailers were not fond of the negative Black Friday connotation associated with their massive sales.

However, this quickly changed as it became a broader term related to shopping sprees and huge incoming profits. But just like I stated above – unfortunately, Black Friday is known for its violent side too. There are many people rushing into the stores which have a limited stock of goods on sale. Frequently, this breaks out into huge fights which sometimes result in the use of pepper sprays, improvised weapons, and even firearms. So, if you want to stay on the safe side of Black Friday 2017 drone deals, make sure you do your shopping online from the comfort (and safety) of your own home.

What does Amazon have in store for Black Friday?

Black Friday 2017 Drone Deals

Amazon surprises us with great deals not only on Amazon Prime Day but Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year, Amazon has introduced a week filled with top deals for all you eager shoppers out there. More precisely, 10 days containing special one-day deals that last until midnight, never to be seen again. In addition to awesome deals on Amazon Echo, Kindle Paperwhite, and Echo Dot, there are also numerous deals on third-party sellers.

Since this is a drone-oriented website, we will be focusing on Black Friday drone deals2017. However, since we are all tech nerds here, we might even feature some of the best tech deals too. TV’s, consoles, VR equipment and stuff like that. So, don’t forget to set up your RSS feed because, once again, this article will be constantly edited in real time during the entire Black Friday 2017 craze. Cheers guys… and good luck getting the best deals out there…

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