Whether you have your own pool or not, you have to admit that the sole thought of having an RC boat to go alongside it brings a smile to your face. And why shouldn’t it? RC boats are outright awesome, and if it’s your first one… oh boy, you better prepare to be amazed! These little buggers are going to surprise you with their agility, speed, and sheer fun factor…

rc boats for pools

RC Boats in this guide

5 Best RC Boats For Pools:

5. Wltoys WL913
4. Traxxas Blast
3. GordVE
2. UDI001 Venom
1. Feilun FT012

As you can see, I’ve taken my time and arranged a shortlist of the best pool-friendly RC boats out there. The guiding trait was definitely a compact form factor that is of utmost importance for a narrow area such as a pool. True, speed and agility are wanted too, but they all fall behind the size. You’ll notice that I’ve gone for miniature 16-18-inch models as well as two 24-inch ones (5th and 4th spot). That’s basically the ideal size you want for pool use. Anything bigger than 24 inches will be too big… except if you are a millionaire and have a big ass pool, that is.

Anyway, instead of boring you to death with this rather lengthy introduction, I guess I should dive straight into the list and start off with the RC boat sitting at the 5th spot!

Table: 5 Best RC Boats For Pools

ImageNameSpeedRangeTimeBest Price
5. Wltoys Wl91330mph150m5minSee best offer
Traxxas Blast Table4. Traxxas Blast20mph400m20minSee best offer
3. GordVE15mph150m8minSee best offer
2. UDI001 Venom15mph50m15minSee best offer
1. Feilun FT01228mph100m10minSee best offer



5. Wltoys WL913

As far as popular RC vehicle brands are concerned, we can all agree that Wltoys is at the very top of the food chain. It’s true! They have a ton of great (and affordable) models available for all types of users. Not just drones but RC cars, trucks, helicopters and RC boats as well. This goes to show you they are a highly versatile brand. Also, due to their competitive pricing, they’ve single-handedly dropped the prices of entry-level RC vehicles across the board. If that’s not enough to trust them, then you’re a lost cause. Anyways, enough beating around the bushes, let’s well straight to the topic and see what’s this little boatie all about!


Needless to say, specifications of any RC vehicle are of utmost importance for its potential buyers. Luckily, Wltoys WL913 has a lot to brag within this department. So, why don’t we start off with the battery? This is a hefty 3S 2700mAh battery that holds the better weight part out of this entire build. But, to its defense, it can provide lots of power, providing up to 50km/h (cca 30mph) top speed for this little fella. But, that’s not only on the battery but its powerful brushless motor alongside a 60A ESC.

With that said, you can easily upgrade this to an even better motor. If you want more speed, that is. As for the runtime, you’ll be surprised to see only 5 minutes. However, there is no doubt you will be enjoying this little bugger for the entire runtime. The operating range improves the overall summary since it goes all the way up to 150 meters. All things considered, if you have a big pool, then 24-inch Wltoys WL913 is worth picking up.

Design and Features

As far as features are concerned, Wltoys WL913 doesn’t have a lot to its name. Firstly, I suppose it’s worth mentioning its water cooling system. Of course, this is not such a praiseworthy trait considering virtually all RC models have one. However, the situation is a bit better with capsizing. More precisely, it features aileron turning which annihilates the need for jumping into the water to flip it back up.



Traxxas Blast

4. Traxxas Blast

At the 4th spot we have Traxxas Blast. This magnificent RC boat probably features the best experience out of this entire bunch… but due to its size (we are talking about a 24-inch model here), I had to place it further away from the top spot. After all, pool-friendly RC boats are the focus here. So, with that in mind, why don’t we take a closer look at Traxxas Blast? It’s made by one of the best RC brands out there so that must vouch for its quality? Right? Well, let’s see…


Starting off with top speed, Traxxas Blast will actually disappoint quite a few of you. Keep in mind though, we are talking about an upgradeable model. In what way? Well, thanks to its Nautica ESC, you can switch the stock brushless motor with a beefier 18-turn one. This will give you an amazing boost in top speed, there is no doubt about it. And what’s the stock top speed? Roughly 20mph… but with a beefier motor and more power-efficient battery, you’ll be getting more than 30mph for sure.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to opt for a LiPo battery without changing the ESC. Nautica ESC does not support LiPo batteries which is a huge minus in my book. Still, don’t let that discourage you since Traxxas Blast has cca 20 minutes of runtime with stock battery inside. The operating range is awesome too – around 300 meters from what I’m seeing.

Design and Features

The most important feature of Traxxas Blast is definitely the waterproof capsule which houses all of its electronics. This includes the motor, ESC, receiver, and servo. It features direct drive as well as a deep-V hull design which is extremely popular nowadays. Lastly, you can count on Traxxas Customer Support to handle any issues you might experience. Although considering Traxxas reputation, chances of this happening are very low.



GordVE H100

3. GordVE

The golden middle of best RC boats for pools list goes to GordVE H100. This is an absolutely brilliant miniature RC boat with great design and characteristics. It is pretty too and as such I’m sure it will be the main attraction once you start going crazy with it down at your local lake. With flashy yellow canopy and blue finishing touches, GordVE seems like a high-end model at first glance. However, as soon as you take a closer look at its price tag you’ll realize it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, it’s quite good for the money… but it cannot be compared to the likes of Spartan and co…


As I’ve already stated above, GordVe RC boat has a fair share of high-quality hardware packed inside. For instance, this little fella sports a great 2S 800mAh battery. For such a small boat, it can provide more than enough runtime. We are talking about more than 7 minutes with ease. Close to 8 minutes if you’re lucky.  Also great, it takes less than an hour to charge. So, all you need to do is get a few extra batteries and a 5 in 1 charger and you’ll have cca 40 minutes of runtime and 50 minutes of charging. Almost 1-1 ratio.

The operating range is not that important with RC boats, I know, but I still love to give you some rough numbers. So, when it comes to GordVE, you can expect around 150 meters. As for the top speed, this mini RC boat can reach all the way up to 15mph which is praiseworthy for both its size and price tag.

Design and Features

Continuing onward with the design, GordVE is made out of impact-resistant ABS plastic that keeps the entire build intact and highly durable. It is pretty small too – only 14 inches to be more precise. This makes it a great pool-friendly boat, there’s no doubt about it. Last but not least – GordVE comes with a nice little stand. It will make a fine display model for your living room, I’m sure about it.



UDI001 Venom

2. UDI001 Venom

If you’re looking for a tiny but powerful RC boat that does well in pools, then UDI001 Venom is the right one for you. With a sleek design, sturdy frame and great performance, it effectively shows that good RC boats don’t have to be priced really high. And it’s true – once you start playing around with this beauty, it is bound to amaze you with its performance. So, without much further adue, let’s start dissecting it and see what’s it all about.


Performance-wise, UDI001 Venom won’t fail to impress you. This 14-inch RC boat sports a mighty 25km/h (roughly 15mph) top speed which is absolutely praiseworthy for this price range. Additionally, it runs on a 600mAh battery which provides it with 10 to 15 minutes of runtime per single charge. Unfortunately, the range is pretty short at only 50 meters. Of course, this is not a problem for people looking to use UDI001 Venom only in pools. For others though, you might want to consider other options available.

Design and Features

UDI staff is known for equipping their RC models with a handful of useful features. It’s safe to say this is true for their Venom RC boat too. First things first, you get an extra battery in the package. Needless to say, this is a huge plus as you’ll have double the runtime. Furthermore, the integrated water cooling system takes good care of the motor. Another thing worth mentioning is surely its low battery alarm which will let you know once your battery is at low voltage. Lastly, UDI001 Venom is one of those self-rightening RC boats meaning it can flip itself back up again after being capsized.



Feilun FT012

1. Feilun FT012

And finally, we’ve come to the best RC boat for pools and it really is a powerful little beast. It goes by the name FT012 and it’s made by Feilun. Even though we are not talking about a popular RC brand, it still provides a great model at a highly affordable price tag. But, what exactly is so great about Feilun FT012? Well, let’s find out…


Just by looking at the performance of this little bugger, I am sure some of you will buy it straight away. They’re crazy! Take the top speed, for example, this 18-inch RC boat can exceed 28mph (roughly 45km/h) and that’s quite a feat for such a small model. Furthermore, it doesn’t fail to deliver in terms of runtime either. You can expect around 10 minutes of runtime per charge which doesn’t take too long with the provided balance charger. And finally, the operating range is a big improvement over UDI001 Venom. In fact, it’s double the range of UDI’s model with 100 meters of seamless controls. So, as far as specifications are concerned, there is no doubt Feilun FT012 is a worthy investment.

Design and Features

In the end, I only want to say a couple of things about its features and design. Starting off with the design, once again, we are looking at an 18-inch model. It’s perfect for pool use and provides great controllability and speed. As for the transmitter, it is a basic one working over 2.4GHz frequency. It fits nicely into hands and is highly responsive. And finally, Feilun FT012 possesses a capsize recovery and water cooling system, guaranteeing fun at all times.



Why is using RC boats in oceans such a bad idea?

I’m sure I am not the first person to tell you that using your RC boats in oceans and seas (slat waters in general) is a really bad idea. But why is this so? Is it really true or is it one of those myths cruising around. Well, I am afraid it really is true – using your RC boat in oceans is a terrible idea since the salt will do all sorts of bad things to your boat’s electronics. As a matter of fact, not just electronics but technically all metal parts hidden inside its canopy.

Rust! Rust is the biggest concern for people using their RC models in oceans. As well all know, rust attacks the inner metal required for normal functioning of RC boats. As layers of rust get thicker and eat through the metal, there will be a lot of problems that accumulate and end up ruining your boat… but luckily, you can prevent this process from happening. Well, not technically prevent it but slow it down just enough for you to be able to enjoy your boat a bit longer.

I am obviously referring to frequent (and thorough) maintenance of your RC boat. More precisely, I’m talking about rinsing and oiling the inner parts to prevent salt and rust from doing any damage. Of course, this will require a good chunk of your time since it needs to be done after each session. That’s right – no skipping! Still though, it is not recommended to use RC boats in oceans… but if you have no other option then I’m afraid you’ll have to obey these rules. 


FAQ: Best RC Boats For Pools

Which of these pool-friendly RC boats is the fastest one?

When it comes to high speeds, you have two viable options to choose from – Feilun FT012 and Wltoys WL913. The former is a tad bit faster on paper. But, in reality, they are pretty much alike. For pool-only use, I strongly suggest going for Feilun FT012 as it’s the smaller model out of these two. It sticks to the water nicely and provides responsive controls. Not to mention the agility, you will be positively surprised by what this fella has to offer.

On the other hand, if you are buying an RC boat for pool and lake use, then Wltoys WL913 will be a more viable option. It has a slightly better range (150 meters in contrast to 100 meters on Feilun FT012) which is bound to come in handy when driving in lakes. Furthermore, Wltoys WL913 is also much bigger than Feilun FT012 (24-inches, if we are to be more precise here). This will result in a smoother experience and longer line of sight distance.


Which of these pool-friendly RC boats has the longest runtime?

If you are like me, then you simply hate when your battery dies after just several minutes of playing. To prevent this from happening, you need to take the obvious step forward – buy a boat possessing a beefy battery. From the list above, the best one is definitely Traxxas Blast. Even though it doesn’t come with a LiPo battery (it does not even support them due to its ESC), it still has the longest battery duration out of all others. We are talking roughly 20 minutes per charge which is absolutely brilliant. However, this is nothing new for Traxxas as they are among the most popular RC brands out there. They never cease to impress me, that’s for sure!


Which of these pool-friendly RC boats is the smallest one?

The small size factor is one of the main characteristics to look for in a strictly pool-use boat. With that being said, it’s not surprising to see 2 extremely small models in the list above. I am referring to GordVE and UDI001 Venom, both of which are 14-inch models. Despite their small size, both of them provide solid performance and great driving experience. However, if you want the best size/performance ratio, perhaps you should go for Feilun FT012. It is a bit bigger than those 2 models featured above… but it definitely justifies that with its sheer power.


Can these RC boats damage your pool?

RC boat pool DamageWith normal use, I doubt any of these RC boats featured above can make any serious damage to your pool. This, of course, heavily depends on the pool construction as well as your controlling ability. In extreme cases, if you go all crazy with the throttle, you might tear the liner of your pool if you’re unlucky. However, this won’t be such a common occurrence since you won’t be able to get a long straight run in order to develop enough speed for some serious pool damage.


Will chlorine hurt my RC boat?

RC Boat Chlorine

No, there is no need to worry about driving your RC boats around in chlorinated waters. These chemicals do not affect vehicles on the surface of the water which is exactly where you will be driving your RC boat. However, when it comes to submarines, chlorine greatly affects their performance. More precisely, these chemicals reflect the radio signal at a depth of roughly 3 feet. That’s why it is not recommended to use submarines in chlorinated waters. But, once again, as far as RC boats are concerned, chlorinated water is as safe as normal one.



I’m afraid that’s it as far as RC boats for pools go. To be honest, there aren’t really that many good miniature models to choose from. As a matter of fact, there aren’t that many miniature boats in the first place. That’s basically why I had to spice the list up with a few 24-inch ones. They’ll fit, no doubt about that… but they’ll also be slightly more difficult to control in such a small area. But, if you want something that can be used in pools and lakes equally well, then there’s no other option but Feilun FT012. It’s small, agile and insanely fast – and that’s a winning combination if I’ve ever seen one!

Thank you for reading…

Until next time, stay safe!