The public has developed a big demand for Unmanned Arial Vehicles, consequently drone industry began booming in the last few years. The potential of drones is endless, a new era of technology is starting and drones are its core. They can be used to record and photograph, to deliver products, to race, companies are finding new approaches and utilities they can give to drones. Today we’re here for the best affordable drones.

Don’t want to spend a whole fortune on single drone? You should check the lists below and find the best cheap drone that perfectly suits your needs and budget :

TOP 10 Drones under $50
drones under 50

TOP 10 Drones under $100

TOP 10 Drones under $200

TOP 10 Drones under $300
drones under 300

TOP 10 Drones under $500
drones under 500

TOP 10 Drones under $1000
drones under 1000

2017 is year of cheap, affordable drones

Such innovation and demand has pushed new companies to enter the business with new and inexpensive drones, able to everyone purchase. Every person can own a drone, from toy/hobby to more professional UAVs, the market sees new products every day. If you are new to this machines and you never flew one, maybe you want to start by practicing with an affordable drone. Take some time, browse our lists and find out what’s the best drone you can buy. Nowadays even the toy grade drones already are powerful interesting machines, check our list of top drones to buy to find the beginner drone you would like to start with.

Higher price, more features

As everything in the market, the higher the price, the most recent technology it has. You will be surprised how fast the technology has advanced in the last years. A cheap drone can come with its own HD camera and FPV system (real time video transmission). Some even have integrated GPS to assist you in flight and provide you great features. Check our Top 10 Drones Under $200 article for cheap drones already with FPV cameras. It also allows for one of the most useful feature drones currently have, autopilot function. Yes, this is the 21th century and you can now own an unmanned vehicle able to fly itself. Program the path through software on your smartphone, tablet or PC. The drone will than fly to each waypoint you have selected while recording or photographing. Some of the most affordable drones with such features are on our Top 10 Drones Under $300 article.

So, which drone should you buy?

Well, it depends on your experience and budget, of course. If you’re beginner looking for your first drone, you should go for some model that costs under $300. I’m pretty sure you’ll crash it, that’s totally normal when you’re learning how to fly.. and that’s okay. For that reason, I wouldn’t suggest buying some expensive ($500+) drone as your first drone. It shouldn’t take too much time to learn how to fly it. In my case, it took me about 5,6 days. So, be patient, buy some cheaper model, learn how to fly and soon you’ll be able to go for something more advanced.

Under $50

Syma X5C

Syma-X5C1This is one of the most popular drones in this price range. If you ask random guy on a street to name two drones he’s heard about, he’ll probably say DJI Phantom and Syma X5c 🙂 Syma is well known for their toy grade drones, I believe it’s most recognizable brand in this price range. X5C is great starter drone, it has everything your first drone should have. It’s made of some elastic plastic so you shouldn’t worry too much if you crash it here and there. Mine one has survived many of them. Flight time is around 6 minutes, and control range is somewhere between 50 and 100 meters. As usually, I would suggest buying extra batteries. One more thing I almost forgot, SYMA X5C has camera. What else could you expect in this price range?

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Under $100

JXD 509W

jxd 509w droneJXD is still relatively unknown drone manufacturer, but I believe they will become very popular among drone hobbyists. Reason for that is obvious, they deliver good value for the money. We have tested almost all their models in 2016, and we’re very happy with what we’ve seen. JXD 509W is WiFi version of previously launched JXD 509G. Difference is, on 509W you have to use your smartphone as a screen, while 509G comes with it’s own screen. Again, this drone is made of some elastic plastic and it should survive most of your crashes. Propellers are very elastic so they shouldn’t break either. 509W has many cool features previously unseen in this price range, such a : Altitude Holder, One-Key Home Return, Headless Mode, Automatic Landing. Camera is 0.3MP, battery should provide you with 6 minutes of flight time within range of 50-70 meters.

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Under $200

Parrot AR Drone 2.0

PARROT AR DRONE 2.0One of the coolest looking, and at the same time top cheap quadcopter. It comes in 3 different styles : Snow, Jungle and Sand. It doesn’t have it’s own controller, which means you’ll have to use your smartphone (android or iOS) to control it. It comes with built in 720p camera, which is more than good for this price. It has really good sensors which means it’s good and stable flyer. This is very important for drone which is controlled by use of smartphone. Flight time is around 10 minutes and range is up to 100 meters.

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Under $300

Cheerson CX-20

CHEERSON-CX-20Cheerson CX-20 Auto Pathfinder is one of the most bought quadcopters under 300 dollars currently in the market. The customer is not wrong, indeed it is a powerful machine at a great price. Mainly due to its capability to carry a Go Pro camera and some great features. Features such as IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control) the CX-20 uses the GPS to remember its coordinates and recover from spins. It has fixed position, hovering steadily to record video. When the battery gets low it automatically land itself to avoid crashes. Return to home function with the push of a button, so you don’t lose it. Its 2700mah 20C 3c battery gives him enough power to fly 10 meters per second for as long as 15 minutes flight time.

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Use of drones

One of the most common uses for drones nowadays is aerial recording, we will always seek to find the best products out there in the market at the best prices. Many of the drones in our top articles are able to carry the famous Go Pro camera, others have their own alternatives. Either way we ensure always ensure the best quality within the price range.

Perhaps you are into acrobatic or racing drones, well we have those on our lists to. Fast drones with powerful brushless motors ready to amaze anyone who sees them taking on the sky.

For the best of the best, the top notch products with the most recent technology and best specifications check our Top 10 Drones Under $500, you will be surprised at how advanced hardware and firmware is.


Don’t forget, keep visiting us daily for more lists and products. We promise to keep you updated and well informed on the best drones. Above everything, we are here to help you choose which one fits you best!