18 drones that can actually follow you automatically [2017 Edition]

Hello fellow drone lover! Welcome to another amazing drone guide here on Drones Globe. Today we’ll talk about drones that can follow you. As always our aim is to best serve you on your drone curiosities and needs. As drone enthusiasts ourselves, we are fully aware of your needs and desires. With this in mind, we set ourselves to bring you the best and most updated drone related information on the web. Our today’s topic is the Follow Me mode feature which can already be found in a wide variety of drones.

Table : Follow me drones

NameImageFlight timeControl rangePrice
13. Hubsan H502Shubsan-x4-h502s13 minutes200 metersShow it!
12. Autel Roboticsautel-robotics-x-star-premium25 minutes2000 metersShow it!
11. DJI Phantom 3dji-phantom3-advanced22 minutes2000 metersShow it!
10. Voyager 321 minutes1500 metersShow it!
9. 3DR Solo3dr-solo-drone-300x19623 minutes1000 metersShow it!
8. DJI Inspire 120 minutes3000 metersShow it!
7. Xiro Mini13 minutes100 metersShow it!
6. Yuneec Hyuneec-typhoon-h23 minutes1000 metersShow it!
5. DJI Phantom 4DJI-Phantom-4-300x13825 minutes3000 metersShow it!
4. DJI Phantom 4 Pro25 minutes4000 metersShow it!
3. DJI Inspire 226 minutes6000 metersShow it!
2. DJI Mavic26 minutes7000 metersShow it!
1. AirDogairdog18 minutes250 metersShow it!

First of all, and taking into consideration our beginner readers, let’s start with a brief description of what the Follow Me feature is and can do for you. Follow Me mode is particularly useful on photography and videography drones. However, remember that what you can do with it, it’s only limited by your creativity. This feature enables the pilot to lock the drones direction and movement on a specific moving target. The drone will than autonomously follow the target without any pilot’s input. In most cases this is done through auto-pilot function combined with sensors and target & lock software. Such innovative and powerful feature allows pilots to focus on photography and videography while the drone autonomously follows the point of interest.

This being said, let us move on to our Top 14 drones with follow me feature list and find out what is the best drone that follows you :

So, what is the best Drone that follows you:

18- Hubsan H502S

hubsan follow me droneFirst drone with follow me function on our list is H502S. You may already be familiar with Hubsan manufacturer, they have released a wide variety of low-cost drones which have been very successful among drone enthusiasts. Hubsan has recently released a very affordable toy drone featuring Follow Me. Hubsan H502S is the first brushed mini quadcopter with GPS and FPV (real time video transmission). It’s not self following drone but it does have Follow me function. On top of the Follow Me function, purpose of this guide, H502S packs a wide set of very useful features as well has specifications. Other features include Headless Mode, GPS, Altitude Mode (drone locks on a specific height, allowing pilot to focus on the camera), Failsafe mode (drone automatically lands when battery is low) and Automatic calibration. Powered by a powerful 7.4V 2S 610mAh Li-Po Battery which allows up to 13 minutes of flight time! Besides all of this goodness, H502S also has a 720p resolution camera and First Person View transmission directly to a 4.3” FPV LCD (included in the package). All of this make H502S very interesting follow me drones for a very affordable price.

Show me the price!
Hubsan H502S Overview:
Flight Time: 12-13 minutes
Camera: FPV HD 720p resolution
Battery Type: 7.4V 2S 610mAh Li-Po Battery
Range: 200 meters
Remote: 2.4 GHz Frequency
FPV Frequency: 5.8 Ghz
Features: Headless Mode, GPS, Altitude Mode, Failsafe mode and Automatic calibration.


17- Cheerson CX-22

cheerson-cx22Another amazing drone manufacturer, Cheerson has released one of the most popular drones in the low-cost market, the Cheerson CX-20! Back in 2015 they released an upgraded version of this drone, the Cheerson CX-22 (twice the battery power!), developed around the usefulness of drone with auto follow feature markets. Cheerson CX-22 includes some very nice features such as Dual GPS (one on transmitter another on the drone) Auto Positioning System, GPS fixed set high, One-Key Home Return, Automatic Landing and Take Off, Out-of-control return, Circle Hovering. On top of all this useful features, CX-22 also includes a 1080p resolution camera with 5.8 Ghz live video transmission directly to a 7” monitor on the remote controller (included in the package). Camera is placed on a 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal, also included. On top of all this features and camera utilities, CX-22 has amazing specifications, an amazing 800 meters control range and a flight time of 25 minutes, powered by a 3S 11.1V 5400mAh battery. Definitely one of the best and most affordable high-quality drones with Follow Me mode and an all set of amazing features and specifications.

Show me the price!
Cheerson CX-22 Overview:
Flight Time: 25 minutes
Camera: FPV HD 1080p resolution
Gimbal: 2-Axis Brushless
Battery Type: 3S 11.1V 5400mAh battery
Range: 800 meters
Remote: 2.4 GHz Frequency
FPV Frequency: 5.8 Ghz
Features: Following, Dual GPS Auto Positioning, GPS fixed set high, One-Key Home Return, Automatic Landing and Take Off, Out-of-control Return, Circle Hovering


16- Blade Chroma

blade drone that can follow youBLADE is a high-quality drone manufacturer, having produced a wide set of powerful and competitive drones in the market. They aim at powerful motors, stable hover, autonomous flight features and high-quality cameras for photography and videography. Blade Chroma is a very good example of this high-quality products. There are several different packages of Blade Chroma, may include a CGO3 4K camera, or CGO2+ 1080p Camera or another with a 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro. You can control the camera angle remotely from your ST-10+ Transmitter, this transmitter also has a FPV (real time video transmission) monitor (plus OSD) built-in on the remote. Blade Chroma features Smart Mode, AP Mode (for experienced pilots), Following Mode, Tracking Mode, Return to Home, Adjustable Flight Boundaries and Advanced SAFE Plus technology. On top of all this, Chroma’s flight time is an astonishing 30 minutes and maximum control distance is around 400 meters.

Show me the price!
Blade Chroma Overview:
Flight Time: up to 26 minutes
Camera: CGO2, 4K or GoPro
Battery Type:  11.1V 5400 mAh lithium-polymer battery
Range: 400 meters
Remote: 2.4 GHz Frequency
Features: Following Mode, Smart Mode, AP Mode, Tracking Mode, Return to Home Mode, Adjustable flight boundaries, Advanced SAFE Plus technology


15- Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

autel-robotics-x-star-premiumX-Star Premium is a sophisticated and very easy to fly drone manufactured by Autel Robotics. X-Star follow me quadcopter is the perfect fit for your travelling and adventuring. Record the best footage without any hassle, either if you are kitesurfing or biking or just chilling at the beach, X-Star will follow you anywhere and record 4K Ultra HD video. X-Star premium is equipped with a 4K Ultra HD camera with a 108º FOV. Take video at 4K30, 2.7K60, 1080p120, or 720p240 and take 12mp photographs.

Show me the price!
X-Star Premium Overview:
Flight Time:  25 minutes
Camera: 4K Ultra HD camera with a 108º FOV
Battery Type: 14.8V 4900 mAh Li-Po Battery
Transmitter: 5.8 Ghz Frequency
Range: 2000 meters
Gimbal: 3-axis
Features: Following Mode, Auto-Pilot (waypoints), Dual Satellite Navigation, Starpoint Positioning System, Orbit Mode


14- 3DR Iris +

3dr iris+ featured imageAnother amazingly powerful and autonomous drone manufactured by 3D Robotics. A smart drone aimed at photography and videography of sport events such as surfing and snowboarding. It will follow you anywhere, at a very fast speed and high precision. Iris+ can be remotely controlled via Android or iOS device (either smartphone or tablet) through an app or a nine-channel radio transmitter with on-screen telemetry for instant accurate flight data. Or, if you need non-manual flights, use the advanced 3PV Follow Me mode that turns IRIS+ into your own “hands-free camera crew”. 3DR Iris+ comes with an iLook+ 720p camera built by 3DR Robotics itself. However, it also supports both GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4. 3DR Iris+ is very easy to use, even a beginner at aerial photography and videography will benefit a lot from this smart drone. It features Mission Planner (auto-pilot), high-performance 32-bit Pixhawk autopilot system built on ARM Cortex-M4 Processor, internal GPS, the GPS enables pre-programed professional-grade mission capabilities, for example mapping, scripted cinematography, scientific research, and other applications where repeatable flight plans are needed.

Show me the price!
3DR Iris+ Overview:
Flight Time: up to 25 minutes
Camera: iLook+ 720p at 30fps. Also supports GoPro Hero 3 and 4.
Battery Type: 5100 3S mAh battery
Remote Frequency: 2.4 Ghz
Range: 1KM
Features: 3PV Following Mode, uBox GPS, Mission Planner, Auto-pilot, Live View for GoPro (real time video transmission)


13- DJI Phantom 3 Professional

dji-phantom-3-professionalMost likely you have already heard of and perhaps seen a Phantom 3. It is the third drone from DJI’s Phantom series. Probably one of the most successful commercial drones in the market and naturally, one of the most popular drones that follow you. DJI Phantom 3 was a very challenging project for DJI, it marked the first time they were shipping a drone with a top quality camera designed by DJI itself. A 4K (or 2.7K) video at 30fps camera with 12MP for photos, placed on a 3-Axis remotely controlled gimbal. The camera also has a professional f/2.8 lens with 94º field of view. On top of this, this amazing drone, Phantom 3, features an awesome set of features such as GPS-Assisted Hover, Vision Positioning System, and Automatic Flight logs, Following Mode, Altitude Set Height, Return-to-Home, Auto-pilot and First Person View. You can control DJI Phantom 3 via a DJI Devo remote controller or a tablet through a free application available for both Android and iOS. Besides all of this top notch quality, Phantom 3 has an outstanding flight time of 23 minutes (powered by a smart battery) and a control range range of 2Km to 5 Km.

Show me the price!
DJI Phantom 3 Overview:
Flight Time: up to 23 minutes
Camera: FPV 4K (or 2.7K) 12MP Camera
Battery Type: 15.2V 4480mAh Lipo 4S
Transmitter: DEVO Transmitter or tablet device
Range: 3Km
Features: GPS-Assisted Hover, Vision Positioning System, Automatic Landing,  Automatic Flight logs, Follow Me, Altitude Set Height, Return to Home, Auto-pilot and First Person View


12- Walkera Voyager 3

Walkera-Voyager-3-for-Perfect-Aerial-Photography-12-2Voyager 3 Walkera’s all-in-one aerial filming platform. This quadcopter’s arms have a modular design, meaning they can move and acquire different positions. This can be quite useful for professional or even amateur aerial filming.  Walkera Voyager 3 comes with its own HD 4608 x 3456 megapixels 1080p 60 FPS camera, shoot very quality video and take photographs. Voyager 3 has a wide set of important and poweerful features such as GPS, GLONASS Dual-Navigation System, One Key Take Off, One Key Landing, One Key Go Home and of course Following Mode. Voyager 3 has a maximum control range of 1000 meters and a flight time of up to 25 minutes, powered by not one but two 29.6V 3000mAh 10C(8S) LiPo Batteries. Walkera Voyager 3 package also includes a DEVO F12E, 12 Channels 2.4GHz with a FPV 5” Monitor to display FPV quality live video directly on the remote controller’s screen.

Show me the price!
Walkera Voyager 3 Overview:
Flight Time: 20-25 min
Camera: HD 1080p 60 FPS
Battery Type: 29.6V 3000mAh 10C(8S) LiPo Battery x 2
Transmitter: DEVO F12E, 12 Channels 2.4GHz with a FPV 5” Monitor
Range: 1000 meters
Gimbal: 3-Axis Stabilized
Motors: WK-WS-42-002 Brushless
Features: Follow Me Mode, GPS and GLONASS Dual-Navigation System, One Key Take Off, One Key Landing, One Key Go Home


11- 3DR Solo

3dr-solo-drone3DR Solo is a very powerful drone manufactured by the renowned 3DR Robotics company. 3DR Solo features an astonishing top speed of 89km/h. This speed can be very useful when used combined with the Follow Me Mode feature. As it allows you to lock and record on very fast moving objects, such as cars and boats. It also features useful photography and videography features such as Selfie Mode, Orbit Mode and, of course, Follow Me mode, as well as innovative Pixhawk 2 Auto-Pilot function. 3DR Solo original package does not come with a camera. However, it is compatible with all new GoPro cameras such as GoPro HERO3, 3+ and 4 thanks to its 3-axis stabilized gimbal. Flight time is around 20 to 25 minutes and control distance is 800 meters. 3DR Solo included controller remote has an integrated WiFi to keep you constantly connected and a built-in HDMI port for live broadcast of your GoPro HD long range video feed. The 1GHz computer also auto-saves flight data with 500 parameters directly to Solo’s internal memory.

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3DR Solo Overview:
Flight Time: 20-25 min
Camera: Compatible with GoPro® HERO3, 3+ and 4; optimized for HERO3+ and 4
Battery Type: 5200 mAh 14.8 Vdc Lithium polymer
Max Speed: 55 mph (89 km/h)
Range: 800 meters
Autopilot: Pixhawk 2
Gimbal: 3-Axis Stabilized
Motors: 880 kV
Features: Follow Me Mode, Auto-pilot, Selfie Mode, Orbit Mode


10- Hexo+

hexo+ follow me droneHexo+ is the only hexacopter in our list, and is a proud powerful self-flying machine. Hexo+ was designed around the Follow Me feature, enhancing it and making it extremely easy to anyone. Basically, it’s made to be hexacopter that follows you. Hexo+ connects directly to the pilot’s smartphone through a free application available for both Android and iOS and follows the signal of the smartphone. Through this app you can also select the camera movement and record video and take photos. With Hexo+ pilot doesn’t have to be manually involved. Hexo+ can reach a speed up to 70km/h.

Hexo+ Overview:
Flight Time: 15 minutes
Camera: GoPro compatible
Battery Type: 5000 mAh 3S lithium-polymer battery
Transmitter: Smartphone
Range: 100 meters
Gimbal: 3-axis stabilisation
Features: Follow Me Mode, GPS and GLONASS Dual-Navigation System, One Key Take Off, One Key Landing, One Key Go Home


9- DJI Inspire 1 V2.0

dji-inspire1DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 is DJI’s high-end modular design quadcopter. DJI Inspire 1 has a transformative design, meaning the arms of the quadcopter can move, acquiring different positions. This is a very useful feature for professional or even amateur photography and videography. Inspire 1 V2 features a full 360º rotation 4K 12MP video camera, which can be remotely controlled via tablet through a free application available for both Android and iOS. Besides Follow Me Mode, Insprie 1 features Auto-Pilot, GPS system, aerodynamic transforming design, FailSafe, Hover in place without GPS, App-based control software, Live Mapa and Radar, Dynamic Home Point, First Person View, among many others. DJI Inspire 1 is one of the preferred high-end drones for recording high-quality footage. Its maximum control range is an astonishing 4.5Km and maximum flight time, powered by a TB48 Intelligent Flight Battery (5700mAh), goes up to 20 minutes.

Show me the price!
DJI Inspire 1 V2 Overview:
Flight Time: 20 minutes
Camera: Full 360º rotation 4K 12MP video camera
Gimbal: 3 Axis
Battery Type: TB48 Intelligent Flight Battery (5700mAh)
Range: 4.5km
Remote: 2.4 GHz Frequency
Features: Follow Me Mode, Set of Camera Movements, Come above me, Auto Land and Take off, Land here, Fail-safe, Emergency Stop,


8- Xiro Xplorer Mini

After taking a closer look at the premium selfie drone, it is time to analyze one of its cheaper competitors. Xiro Xplorer, as some of you already know, is a solid drone with decent performance, which are just some of the reasons why the folks over at Xiro decided to make a miniature version out of it. So, meet Xiro Xplorer Mini – a miniature, foldable drone with 13Mpx full HD camera and dual navigation systems (both GPS and GLONASS). The only real downside of this drone is the fact that it does not come with its own dedicated controller. In other words, you will have to rely on the smartphone app for controlling it, which is definitely something lots of people will not really enjoy. On the bright side, Xplorer Mini is nicely poised with interesting features such as FPV, auto return to home, lost connection protection and even more. It’s definitely a good drone, that’s for sure… But I doubt you’ll all enjoy it since it doesn’t have its own controller and relies solely on its smartphone app.

Show me the price!


7- Lily

lily camera droneLily is one of the best and most popular waterproof throw and go flying camera drone. Lily flies itself, completely autonomous, so we can call it auto following drone. Place the included standalone easy to carry device on your pocket and Lily will track it and follow it. Lily is perfect for sporting activities. The built-in camera is HD 1080p recording at 60fps and (surprise) 720p 120fps slow-motion recording! Photos are 12MP. Lily is extremely portable and lightweight. Its waterproof function makes it a good fit for outdoors events in the water. Too bad it’s not available on amazon, because many will say it’s the best drone that follows you.

Lily Overview:
Flight Time: 20 minutes
Camera: HD 1080p recording at 60fps
Transmitter: Standalone tracking device
Range: 1000 meters
Features: Follow Me Mode, GPS, Sensors, Front-facing camera, Bottom-facing camera


6- Yuneec Typhoon H

yuneec-typhoon-hYuneec Typhoon H is a very powerful six motor drone (hexacopter). A very powerful drone developed by Yuneec and aimed at photography and videography. To make the most out of its Follow Me feature, Typhoon H includes a 4K UHD 30fps, HD 1080p 120fps video / 12.4MP still camera and a 3-axis anti-vibration gimbal camera with full 360° rotation. It features Integrated autonomous flight modes, Team Mode, ST16 All-in-one-controller, Orbit Me, Point of Interest Mode, Journey Mode (Selfie mode), Dynamic Home Return, collision avoidance which works perfectly with Follow Me mode. Typhoon H has a long control range of 1600 meters and a flight time of 25 minutes.

Show me the price!
Yuneec Typhoon H Overview:
Flight Time: 23 minutes
Camera: 4K UHD 30fps, HD 1080p 120fps video / 12.4 Megapixel still camera
Battery Type: 29.6V 3000mAh 10C(8S) LiPo Battery x 2
Transmitter: DEVO F12E, 12 Channels 2.4GHz with a FPV 5” Monitor
Range: 1600 meters
Gimbal: 3-axis anti-vibration gimbal camera with full 360° rotation
Features: Follow Me Mode (aka Watch Me mode), Team Mode, ST16 All-in-one-controller, Orbit Me, Point of Interest Mode, Journey Mode (Selfie mode), Dynamic Home Return and collision avoidance.


5- DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4Phantom 4 is DJI’s most recent upgrade to heir Phantom drone series. DJI Phantom 4  has already become a global success, mainly due to its advanced functions and ease of use. Phantom 4 aims to be a fully autonomously quadcopter, with a high-end camera and powerful innovative features. First od all, Phantom 4 excels with its new upgraded camera Aa12MP photo, 4K and HD video, 94º FOV camera, installed on a 3-Axis gimbal. Capable of competing with GoPro Hero 4, this DJI camera has great quality for photography and videography. On top of this, and besides the Follow Me feature (which works very accurately without any hassle), Phantom 4 features Obstacle sensors (drone will autonomously avoid obstacles), TapFly (tap the screen of your tablet on a map and the drone will fly towards that position by itself), Visual Tracking, Smart Return Home (when goes out of range or runs out of battery, safely returns to pilot automatically), Dual Satellite Positioning System, Vision Positioning System and of course Auto-Pilot system. Besides this amazing high-technology for commercial UAV’s, Phantom 4 also foldable arms (a first for Phantom series) making it very easy to carry, fit it easily in a backpack. Phantom 4 includes all the latest high-quality drone hardware and software, and updates are constantly being made. Extremely easy to fly, simple software interface, currently and without a doubt one of the best drones in the market.

Show me the price!
DJI Phantom 4 Overview:
Flight Time: 28 minutes
Camera: FPV 12MP photo, 4K and HD video, 94º FOV
Gimbal: 3 Axis
Battery Type: 4S 15.2V 5350mAh Intelligent Flight Battery
Range: 3.5km to 5km
Remote: 2.4 GHz Frequency
Features: Visual Tracking  (Follow Me Mode), Obstacle sensors, TapFly, Smart Return Home, Dual Satellite Positioning System, Vision Positioning System, Auto-Pilot, First Person View


4. DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Some time ago DJI has revealed the improved version of their 4th installment in the popular Phantom series. As was the case with Phantom 3, the 4th one also gained its Professional version and it seems to be quite solid in terms of upgrades. With longer flight time, better camera and more sensors, Phantom 4 Professional seems like a solid upgrade over the standard version. The design has remained exactly the same with only real differences appearing within features and specifications. Instead of 25 minutes, the Pro version can last 3 minutes more in the air, which is not that big of a deal. What’s more important is its much improved 20mpx camera that not only has a better sensor but is equipped with more features than the one on its predecessor. Operational range has remained the same – 5 kilometers, which is more than enough for whatever your needs might be. Judging by everything mentioned above, it is pretty clear that Phantom 4 Pro is an excellent drone. Still, despite that, one queston remains – is it worth upgrading to Phantom 4 Pro if you already have Phantom 4 Stndard? Well, we’ll leave that up to you…

Show me the price!


3. DJI Inspire 2

This model is a successor to the well-known DJI Inspire 1. It was famous for its great build quality and “moving” design that represented something rather innovative. Of course, it made a great impression on people and its sales have been rising ever since. But its awesome design is not the only selling point of this beauty. DJI Inspire 2 is a great performing drone capable of shooting breathtaking aerial videos with its upgraded 20Mpx camera. Even though the camera is a good improvement coming from the 16Mpx on the Inspire 1, the biggest one is certainly the battery. DJI Inspire 1 was heavily criticized due to its extremely low flight time of only 15 minutes. Luckily, the folks over at DJI fixed this issue as their Inspire 2 can now travel almost double the amount on a single charge (27 minutes to be more precise). So with that being said, it is also worth mentioning that this little fella has all the features you might need, especially if you are a professional aerial photographer. The stabilization systems are of exceptional quality, making it obvious why DJI Inspire 2 is the most popular drone for aerial photography.

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2. DJI Mavic

DJI Mavic represents a brand new “movement” happening in the drones industry. Not many people know that there is this new trend of miniature, foldable drones with solid cameras which are mostly used for selfies. Yup, people pay hefty amounts of money just to get themselves aerial selfie machines. It’s absurd, I know… but these types of drones are gaining lots of popularity which is why DJI had to make one of their own. Mavic Pro is its name and it is definitely the first premium selfie drone available on the market. It’s incredibly small and folds quite easily making it rather mobile and easy to carry. In addition to its cute foldable design, Mavic performs outstanding as well. With roughly 40mph of top speed and cca 27 minutes of flight time, you can be sure that this little fella will provide you with a great flight experience no matter the conditions outside. Best of all is surely its 4K camera that is equipped with awesome features such as Active Track, Tap Fly and more. It is able to capture silk smooth aerial footage and doesn’t have that jittery feel to it that seems to be the case with some of its competition. All in all, DJi Mavic seems like an interesting new drone that is bound to leave quite a few great impressions.

Show me the price!


1- Airdog

airdog droneIn the 1st place we have Airdog, auto following drone. Airdog is known as the action sports drone. Airdog was specially designed for autonomous follow me mode flights for all your sporting needs. Very easy to use and extremely accurate, record and photograph the most radical of sports with ease. Airdog is a quadcopter which automatically follows AirLeash device (can be used for skate, surf, bmx, football, etc…) and captures high-quality footage using a GoPro camera. Airdog does not come with a remote controller, instead it follows and can be controlled by this AirLeash standalone device (adjust altitude, distance, angle, etc…). Airdog is also very easy to carry, due to its retractable arms and lightweight. Advanced features such as Lap or Track recording can be configured and uploaded from a smartphone application. Powered by a 14.8V 5600mAh lithium polymer battery, Airdog has a flight time of 10 to 18 minutes. Airdog’s maximum control range, unfortunately, is only 250 meters.

Show me the price!
Airdog Overview:
Flight Time: 10-18 minutes
Camera: Supports GoPro
Battery Type: 14.8V 5600mAh lithium polymer
Transmitter: Airleash standalone device
Range: 250 meters
Features: Following Mode, Lap and Track Modes


Follow Me drones packed with high-quality cameras enable beautiful shots we could only previously shoot with helicopters. So what is your favourite drone from our list of 14 drones that can actually follow you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Feel free to count the number of blades on the Typhoon H again though. I'll give a hint - it's not eight. A couple on here are neat to see. Interesting how there are plenty of other ones on there (the Yuneec 4k for example, which is in the middle range of some of these in price). But some of the lower end ones are nice to know, for times when you might not want to outlay that kinda money for an upper-end model.


Good one sir! Looks like we skipped few math classes 🙁

I'll edit it in a moment, sorry for mistake 🙂


cool but way way to high priced plus no back up batterys on all of the if your in action you dont realy want to stop to save your drone ! 😉


The Lily is no more. I just got notice that the company is closing its doors and refunding all pre-orders. I just got my refund initiated today. I don't want my money back, I want the waterproof following drone that I've been waiting over a year and a half for (I paid in July-2015 if I recall correctly).

On that note, there doesn't seem to be any other waterproof drones that follow. I want one I can take whitewater kayaking with me.


What about the follow drone called "STAAKER"? Looks very nice!


Does the follow mode on the Phantom work?


is there any drone that can change it height by itself? i need it for snowboard, and i have been reading that they cant go downhill with you...

18 drones that can actually follow you automa…

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