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FAQ : Follow me mode

5 Cheap drones with follow me mode

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Follow Me Drones FAQ

What does the Drone Follow Me function mean?

I suppose there is no real need to explain this feature since it is pretty much self-explanatory… but then what the heck, I might as well write a couple of informative sentences about drone that follows you.

As the name implies, Follow Me feature basically allows your drone to follow you around. Of course, this doesn’t have to always be “you” – you can order your drone to control other people or objects as well. Depending on the model you have/will buy, you might also get extra adjustments such as setting your desired altitude, flying speed and various other parameters.

In addition to all that, some models also have several subfeatures based on Follow Me. Thes are, in most cases, variations of the basic feature that incorporate preset settings from the feature itself. Here’s a couple of them so you know what exactly am I talking about:

  1. TapFly
    Set the desired location by tapping on the screen and your drone will follow the path you chose.
  2. Terrain Follow
    Recognition software will learn the surrounding terrain and keep the height level by following the terrain both uphill and downhill.
  3. Trace
    Pretty straightforward – the drone will keep the subject in focus while flying around it.
  4. Spotlight
    The drone will circle around the target, flying either in front or behind it.
  5. Profile
    The drone will fly directly alongside its target.

How does the Drone Follow Me function work?

Drones that follow you rely on a dedicated technology that turns your drone into a smart device and makes it act like your own camera crew. Up until the latest DJI’s flagships (Mavic Pro, Inspire 2 and Phantom 4) we only had one type of Follow Me technology. It is powered by GSC and GPS transmitter systems which work together allowing the drone to follow the control around and keep it in the camera focus.

The second technology is DJI’s ActiveTrack. Like we have already mentioned above, it is used by the newest DJI drone that follows you models. Relying solely on facial and object recognition software, ActiveTrack is able to pinpoint your exact location at all time and smoothly follow you around everywhere you go.


This technology is pretty straightforward. It relies on a connection between the drone and its dedicated GPS enabled device. In most cases, that device is either GSC (ground station controller) or a phone. Ideally, when the Follow Me function is turned on, the drone follows the GSC or phone everywhere it goes, making sure it stays in the camera focus at all given times. This technology has several different following styles, varying from hovering, circling around the subject, following it in a straight line and much more. These sub-features depend from drone to drone.


Latest in the line of DJI’s flagship models rely on the special recognition software called ActiveTrack. It basically enables the drone to recognize certain people or objects and follow them around with the camera being focused solely on them. This is done by a series of algorithms and a test flight around the desired subject so that the software can learn its shape and outer appearance from all sides. ActiveTrack does not require GPS or any other technologies and is currently available only on the newest installments of DJI drones.

Are any of these auto follow drones waterproof?

Unfortunately, none of the drones listed below are waterproof. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t survive a couple of raindrops here and there. Keep in mind though, flying in rain might be safe… but if something goes wrong your warranty won’t be valid .

One more thing that I’d like to add – if you are looking for water-resistant or waterproof solutions, you might want to take a closer look at AirDog ADII. Even though the drone itself is in no way waterproof, the controller (AirLeash) is. This means you can go surfing, kiteboarding or do any other water sport all while controlling your drone and not worrying about any water damage.

What is the fastest Follow Me drone?

If speed is your top priority then you should look no further than the AirDog ADII. As you will have the chance to see down below in the thorough explanation, AirDog ADII is a auto follow drone specialized for fast-paced outdoor activities. With that said, it comes as no surprise to see it clocking in at approximately 45mph (slightly above 70km/h).

On the other hand, if you are a professional filmmaker in desperate need for a speedy aerial platform, take a closer look at DJI Inspire 2 which can go as fast as 58mph (almost 100km/h).

What is the average flight time of these self following drones?

This heavily depends on the type of drone you are going to get. There are selfie drones with follow me mode, there are professional aerial platforms… there are flagship drones with follow me mode and then there are dirt cheap ones. With all that in mind, we come to a conclusion that finding the unique average flight time of these drones is not an option. That’s why I’ve set up 2 subtypes to make your life easier.

Mini auto follow drones – 12 minutes

Commercial Auto follow drones – 25 minutes

Are there any cheap Follow Me drones?

Most people think that smart auto follow drones cost way more than they actually do. Let me rephrase that, people are convinced anything below $500 is considered a toy drone. Well, if you know anything about the drone industry than I’m sure you already know that those people are greatly mistaken.

All that leads us to a simple answer to the above-stated question – yes, there are several cheap Follow Me drones that could sweep you off your feet. As a matter of fact, there’s a small list of cheap drones that follow you down below.

Can drones that follow you avoid obstacles while flying?
Believe it or not, this is one of the most common questions related to follow me modes… and luckily, the answer is yes. Well, for some drones at least. You see, in order for your drone to follow you while avoiding obstacles, it needs to have some sort of a collision avoidance technology going on underneath its hud. However, this sort of technology comes at a high price which means you will only see it available in premium models. Take DJI Mavic Pro as the perfect example. It sports a highly intuitive Follow Me feature (it’s called ActiveTrack) as well as a comprehensive obstacle avoidance system. Combine that with adjustable flying settings and you’ll understand why Mavic Pro is such a popular Follow Me drone.
Can these drones follow me while I'm driving a car?
If you would like to record yourself driving a car, then I’m happy to tell you that all drones listed below are capable of doing just that. However, keep in mind that you cannot expect them to follow you at neck breaking speeds. As a matter of fact, these drones can only follow you in a car at a cruising speed. Come to think of it, I believe some manufacturers state the maximum speed their drones can follow in order to clear this question out as soon as possible.
Can these drones follow me in windy weather?

If we are talking about the normal windy weather and not hurricanes, then the answer is yes in most cases. Perhaps the smoothness and general quality of your drone’s flight path might not be ideal due to all that drifting caused by winds… but the drone would still be able to follow you.

Of course, I am referring to normal-sized drone that follows you and not those miniature ones such as DJI Spark or Yuneec Breeze. While they are still able to battle their way through common wind, if they get up against anything stronger they’ll be swept aside and rendered unusable.

Can any of these drones automatically land on a boat?

Unfortunately guys, I will have to disappoint you since the answer is no. Most (if not all) modern day drones are still unable to automatically land on moving objects such as boats. With that said, if you happen to try this out on your own and you end up crashing your drone in the water, your warranty won’t cover the damage.

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Cheap Follow Me Drones

Here’s a quick overview of all drones featured in this list:

5. Hubsan H501S20min300mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]
4. 3DR Solo22min800mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]
3. Yuneec Breeze12min100mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]
2. GI Follow20min100mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]
1. DJI Spark16min3000mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]

5. Hubsan H501s

hubsan_h501s_webHubsan H501S is the first cheap follow me drone on this list. It has been assigned to a humble 5th spot, but do not let that fool you as this little birdie is more than capable! It sports a sleek appearance that is shared among several other Hubsan models. With a Full HD camera leading the charge and GPS powered smart features, all for an affordable price tag, Hubsan H501S looks to be set to rule the entry-level follow me drone market.

As stated above, Hubsan H501S sports a Full HD camera. Unfortunately, there is no hardware image stabilization in terms of a gimbal, but the image/video quality is still pretty good, especially considering the price tag that this birdie goes for. Moving forward to the specifications, Hubsan H501S will amaze you with a stellar airtime clocking in up to 20 minutes. Plus, the range is nothing lesser, standing tall at 300 meters. But, that’s not all folks…

In addition to the above-mentioned GPS, Hubsan H501S has several other smart features at its disposal. Drone Follow Me is obviously here. If it wasn’t, Hubsan H501S wouldn’t be on this list now, would it? In addition to that, H501S also incorporates Return to Home and Altitude Hold, both of which are equally important for producing great aerial shots. All things considered, I believe there are only few other models besides H501S that can brag with such great performance and affordable price… And that speaks for itself.

How to set up Follow Me on Hubsan H501S

If you want to enjoy a hands-free recording of a certain object/person with Hubsan H501S, you will have to use the Follow Me mode. It is pretty basic but still gets the job done. In order to turn Follow Me mode on make sure your drone and its transmitter are both locked to several GPS satellites and that you’ve previously calibrated the compass. If you’ve already sorted both out, then simply quick press the right stick and Hubsan H501S will start following you.


4. 3DR Solo

3dr_solo_transparent4th spot on our list of top drones that follow you goes to 3D Robotics. 3DR Solo is a self following drone (list of Autonomous drones is here) which has a particularly interesting history. After its makers, 3D Robotics, decided to drop Solo from their business, its price has significantly dropped. And we are talking about a huge price drop here, 3DR Solo went from costing over $700 to less than $300. However, for under $300 you will only get the drone without the 3-axis gimbal… which is definitely worth spending a bit extra for it. But, how does such a cheap model compare to others on this list? Well, let’s talk more about that!

First, let’s start with the biggest (and only) downside of this awesome drone – GPS! It supports it, of course. It wouldn’t be able to use the Follow Me feature otherwise… but it’s spotty and can cause drift if it doesn’t connect to plenty of satellites. This probably will not happen to most of you but I just had to get it off my chest. Now moving forward to everything else, I’d like to start off with other features. So, in addition to GPS and Drone Follow Me, 3DR Solo also has access to several smart flight modes including Selfie, Orbit, and Cable Cam.

This birdie is no pushover in terms of specifications either. For starters, it can reach whopping 55mph which is much faster than the majority of its price-tier competitors. Furthermore, 3DR Solo can reach up to 22 minutes in the air and go as far as 800 meters. Plus, it is powered by 2 microprocessors which make it among the smartest drones on the market. Last but not least, I really recommend you getting its dedicated gimbal as well. It works with GoPro Hero 3 and 4 models and incorporates fluent controls and stabilization which will make your aerial footage extraordinary!

How to set up Follow Me on 3DR Solo

3DR Solo is equipped with a comprehensive Follow Me mode. In order to turn it on, you must open up the Smart Shots menu and select Follow. Instead of using its camera to focus on an object, 3DR Solo actually receives the GPS location of your smartphone which it uses to track down its location. This means it is able to follow you or virtually anyone who is holding the smartphone used to control it. One thing you should keep in mind though – 3DR Solo does not have obstacle avoidance which means you need to pay attention to obstacles that could get in its way. That’s why a high altitude is always a good option with 3DR Solo in Follow Me mode!


3. Yuneec Breeze

yuneec breeze droneIf you are looking for an awesome auto follow drone that can provide you with wonderful dronies (yup, dronies has become an actual term for selfies taken with drones… where is this world going…), then Yuneec Breeze should be your first choice.

We are talking about a miniature and probably the cheapest follow me drone here that is equipped with GPS and a bunch of supporting smart features. Best of all, it is capable of recording 4K footage which is outstanding at this price range.

Yup, such a tiny drone is capable of outputting 4K footage… Amazing, right?! But, the camera isn’t the only noteworthy aspect of Yuneec Breeze. You should also know that it can endure up to 12 minutes in the air thanks to its 3S 1150mAh proprietary LiPo battery. It can provide a good constant flow of juice allowing Breeze to be highly maneuverable up there. However, the range is not its biggest virtue coming in at roughly 80 to 100 meters. On the bright side, Yuneec Breeze is marketed as a selfie drone which somewhat justifies the poor range.

Features-wise, this self following drone incorporates several smart flying modes including its main one – Selfie. Other than that, there are also Orbit, Journey, Follow Me and more. The App GUI is pretty simple and will not take you a lot of time to figure everything out. All in all, if you’re looking for a selfie drone ,Yuneec Breeze is worth checking out!

How to set up Follow Me on Yuneec Breeze

First, we need to clear up that Breeze can either track you as an object via its camera, track you via your phone’s GPS or… both. Additionally, there are also several different types of Follow Me modes present on this little birdie, and we are going to focus on the most advanced one – Smart Follow Me. To turn it on, you will have o select it from the list of flying modes after ensuring the GPS is locked to plenty of satellites. Move the Breeze to the location from where you want to start the tracking and select your desired object/person. With Smart Follow Me turned on, Breeze will automatically follow the object no matter where it’s heading. That wouldn’t be the case with other types of Follow Me as they only allow Breeze to rotate on x-axis without it actually moving correspondently to the tracking object.


2. GI Follow

geniusidea-followme_webGeniusIdea Follow is a brand new auto follow drone that has just been released. Already, it has received a ton of positive feedback… but some negative as well. The latter is mainly referred to a bad interface and the lack of proper image stabilization when recording in 4K. Other than that, I’d go out on a limb here and say that the GI Follow offers great value for money and is bound to continue making a great name for itself out there on the market.

The first thing that needs to be said about GI Follow is its exceptional build quality. Or, should I say building material. You see, this birdie is made out of highly durable rubber(ish) materials which do it a world of good in terms of durability. As a matter of fact, GI Follow is one of the most crash-proof drones currently available on the market thanks to the build materials of its body and even propellers. But that’s not all – this birdie has plenty more to show you! Take batteries for example – Instead of opting for conventional LiPo’s, GI Follow uses two 18650 batteries. The biggest advantage of this is the obvious expense cut since these batteries can be bought for dirt cheap prices.

There’s nothing short of brilliance in terms of specifications and camera! GI Follow stands high with a 4K capable imaging sensor with software stabilization that’s bound to provide you with outstanding aerial photos and videos. Flight time heavily depends on the type of batteries you go for, but it usually ranges anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. Range, however, is not that huge – only 100 meters. But, this should not be an issue since GI Follow is not a scout drone.

How to set up Follow Me on GI Follow

In order to turn Follow Me mode on GI Follow drone, you should start off by ensuring you have decent GPS satellite coverage. Unfortunately, you won’t have access to seeing the exact number of satellites connected. Instead, you will only see a green light once the GPS signal is locked. Once that’s taken care of, turn on the Facial Recognition feature from the main settings menu. On a side note, this feature does not work with 4K videos which means you are limited to 1080p and 720p.


1. DJI Spark – Self following drone

DJI Spark Web 2Ever since the release of DJI Spark, praises have not stopped coming down its path. Why is that so? Well, it’s fairly simple to answer – DJI Spark is a magnificent drone with unparalleled performance/size ratio that no drone will beat years to come.

With that in mind, I’d like to take you on a trip in which we’ll talk more about this little pocket drone and see what kind of performance can fit in such a small size factor. Why beat around the bush – let’s jump straight to the topic!

As stated above, DJI Spark is a tiny drone but it is not foldable as the Mavic Pro. Still, it is much smaller than the Mavic and incorporates decent specifications as well. With the app controls only, you’ll be getting around 100-200 meters of range… Perhaps even less than that if there is a lot of interference going on. However, if you buy the controller, you can get anywhere from 500 to 3000 meters which is outright amazing for such a miniature drone.  Airtime, on the other hand, hovers steadily around the 15-minute mark which is not half bad, wouldn’t you agree?!

Moving forward to the camera, DJI Spark sports an insanely small 2-axis gimbal with an even smaller FHD camera. Photo and video quality is second to none but we’ve come to expect that from DJI, right? As far as the features are concerned, DJI Spark has access to pretty much everything from DJI’s abundant arsenal of smart features. This includes facial recognition and PalmControl + PalmLaunch features which will provide you with a great flying experience.

How to set up Follow Me on DJI Spark

DJI Spark, just like a whole bunch of other DJI drones below, incorporates a very simple approach to setting up Follow Me… or should I say, ActiveTrack mode. The easiest method is launching the Spark straight out of your hands by tapping twice on the power button after which it will scan your face. Then, navigate to ActiveTrack mode and select it. After that, all you’re left to do is draw a box around yourself and the Spark will start following you. It’s as simple as that!

Best Follow Me Drones

After reading about those 5 drones which feature Drone Follow Me mode but do not cost a fortune, now is the time to dwell into exactly the opposite. The next 6 drones might be pricey, but you can rest assured they will provide you with the ultimate Follow Me experience. Here are the 6 drones we have in store for you:

6. Autel X-Star P20min2000mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]
5. DJI Mavic Pro27min7000mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]
4. Yuneec Typhoon H25min1500mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]
3. DJI Phantom 4 Pro27min7000mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]
2. DJI Inspire 227min7000See price now [cf_geo_flag]
AirDog ADII Table1. AirDog ADII15min150mNot available

6. Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

autel-robotics-x-star-premiumAutel Robotics is a company which only has 2 follow me drones to their name, X-Star and X-Star Premium. The latter is their flagship model (who would’ve guessed, eh?) which will be in the focus of several following paragraphs where we’re talking about drones that follow you. I’ll do my best to give you an honest opinion on this drone which has, truthfully, amazed me with its outstanding performance! But, can it justify such a huge price tag? Well, why don’t you continue reading and you might just find out!

One thing is for sure, Autel Robotics X-Star Premium is a great all around drone which can be used for various commercial and casual scenarios. Plus, it incorporates a sleek design with a bright orange coating that separates it from all other drones in this price tier… Continuing in the same fashion, X-Star Premium offers great specifications too, so for all of you who get wet when seeing huge numbers, this birdie will be your next expensive wet dream. With around 2 kilometers of range (both operating and FPV, list of other Long range drones is here), X-Star Premium marks itself as quite the explorer. Flight time is not to be taken for granted either – with around 20 minutes you will be more than thrilled with your sessions.

The camera is not a weak link either. Autel Robotics X-Star Premium sports an Ultra HD camera mounted on a quick-release 3- axis gimbal stabilization system. Without a doubt, aerial footage shot with X-Star Premium offers unparalleled smoothness and crystal clear scenes. When it comes to the features, this birdie’s FPV capability leads the charge with HD resolution and low latency. There is also GPS/GLONASS and Follow Me (obviously) as well as several others such as Orbit and Waypoints.

How to set up Follow Me on Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

To turn this feature on, all you need to do is select it from the interactive menu on the left side of the app’s window. But, before turning Follow Me mode on, you need to place the X-Star Premium in hover mode to ensure optimal stability and GPS satellite connection. Furthermore, you should keep in mind X-Star Premium will stay at the designated (in-app) altitude at all time, unless you manually adjust it during following. To ensure the maximum safety of your drone, make sure you inspect the area is clear of trees, power lines and other obstacles that could potentially damage your drone. Also, pay attention to battery levels (especially if you’ve selected Me in the Go Home Option) to avoid losing your X-Star Premium.


5. DJI Mavic Pro

On the 5th spot, we have DJI Mavic Pro, a foldable drone that has been ruling the drone market for quite some time now. And it’s a proper beast, there is no doubt about that. DJI made a great move with DJI Mavic Pro and it seems as though they’ll be “forced” into making a better upgrade than the petty Platinum Edition. With unparalleled performance and a great dose of portability, it comes as no surprise that DJI Mavic Pro has been the most popular drone for sale ever since its official release…

With those words being said, I’m sure you are all wondering why is it placed so high on this list? Well, even though it delivers outstanding performance considering its size, truth be told – there are drones which have slightly better implementations of Follow Me. Don’t get me wrong, DJI Mavic Pro’s ActiveTrack is on point, but drones listed below do the task just a tiny bit better. Now that we have that out of our way, let’s talk a bit about this birdies specifications. First off, the range goes to whopping 7 kilometers thanks to DJI’s patented OcuSync technology. Airtime is nothing short of brilliant either with up to 27 minutes.

Moving forward to the camera, DJI Mavic Pro incorporates a state of the art 4K ready camera with the world’s smallest 3-axis gimbal. Needless to say, these 2 combined offer great imaging solution in a very portable package. Lastly, DJI Mavic Pro offers an unprecedented set of features. Pretty much exactly the same set as DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Even obstacle avoidance is present which means you will get to enjoy worry-free flying time and time again.

How to set up Follow Me on DJI Mavic Pro

But, before turning you want to enable Follow Me mode (or how DJI likes to call it – ActiveTrack), you will have to select it from the DJI GO app interface. After that, simply select the object (or draw a box around it) you want to follow and tap GO! DJI Mavic Pro will take full control of its movements as well as the gimbal, allowing you to record smooth tracking cinematic footage. However, make sure there are no drastic elevation changes on your drone’s path as that might compromise its safety during the following procedure.


4. Yuneec Typhoon H

yuneec-typhoon-h_webYuneec has done itself a world of good with the release of several top-tier models which have captivated a large fan base. Mainly, I am referring to the likes of Q500, Breeze and Typhoon H. The latter drone that follows you is, obviously, the focus of the next couple of paragraphs in which we’ll further dissect it and see what’s it all about! So, without much further adue, let’s jump straight to business!

First things first, Yuneec Typhoon H comes in 2 different variants, with standard obstacle avoidance sensors and with specialized Intel RealSense technology. The latter is, obviously, a much more sophisticated collision avoidance solution which is much more precise and offers timely evasions from any potential crashes. With that said, if you are considering to buy Typhoon H I warmly suggest you go for the RealSense version. With that out of the way, it’s also noteworthy to add that Typhoon H is a hexacopter equipped with 4K capable camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal for extra stabilization. In terms of features, this birdie sports GPS, Best Follow me drone and 8 different types of smart flight modes among other safety features.

Among these safety features, there is one that’s definitely worth mentioning – 5 rotor failsafe. This feature basically allows the drone to land safely even with one of its rotors dead. Specifications are on point too. Yuneec Typhoon H can travel up to 1500 meters away from its ST16 transmitter. Lastly, thanks to its 5400mAh 4S LiPo battery, this birdie can fly for around 25 minutes.

How to set up Follow Me on Yuneec Typhoon H

The first thing you need to do before turning on the Follow Me and Watch Me modes on your Yuneec Typhoon H is making sure your drone is set to smart mode. These features won’t work in angle or home modes so bear that in mind. After ensuring that the drone has good GPS satellite coverage, all you need to do is select either Follow or Watch mode from the menus on the right side. The current smart flight mode will be embossed in orange after activating and will be written in green letters in the top right of the ST16 display.


3. DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Needless to say, Phantom 4 Pro is the current DJI flagship that has been taking a good portion of the entire market ever since it was released back in November 2016. With a brilliant camera, extremely splendid specifications and a wide variety of features, it is safe to say there are not that many better drones out there. But, of course, DJI Phantom 4 Pro comes with a huge price tag… but considering everything it is capable of offering, I’d say the price tag is more than justified!

I’d like to start off with DJI Phantom 4 Pro’s excellent choice of camera. There’s been a great upgrade over the previous version since we are talking about a 1-inch 20MP sensor. This means DJI Phantom 4 Pro is able to take brilliant aerial footage further helped by the presence of a 3-axis gimbal for even smoother scenes. This is not surprising to be completely honest here. DJI Phantom series of drones are primarily targeted at people who want a sophisticated aerial photography platform… In fact, they’re pretty similar to the Inspire series – Phantoms are Inspires for beginners!

Of course, this camera isn’t the only awesome aspect of DJI P4 Pro. Specifications are too. You see, this birdie has basically the same specifications as DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Inspire 2 – 7 kilometers of range and 27 minutes of flight time. These 2 numbers are basically shaping up the high-end drone industry and I have to say I’m very thankful to DJI for that.

How to set up Follow Me on DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Setting up ActiveTrack on DJI Phantom 4 Pro is a piece of cake. You first must make sure you have the newest version of DJI GO app installed, your drone must be at least 2 meters above the ground and it needs to be set to P mode. If everything is set up properly, then simply turn ActiveTrack on from the smart flight menu and select the object you wish to follow. If the app recognizes the object immediately, simply press GO and the following process will start. If it does not recognize your desired object, you will have to draw a box around it (strictly covering its edges with little to no background inside the box). After initializing ActiveTrack, you’ll get access to 3 modes Trace, Profile And Spotlight, ensuring you get the best possible footage from this smart flight feature.


2. DJI Inspire 2

For professional aerial photographers and those who want to become just that DJI offers Inspire 2 as their go-to photography platform. This beast of a drone is equipped with pretty much everything you could want as a professional… and it packs everything into a relatively intuitive interface. If you want to know more about this DJI Inspire 2 make sure you keep on reading!

Designed specifically for filmmaking, DJI Inspire 2 effectively pushes the boundaries of what drones can accomplish in terms of modern day cinematography. By implementing HD video transmission, state of the art camera/gimbal combinations and superior software, it is able to provide everything professionals need. This includes RAW images and 5.2K recordings thanks to its stellar choice of imaging solutions by Zenmuse. As far as the features are concerned, there is nothing to worry about as DJI Inspire 2 sports DJI GO app support and has access to virtually all available features. Dual way collision avoidance system is here as well as sensor redundancy.

While the design has remained faithful to the original, the specifications have gained a solid upgrade. OcuSync technology is in charge of the operating range which stretches all the way to amazing 7 kilometers. Also, thanks to the dual battery setup, DJI Inspire 2 can fly as long as 27 minutes even with the Zenmuse X4S onboard. All things considered, after reading through everything that’s written about this drone, It’s safe to say that the huge price tag is justified only to professionals who will know to pull every last bit of juice out of this beauty. No doubt this is one ot the best drones that follow you !

How to set up Follow Me on DJI Inspire 2

If you want to enable Follow Me mode on this device, you basically need to do the same procedure as with all other DJI drones. Simply select ActiveTrack feature and draw out a box over your desired object. That’s it – your drone will now follow the object no matter where it heads. Keep in mind that Obstacle Avoidance greatly helps with ActiveTrack. Not only does it keep the drone safe at all times but also gives you a worry-free experience, and that’s priceless!


1. AirDog ADII – best follow me drone ?


AirDog ADII auto follow dron is another brand new drone follow me that has just been released after an excessively successful Kickstarter campaign. Its makers are trying to build on the innovative traits of its predecessor which received a lot of positive feedback but failed to deliver on all fronts. This time around, the expectations have been set even higher but retaining the primary audience – athletes. With that in mind, if you are an athlete and you want something pacey to record all of your stunts, then look no further as AirDog ADII can provide with exactly that!

The first thing that needs to be said is that AirDog ADII does not come with a camera. To compensate for that, it does come with a state of the art 3-axis gimbal which supports GoPro Hero 5 and most likely GoPro Hero 6 as well. Surely, those 2 cameras are all you need to create spectacular aerial videos with this beauty, right? That goes without question especially considering the power of this beast. Not only is it fast but it also possesses great flying stability and a plethora of smart features.

These features are all brought to life with the AirLeash, a completely waterproof controller that straps on your wrist (or biceps) allowing you to do your thing without the controller in your way. Considering AirDog ADII is focused on extreme sports and other fast-paced outdoor activities, it comes as no surprise to see an abundance of sports modes with preset settings configurations. Don’t worry, we’ll talk more about that down below… For now, I’d just like t0 summarize with the specifications. AirDog ADII can fly as far as 150 meters away from its AirLeash (not the best drone for exploring, obviously) and stay up in the air for roughly 15 minutes. Do you agree this is one of the best follow me drones available on the market?

How to set up Follow Me on AirDog ADII

As I have already stated above, if you are purchasing a drone solely for the Follow Me mode, then AirDog ADII is the one you should go for! It has superior technology powering up this awesome feature and will undoubtedly provide you with a great user experience. To turn this feature on, all you need to do is select it from the navigation menu and select the object for following afterward. It’s a very straightforward procedure, especially if your drone has already established a connection to many GPS satellites.


How to use AirDog ADII for surfing?

AirDog ADII makes recording surfing as easy as it can be! Thanks to the Delayed Takeoff Timer and a special Fly-in features, you will get all the benefits of handsfree recording while surfing. These features will allow you to time the takeoff of your drone until you get to your desired location and avoid wasting precious space on your memory card and your drone’s battery on recording your paddling. The entire process of setting this up is rather simple and will be thoroughly explained in a step by step manner down below. With that said, let’s see how will the drone react to this recording method!

Once you are at the desired spot, AirDog ADII will takeoff and follow the fly-in set distance in order to locate you. Thanks to advanced built-in software, this little birdie can locate you from up to 250m away. After that, it will focus on you and record you nailing those big ass waves in glorious 4K resolution. Needless to say, these features will provide you with a world of good when surfing, even more so considering the range (if using conventional recording process when you’re in the water and the drone is on the beach) is no longer than 40 meters due to water interference.

Step by step guide for recording surfing with AirDog ADII drone that follows you

  1. Turn both the controller and drone on and select the Surf mode from the main menu on your AirLeash.
  2. Enable Fly-In feature from the Customize menu and assess if all other settings are set up properly.
  3. Navigate to Takeoff timer and set it to your desired amount. The unit is measured in minutes.
  4. Navigate to Fly-In distance and set it to your desired distance in meters.
  5. Place the drone on the beach with at least 5m of clearance surrounding the drone.
  6. Initialize takeoff, start recording with your GoPro and paddle to your desired location.
  7. After the takeoff timer runs out, AirDog ADII will launch and fly towards you to record.

Here are the recommended settings for using AirDog ADII for surfing:

AirDog ADII Follow Me drone Surfing

How to use AirDog ADII for kiteboarding?

AirDog ADII is an auto-tracking drone primarily meant for people who indulge in various outdoor activities. This, of course, includes kiteboarding as one of the most popular water sports nowadays. But, what exactly can AirDog ADII do in order to provide you with awesome kiteboarding aerial footage? Well, even though there is no official Kiteboarding mode for ADII just yet (it was announced a while ago), you can use Windsurfing and get pretty much the same results.

Before initializing this flying procedure, you must place your drone in a clear and uncrowded area and preferably have a friend to pick it up once it arrives from the recording session. Furthermore, you should place the AirLeash on your biceps to ensure it stays out of the water for the most part. Lastly, you should set the Takeoff Altitude to at least 40 meters to ensure your drone is at a safe height from other kites in the area. If there are no more kiters around you can lower the height for some close-up shots.

Step by step guide for recording kiteboarding with AirDog ADII

  1. Turn on both AirLeash and AirDog and make sure you’ve selected Windsurf as your desired sport.
  2. Start recording with your GoPro action camera and initialize GoPro takeoff.
  3. Position your drone on the upwind side and enable fixed following mode.
  4. Adjust the altitude and distance if needed to ensure the safety of your drone.
  5. Customize the settings to match the below-listed ones for optimal performance.
  6. Stop worrying about the drone and focus on kiteboarding, it will return to home on its own when low on battery.

Here are the recommended settings for using AirDog ADII for kiteboarding:

AirDog ADII Auto Tracking Drone Kiteboarding

Explanation of different drone following modes

It was already explained above that AirDog ADII sport several modes in which it follows people or certain objects. Now, we are going to take a closer look at those and see how can users benefit from them!

Fixed Follow

This subtype of Follow Me mode represents a fixed pattern in which the drone will follow you but retain your desired distance, angle and altitude. In other words, Fixed Follow will allow you to position the AirDog ADII to your liking and it will start following you around; and will do so without rotating on its x-axis. This means it will stay focused on you without changing its orientation. Fixed Follow is meant for wide open spaces without any obstacles nearby.

Here is a short video demonstration of this smart flight mode in action:

Hover and Aim

Hover and Aim is the default flight mode on AirDog ADII. The drone will go into this mode after each pause or after the initial takeoff. It is meant to be used in tight spaces and during scenarios in which the tracked object moves faster than AirDog ADII can fly, but is located in a relatively small area. When the drone is in Hover and Aim mode, it will be at a fixed position and altitude but will pan around the area and effectively adjust its camera to keep the tracked object within its frame. Needless to say, this mode is awesome for skateboarding, biking, parkour and other similar activities which possess fast moving objects in a small area.

Here is a short video demonstration of this smart flight mode in action:

Follow Line

If you want a linear approach to your handsfree aerial recordings, then AirDog ADII has the perfect solution for you. Meet Follow Line, a special submode of Follow Me which lets the drone focus on you while following a preset line. Prior to the initialization of this mode, you must select a line path (at least 2 points) and takeoff, it’s that easy! Of course, you can adjust the drone’s height in mid-air if you want some close ups on your action.

Here is a short video demonstration of this smart flight mode in action:

Adaptive Follow

If you are looking for smooth panoramic footage, then your obvious choice should be Adaptive Follow mode. What this does is it basically allows the drone to move relative to your movement. Prior to this, you will have to set a certain angle (for example, you can set it to fly in front of you) that your drone will then precisely follow. If you happen to change your direction during this mode, the drone will adapt to the situation and make a smooth transition around you.

Here is a short video demonstration of this smart flight mode in action:

Circle Around

This mode is pretty much self-explanatory. If you want your AirDog ADII to fly around you then this mode is the obvious way to go. By default, the drone will circle around you in a clockwise fashion and will do so at a steady speed. You can increase/decrease the speed with the left/right button on the AirLeash. Pressing the opposite directional button several times while in clockwise rotation will change it to counterclockwise. Keep in mind that you should not be moving faster than 25km/h if you want optimal results.

Here is a short video demonstration of this smart flight mode in action:


Short answer – Yes! Follow Me feature is extremely viable for both sports and all sorts of outdoor recreation. You can even find specialized drones that come with smart features such as Follow Me and incorporate it in brand new ways that aren’t seen in conventional drones.

The best example of this is surely the AirDog. It comes with a special leash (AirLeash) that is used as a standalone controller. What’s so special about it is that the AirDog can be programmed to follow it around and, best of all, the AirLeash is waterproof and handsfree, allowing you to fully concentrate on your favorite extreme sports.

Most newer drones come with specialized features that are able to handle fast-paced activities and can be used for outdoor sports with ease. So, if you are that type of person and you would like something to capture your extreme moments with, then a drone with the Follow Me features seems like a no-brainer.


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Does the follow mode on the Phantom work?


is there any drone that can change it height by itself? i need it for snowboard, and i have been reading that they cant go downhill with you...


Here's article about drones for snowboarding :


I had the typhoon H and depending on what mode you are in, it will shift heights


What about the follow drone called "STAAKER"? Looks very nice!


The Lily is no more. I just got notice that the company is closing its doors and refunding all pre-orders. I just got my refund initiated today. I don't want my money back, I want the waterproof following drone that I've been waiting over a year and a half for (I paid in July-2015 if I recall correctly).

On that note, there doesn't seem to be any other waterproof drones that follow. I want one I can take whitewater kayaking with me.


cool but way way to high priced plus no back up batterys on all of the if your in action you dont realy want to stop to save your drone ! 😉


Feel free to count the number of blades on the Typhoon H again though. I'll give a hint - it's not eight. A couple on here are neat to see. Interesting how there are plenty of other ones on there (the Yuneec 4k for example, which is in the middle range of some of these in price). But some of the lower end ones are nice to know, for times when you might not want to outlay that kinda money for an upper-end model.


Good one sir! Looks like we skipped few math classes 🙁

I'll edit it in a moment, sorry for mistake 🙂