My 10 favorite drones that comes with GPS integrated

If you did not know already, lots of drones nowadays come with built in GPS systems. Some of them take a step further and implement both GPS (made by USA) and the Russian satellite positioning system called GLONASS. While the two are very much alike in terms of what they do, GLONASS is more effective for high latitudes where GPS tends to struggle with signal receptions. In other words, if you live in a high latitude area (south or north) it might be a good idea to get a drone that sports both of these systems. Together, they provide you with lightning fast speed and pinpoint accuracy, even on high latitudes. With all of this being said, let’s take a closer look at the Top 10 Drones with GPS / GLONASS that are currently available on the market!

Table : Top 10 Drones With GPS (low to high price)

NameImageCameraRangeFlight timePrice
10. HUBSAN H502Ehubsan-x4-h502s720p150m10 minSee price now
9. CHEERSON CX20cheerson-cx-20GoPro300m15 minSee price now
8. AEE AP9ap9GoPro500m25 minSee price now
7. AOSENMA CG035aosenma720p200m15 minSee price now
6. UPAIR ONEupair-one4K500m20 minSee price now
5. HUBSAN H109S X4hubsan-x4-h109s-pro-x1080p1km35 minSee price now
4. DJI PHANTOM 3 STAND.dji-phantom-3-professional-300x16712MP1km23 minSee price now
3. YUNEEC Q500 4Kyuneec-q500-typhoon4K1km23 minSee price now
2. AUTEL R. X-STARautel-robotics-x-star-premium4K2km25 minSee price now
1. DJI PHANTOM 4DJI-Phantom-44K4km25 minSee price now

UNDER $300

Hubsan H502E X4

hubsan-h502eWe are starting this list off with Hubsan’s H502E drone. It is an upgraded model that sports a decent quality HD ready drone camera. Among its features is, of course, the industry standard 6-axis gyro system that is able to improve the drone’s stability during strong wing. As the title of this list implies, this drone has GPS which is surprisingly accurate, especially if we take the fact that it costs less than $100 into consideration. When it comes to specifications, it is able to fly up to 10 minutes and can travel for around 100 meters away from its transmitter. All in all, it’s a fairly cheap drone which will serve you greatly unless you expect premium performance from it. In that case, you’ll be disappointed.

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Cheerson CX20


There’s a huge price gap between the first 2 drones on this list, with the second being priced just a bit over $200. Reason behind this is a superior build quality alongside some serious specs and features upgrades. For example, this little fella is able to effectively go for about 300 meters away from its transmitter before losing connection. In addition to that, it is able to stay for about 15 minutes in the air which is not so good, but still good enough for this price range…. Especially considering top tier models who barely go over 25-minute mark. Another very important thing to add about this drone is its MX autopilot system which can significantly improve your flight experience with a bit of help from the IOC (intelligent orientation control) module. All things considered, the Cheerson CX20 justified its price and is among the finest budget GPS drones out there.

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AEE Technology AP9

aee-ap9If you are looking for a great budget GPS enabled drone then you cannot go wrong with AEE Technology AP9. Unfortunately, it does not come with a camera (unlike the AP10 and AP11 models) but compensates for it with a special mount that is compatible with AEE S-series and GoPro Hero action cameras. In other words, if you already possess an action camera and you want a good bang for the buck drone with GPS capabilities, the AP9 might just be the right one for you. With its maximum speed of 44mph and class 3 wind resistance, there is no doubt this little fella is quite speedy and agile. With features such as auto stability, semi-autonomous flight, hover, and automatic position hold, this drone should not be taken for granted just because of its cheap price. Combine all of the above with around 25 minutes of flight time and around 500 meters of distance and you will understand why AP9 is so outstanding across all departments.

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aosenma-cg035This 250mm drone with a built-in HD+ camera is quite new on the market. It’s been made by AOSENMA, a company that is yet to make a proper name for itself on the market. Still, people seem to love what they’ve done with their CG035 drone. For just $280 it features dual GPS / GLONASS systems that provide the drone with pinpoint accuracy no matter the latitude. With its 5.8Ghz frequency and 4.3-inch LCD screen, you can enjoy the FPV view for up to 200 meters which is pretty good for an unknown drone manufacturer. When it comes GPS features, they include auto take off, return to home, and follow me mode; all of which tend to get quite handy. And finally, the flight duration of this particular drone is somewhere around 15 minutes, depending on whether you have the camera on or off.

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$300 T0 $500

UPair One

upair-oneUPair did a great job with their newest drone. The starting model comes a bit cheaper but it doesn’t come with a high-quality action camera capable of shooting at 4K. With this in mind, we strongly recommend you splash out a couple of extra bucks and go for the $350 version that packs quite a bit of accessories. There is no doubt that it is a great deal, especially considering you’ll get a 7 inch LED screen on top of the controller (which, by the way, looks really awesome) for FPV monitoring. Alongside a strange build structure and clean nice finish, this drone possesses a great GPS system that provides optimal stability. Its camera is on par with more expensive drones in terms of quality and is able to shoot pro quality aerial footage. For about $350 you will get a beautiful looking drone that can travel for around 500 meters without any lag issues, and can be up in the air for almost 20 minutes… 18 to be more precise. All things considered, there’s no doubt that UPair did their best.

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Hubsan H109S X4

Hubsan-H109S-X4-ProFor a straight up price of $400.00 you will get a beautiful looking drone with the latest in GPS locating systems. Add in a bunch of useful features such as headless mode, altitude hold, automatic return, follow me and FPV, and you’ll get yourself an awesome drone. It’s full HD camera is awesome. I was surprised when I saw the image quality. Although, the image is great not only due to camera quality but to the rotating gimbal as well. But here comes the great part – the H109S is able to fly up to 30 minutes (yup, that’s right) and can reach close to 1.5 kilometers away from its transmitter… FOR JUST $400… I’ll let that sink in and jump straight to the next drone in this list.

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DJI Phantom 3 Standard

dji-phantom-3-standardThe standard edition of DJI’s Phantom 3 drone is bringing a lot of upgrades to the table when compared to the previous series. With amazing build quality (as always) and extraordinary 2.7K action camera, there is no doubt that this little thing packs quite a punch. The GPS systems are directly integrated into its flight, allowing you to concentrate on getting the perfect aerial shots instead of tampering around with flight controls. GPS assists include Point of Interest, Follow me, Waypoints, and Return to Home function. In addition to all of this, the Phantom 3 is able to fly up to 25 minutes on a single full charge and can reach around 1 kilometer of distance away from its transmitter during regular flight, or cca 500 meters if you are using FPV mode.

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$500 to $1000

Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon

Yuneec has been one of the steadiest players in the drone industry. Every now and then, they introduce us to a great drone that manages to exceed everyone’s expectations. The same can be said about Q500. It’s a great drone In all departments. Comes with a [email protected] capable camera that is able to shoot full HD in slow motion (@120FPS) which is amazing. In addition to all that, it has all the standard GPS features such as auto return to home, follow me, waypoints and headless mode. For a drone that costs around $800 but is able to deliver more than 25 minutes of flying and cca 700m distance, it is a pretty solid choice.

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Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

autel-robotics-x-star-premiumThe third 4K drone on this list is, of course, the X-Star Premium by Autel Robotics. It’s a fairly popular premium drone that has a lot of satisfied users backing it up. It’s clean, robust look breathes quality at every step, making it no surprise that it is able to stand on par with DJI’s works of art. Keep in mind that this little fella has dual positioning systems, both GPS and GLONASS. This makes it amazingly accurate and with the help of SecureFlyTM magnetic interference protection, it is able to travel as far as 2 kilometers with the HD FPV still running with no lag issues. Combine that with a great controller with built-in LCD for FPV monitoring, premium hard case, 64 gigs memory card, and a bunch of spare parts; and you got yourself an amazing piece of tech gadgetry that will surely prove itself useful in all-case scenarios.

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OVER $1,000

DJI Phantom 4

DJI-Phantom-4And the title of the best GPS drone currently available on the market goes to the amazing DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Edition. With a whole heap of accessories bundled together within this package, it is certain that you are getting a proper bang for the buck. When it comes to positioning systems, the Phantom 4 has a pinpoint accuracy along with movement planning, waypoint set up, one key return and even more. As all other premium drones, this one also comes with a crisp clear 4K action camera that is capable of shooting professional quality aerial footage, not only due to its sheer quality but the motorized gimbal that makes sure the footage is as smooth as possible. And finally, with around 5 kilometers of lag-free control range and about half an hour of flight time, the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Edition establishes itself as the best drone on the market… period!

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That’s it guys! You have come to the end of our Top 10 Drones with GPS list. It was a hectic one, that’s for sure, especially considering all those premium quality drones on display. As you could see for yourself, there are lots of drones with global positioning systems these days. Among other tasks, these systems provide drones with information about their current position and enable you to map a route for them. You can easily set up waypoints along with autonomous flight that can greatly improve your experience. All things considered, GPS-ready drones offer a lot of functionality on the table, but you still need to decide whether or not you actually need a GPS drone. If you are planning to fly your drone in your house or around the backyard, then you shouldn’t spend a great deal of money for a GPS one. On the other hand, if you want to do professional aerial footage or wish to fly your drone quite far away from you, then GPS / GLONASS systems may be your friends!

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