Overview of 13 great UAVs for real estate business

The integration of drone use has become that much more prominent in modern times, and while we’ve gone over picks dealing mostly with information for hobbyists, we’ve got some for other practical uses. There’s a lot of emphasis on just how common drones will become in our day-to-day life, and while we’re still quite a long way from getting delivery from drones, they can still be used for things relating to work.


Table : Best Drone For Real Estate Photography & Videography

NameImageCameraFlight timeControl rangePrice
7. Parrot Bebop 2 AdvFHD25min2000mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]
6. DJI Phantom 3 Prodji-phantom3-advanced4K22 min2000mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]
5. DJI Mavic Pro4K26 min7000mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]
4. Autel Robotics X-Star Prem4K25min2000mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]
3. Yuneec Typhoon Hyuneec-typhoon-h4K23 min1000mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]
2. DJI Inspire 24K20 min7000mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]
1. DJI Phantom 4 Pro4K26 min7000mSee price now [cf_geo_flag]

Drones for real estate, not words you’d expect in the same sentence right? How could these odd buzzing machines possibly be useful in the realm of realty? Quite simply, drones are capable of taking high definition photos and videos of specific things at completely different angles. For the first time, a realtor can capture a bird’s eye view of property they want to sell, or showcase creative close ups and positions of the home in question. In a literal sense, drones can bring your photography/video to a whole new level.

Helpful list : 10 long range drones / Drones for kids

Don’t worry, we’ve also taken lots of ground work out of it for you. We’re going to list our drones for sale that function well for real-estate specific tasks, which will ultimately give you and your agency a brand new technological edge like you’ve never had.

13 drones for real estate :

13. Hubsan H109S


If you are looking for a premium model for a moderate price tag, then Hubsan has some good news for you. Their H109S drone has the premium performance for just the fraction of the price. It’s a great looking quadcopter that works over 5.8Ghz frequency and, of course, possesses the FPV feature that you can effectively use for your real estate business.

In addition to that, you will also have the benefits of GPS (10 Drones with GPS), headless mode, altitude hold and even automatic return to home. As you can see, it has a nice set of features, but the good news is that the fun doesn’t stop there. You see, the H109S is equipped with a full HD camera and a 5.8Ghz transmitter working on Android 4.2. The specs are not to be taken lightly either. It can fly around for approximately 30 minutes and charges up for under an hour, making its battery among the best ones in this price range. If flight time is high on your list of priorities when buying a drone, you should take a look at our list of 10 Drones With Long Flight Time.

This entire Hubsan H109S package will allow you to do your job seamlessly without having to worry about your new business gadget running out of juice all the time. With that being said, I believe you realize how it managed to snatch a spot on this list.

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12. XIRO Xplorer

XIRO Xplorer is a mighty looking drone with ton of features under the hood. It sports a bulky black frame with green accents, giving an overall sleek design that is going to catch quite a few eyes.

If you didn’t know already, it comes in 2 versions, G and V. The G versions comes with a solid 3 axis motorized gimbal while the V version comes with a full HD FPV ready camera. Xiro Xplorer V is featured on our list of Best Drones With Camera. Among the features there are follow me (10 Drones with follow me feature), circle around me and selfie shots. Don’t worry as there will be plenty of time for selfies as this little fella can last up to 25 minutes on a single charge.

Moreover, its maximum range hovers around 500 meters, allowing you to roam freely around the property without having to worry about your drone getting out of range. All things considered, whichever version of XIRO Xplorer you opt for, you will not be disappointed!

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11. Upair One

If you are into affordable drones that try to mimic the appearance of DJI’s Phantom series, then UPair One is the model you should be checking out. With its unique U shaped design, it is able to provide you with more stable shots and recordings, allowing you to achieve the optimal results for your real estate photos.

It is equipped with a smart battery with 5400mAh. It’s not that good when it comes to keeping it in air though as you will only get around 18 minutes of flight time per charge. Still, probably the best thing about this drone is its awesome controller. Not only does it look futuristic and feels quite good in hands, it also has a 7-inch LED display for FPV purposes.

And finally, it’s time to say a thing or two about its range. Don’t worry, the UPair One is quite good in this department. With around 800 meters of flight range and roughly 300 less for FPV, you won’t find many models with such good specs in this price range.

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10. DJI Phantom 2 Vision+


DJI’s Phantom lineup is one of the big-name standards in drone fleets. From some entry models to outright professional set ups, they’re used frequently by enthusiasts for a variety of purposes. As for realty, you’ll find a lot of great use from the Vision+, another Quadcopter which boasts airtime stability. One thing you’ll find is that wind conditions have a big effect on drone performance, and those without measures to stabilize during tend to fall off and crash.

Fortunately, the Vision+ does have stability (its 3-axis gimbal) and captures video in high definition, making it one of the better quadcopters for real estate video. You can get an exact picture of what it sees with an FPV (first person view) link, and this Phantom can stay in the air for about 23 minutes.

When it comes to the pricing, it runs for about $500 USD depending on the vendor, but be warned, heavy collisions may break it and DJI doesn’t exactly have the best warranty policies.

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9. 3DR Solo

While the price here will vary based on what accessories you purchase, as there are multiple kits with different accessories, the 3DR series is another reliable brand focusing on image capture.

The 3DR comes with a camera gimble and allows users to take pretty great selfie and landscape shots. With the added stability of a quadcopter, you also get consistently better images. The pricing here would also include memory cards to compensate for heavy photo use, as the like can chew up GB’s quick. Considering as a realtor you probably want to get many shots on multiple locations, that’s a nice backup.

Other nice features allow you to stream high definition straight to your compatible smartphone. Imagine if you will, giving interested parties a live feed of a property through perspectives they’ve never seen. A pretty engaging way to go about selling homes. Additionally, whether you find it relevant, they boast it being the world’s first “smart drone.” Aside from this, if we had to list a negative it would be a prompt lack of comprehensive manual. Many will agree this is the best drone for real estate photography

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8. Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon

Like DJI, Yuneec has a fleet line that’s well regarded and tested amongst enthusiasts. It’s Typhoon model is no exception. Starting at about $700 USD if you get one of its mid-tier packages, the Typhoon is ready to go with built in camera gimbal. This can be moved, but the fully rotating camera gives realty agents lots of flexibility when taking shots of a property in question. While you can take it off, the built-in camera (5 best drones for GoPro camera) is capable of taking 1080p definition shots, so it’s really a matter of preference.

Some other nice features include a display screen on the transmitter to see exactly what you’re doing, and a “follow me” accessory which signals the drone to return to the transmitter’s location. Speaking of location, the Typhoon is a heavy hitter in terms of both sky-life and distance. It scales well past 5000 feet in travelling and lasts for about 20-30 minutes depending on use.

If ever a realtor needed to take sky shots of a neighborhood, here’s your chance. Typhoon is an exceptional model for that use and will surely serve you appropriately during your working hours.

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7. DJI Phantom 3 Pro


With another DJI listing, it’s important to emphasize this one is intended for professional work. The assumption of this particular model is the user is experienced with drones and knows their way around a camera. Those that can utilize it to its fullest will get the best performance.

That doesn’t mean it’s without convenient features. For instance, you have the option to use your tablet or smartphone in place of the radio transmitter, in case the latter breaks, or just over your preference. The Phantom 3 also sports stability, which again, is important when taking photos, as any motion in general will cause unwanted blurriness or loss in resolution. Something the Phantom 3 also addresses in relation to this is indoor stability. You can do things like host live tours or take unique images with the drone without needed someone physically there.

The Phantom 3 generally includes all necessary equipment, including things like battery, SD card, additional propellers, and other gear. The kit will determine the price, but you can usually find vendors selling it for $800 or more. Lastly, it captures pictures in 4k resolution, which is a lot stronger than the typical 1080p. Of our listing, it then might be one of the best quadcopters for real estate photography.

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6. DJI Mavic Pro

The Mavic Pro is another one of DJI’s masterpieces. This foldable drone is extremely lightweight and small, making it fly really fast. With its top speed clocking it at over 40mph (cca 65km/h), I believe it’s pretty obvious that we’re looking at a speedy little devil here. But the speed is not the only awesome thing about Mavic Pro…

It also has a 4K camera and features both GPS and GLONASS positioning systems, allowing you to have a pin point accuracy no matter what altitude you’re living at. Mavic Pro, just like some of the other drones featured on this list, has obstacle avoidance sensors that improve the overall flight safety. This is especially important while flying it near objects which is of crucial importance in the real estate business since you will be next to rooftops all the time. DJI Mavic Pro can be connected with most of modern day FPV Goggles without any issues, which means it’s one of the best drones for FPV Goggles.

Combine all of that with more than 7 kilometers of range (yup, 2 kilometers more than any other drone made by DJI), 27 minutes of flight time and you will understand why it’s such a popular choice among drone enthusiasts nowadays. And who could blame them – DJI Mavic Pro has everything a good drone needs to have: powerful specs, useful features, transportability and a great camera.

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5. DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4

Here we are, 3rd Phantom on our list. Phantom 4 is newest model in series, and it comes with many improvements when compared to predecessors. I won’t go too much in depth with technical characteristics, instead, let’s go through what matters most for real estate agents.

Phantom 4 comes with 4K camera, it’s slightly better than camera in Phantom 3 model which was great anyways. You are able to receive live feed from camera on your Android/iOS device. DJIs app is improved and now it’s easier to use for non-tech guys. When it comes to flight time, newest Phantom has nothing to hide. This is the best battery DJI has ever produced, in real conditions it will give you 23-25 minutes of flight time. Don’t get fooled by marketing tricks where some claim it can fly for 30 minutes or even more… 20+ minutes is great result, and when you have extra batteries you have nothing to worry about.

Collision avoidance system is feature we haven’t seen on drones before. Well, Phantom 4 is able to avoid obstacles and in fact, this works very well. Be careful, it avoids only objects located in the front of it, you’re not covered on sides. All in all, amazing drone that deserves your attention. From time to time DJI gives us some coupons so stay tuned because we always share it with our readers. Do you think this is the best drone for real estate agents?

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4. Yuneec Typhoon H


So far, DJI remains the market leader. But Yuneec’s latest offering, the Typhoon H, may well change that. The company’s newest drone isn’t just different or stacked with unique features (which it very much is). It’s also far more powerful than any other drone in its price range. First and obvious difference you’ll notice is Typhoon H is hexacopter while all other drones on this list are quadcopters.

6 rotors are always better than 4 rotors. Especially when we’re talking about expensive flying machines with even more expensive cameras flying around. Even if one motor burnout, you can still land safely. To be honest, motors burnout isn’t something that often happens to drones in this price range, I just wanted to notice it so you’re informed about that aspect too.

Same as DJI Phantom 4, Yuneec H comes with collision avoidance, follow me mode and many other amazing features. The H also features retractable rotor arms, which cuts down on the size of the transport case and makes it roughly the same size as a typical quadcopter when stowed. It’s needless to say that Yuneec H has great camera, supported by 20+ minutes of flight time and advanced controller this drone is pure joy to fly.

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3. Yuneec Tornado H920

If you are a professional aerial photographer with a ton of professional equipment who is just getting into photographing for real estate businesses, then you should definitely take a closer look at the H920 by Yuneec.

It’s an expensive model, that’s for sure, but it has a lot of means of justifying its huge price tag. This little fella can fold its wings and landing gear, making it easier to transport from point A to point B. Moreover, its frame is built with carbon fiber, allowing it to have maximum endurance and low weight. It comes with an ST24 transmitter with a dedicated 7-inch Android tablet that serves for FPV and OSD purposes. The best thing about this drone is its capability of lifting heavy payloads. We are talking about approximately 7kgs of weight that this beast can lift up in the air. That’s what makes it so popular. It can, without any issues, carry your professional photography equipment. You do not even have to worry about it crashing down together with the drone as it has the ever-so-popular failsafe feature that returns it to its takeoff location if its low on battery.

With all that being said, this monster of a drone is an outright champion not just when it comes to real estate but virtually all other commercial uses. It incorporates everything you might need and fits it into a magnificent package that will serve you justice if you opt for it.

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2. DJI Inspire 2

DJI’s second Inspire model has caused quite the stir on the market, and it had every right to do so. Why? Well, not only does it feature significant improvements over its predecessor performance-wise, but it also sports a couple of handy features that could not be seen with the Inspire 1.

Let’s start off with the specifications. Just like the Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro, Inspire 2 also has 5 to 7 kilometers of lag-free range that will satisfy all your voyeur needs. Likewise, the battery life has also been significantly booster, all the way from 15 to whopping 27 minutes. That means great news for people who want to buy it for commercial purposes and cannot be satisfied with anything less than 25 minutes of flight time.

Moving forward, it’s important to add that Inspire effectively shoots in 5.2K resolution which is, at the moment, the highest available resolution from a default drone package (straight out of the box). The stabilization and image quality are nothing short of brilliant and DJI made sure to finely poise it even further by adding useful photo modes with the aid of GPS.

Of course, the price is still a big issue for causal users. As the package suggests, DJI Inspire 2 is meant for professionals and as such it is priced the way it is.

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1. DJI Phantom 4 PRO

So, here we come. #1 drone on our list of UAVs for real estate industry. The newest model in DJI’s Phantom series has just gotten a Pro version. With a couple of well-placed improvements, it plans on taking the market by storm just like the regular model did.

So what exactly does the PRO version has to offer? Well, it has received additional obstacle sensors along with a mechanical shutter on the 4K built-in camera. It’s able to shoot videos in 4K at amazing 60PFS, but in addition to that, it can also shoot slow motion videos at full HD, allowing you to control its versatility with an intuitive controller that comes with the packaging.

Much like all other models in their Phantom series, DJI made sure the Phantom 4 PRO has all the benefits of awesome specifications, allowing it to par greatly against its competitors. For instance, it has 7 kilometers flying range and can stay up in the air for roughly half an hour, making note of the slight advantages over the regular version.

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How are drones changing the real estate industry?

Instead of asking “are drones changing the real estate industry” we are going to be focusing on how are they doing so. Why? Because it does not take an expert to realize just how much drones are being used in this industry. They’re becoming a common sight to see and soon enough we will not even be able to imagine what the industry looked like before them.

So, how exactly are drones changing real estate industry? Well, it seems as though the most efficient weapon in this entire story aren’t drones but the interne.t Nowadays, most real estate purchases start off with a Google search… and that’s where drones come into play. As you all know, high end drones are capable of capturing flawless Ultra HD videos and images in an outright professional manner. This helps real estate agents sell properties much quicker with an effective new tool in their arsenal.

Imagine a boring real estate website with multiple pictures, lengthy descriptions and all that ordinary stuff… Now imagine a website filled with dramatic drone footage whirling around property, capturing its essence from all possible angles. Going inside, giving you a class A tour through the entire building… Which website do you like more? Yup, that’s how drones are changing the real estate industry!



Are drones a must have for real estate agents in 2017?

Quite frankly, answer to the question above works for this one too. As I’ve explained, drone videos in real estate industry are all the craze. Companies are investing in professional drone photographers, real estate agents are getting their own commercial licenses… and all that because of one simple reasons – customers love it!

Believe it or not, the biggest key in having an above-average sales record in real estate is online presentation of properties. When you combine a good online sales pitch with a breathtaking drone video, you got yourself a winning combination. But, beware – getting a proper drone for real estate and the necessary license can be quite expensive. Not only will you have to pass the Part 107 test but you’ll also have to get an insurance policy that covers drone piloting for real estate photography. It’s not cheap, oh no… But is it really a must have?

Well at this point, even though I’d like to say it is, it’s not. Sure, investing in drone photography will get you a higher conversion rate, but your traffic will remain the same. As a matter of fact, investing in drone photography will make your business future-proof and will definitely pay off in the long run… But it’s not a real must have. You can still do your business without drones and rely on conventional conversion methods such as charm, solid online presentation and second to none communication skills. In the end, what I’m trying to say that it’s totally up to you; a matter of personal preference.


What are benefits of using drones for real estate business?

You’re probably thinking of investing in drone photography in the near future but you’re not yet sure whether or not it’s a good investment. You need some cold hard evidence, and I’m here to provide you with just that!

Create compelling tours

Indoor drone videos are quickly becoming the most common sight to see online. Needless to say, they possess a certain degree of glamor which is highly appreciated by the customers. But, not all drones are suitable for indoor use so make sure you have that on mind when purchasing one.

Portray astonishing nature surrounding the property

If you’re dealing in luxury and exotic properties, perhaps drones will improve your business even further. If there’s one thing drones excel at, it’s capturing the beautiful nature from a completely different perspective. Use this to your advantage and create astonishing aerial shots of nature surrounding the luxurious property. With a well-done piece of art, you’ll be set to make a deal.

Use the opportunity

You’re not late… Even though drones have taken over real estate pretty quickly, most of the industry is still coping with the transition from their old conventional ways. That’s why you should use this opportunity and invest in drone photography, the sooner the better.


5 Tips for drone pilots in real estate

  1. High end is your friend!

    If you’re buying a drone for commercial purposes make sure you don’t buy an overpriced one. This, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy an expensive model. Not by a long shot… This only means you should stick to the most popular brands such as DJI, Yuneec, Autel Robotics and so on…

  2. Camera is of utmost importance!

    I don’t even need to tell you that camera is really important – it basically dictates your how your end product will look like. That’s why don’t go cheap on the camera. Most professional aerial photographers are mounting bulky, professional-grade cameras on their drones to ensure the optimal image quality. Be one of them!

  3. Gimbal is no joke either!

    Gimbals are basically anti-vibration systems. They remove the jelly effect that’s extremely annoying to watch. Most low tier and several middle tier models suffer from this because they don’t have gimbals. To ensure your videos are as smooth as possible, make sure you get a drone that can not only lift heavy professional cameras but a 3-axis gimbal stabilization system as well.

  4. Smart flight modes are awesome!

    Most high-end drones come with autonomous and smart flight modes. They allow you to concentrate more on taking the perfect aerial shots by guiding your drone through the designated route.

  5. Experiment with different image settings

    If you are not satisfied with the quality of your aerial shots, perhaps it’s not the drone’s or camera’s problem… Perhaps the problem is in your image settings. I’m sure all of you have taken more than a few photos on your phones. I’m also sure you’re aware that even the most basic phones have image settings… Well, so does your professional camera! Experiment with these settings and capture aerial shots in the good old trial – error manner. You’ll get a hang of it… eventually.


Our Thoughts

You might never have though drones could be part of an industry like real estate, but the truth is they’re an almost seamless fit. People will appreciate the unique angles of detailed photographs taken from a drone’s point of view, and it’s impressive when any business utilizes modern technology. You don’t have to be a hobbyist to make full use of drones.

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I am a Real Estate Professional in Texas and I specialize in selling Ranches and large acreage. I am not techno savvy by any means and I'm completely "old school" but I can see that this might be an opportunity to generate cash flow to supplement my Real Estate Sales business. Is there hope that a person of my age (59) could develop a profitable market for these services to other realtors as well as for my own use? Or, is this market already saturated? I know I am completely in the dark but it just sounds intriguing.