5 reasons why a drone is the perfect Christmas gift

Remember those good old days where you used to get around the Christmas tree and find that one perfect gift? The one which made all the family gather around to play with it. All the eyes set on the new toy, everybody wanted to have a go on it. You remember the feeling. But now you are older, it is your turn to find the perfect gift to make the all family go ‘wow”!
drones for Christmas

Don’t worry, we at Drones Globe are committed in finding the best of the very best, for you, at the most affordable price on the internet! This Christmas share your love for drones with your family and amaze them with how much this technology is capable of.


It is an original gift. Most people have heard about drones and watched them on TV, but not everybody has remotely piloted a drone. It is a new experience, a new technology we are quickly adapting to our fun and needs. Imagine it was you wrapping the paper, anxious to find out what it is, and you see a beautiful drone! Capable of going where you can’t go, record video and take pictures! The perfect Christmas Aerial Selfie!


There is a lot of diversity. Drones for every taste and need. From a 15$ toy rated quadcopter to a full professional aerial photography drone. Not into photography and videography? Prefer aerial acrobatics? Great! There are drones so light and powerful they can perform amazing tricks on air. Waterproof drones! Racing drones! Yes, you read it well, it is no longer a fantasy. Together with FPV (first person view) glasses you can race your drone against your friends and see what the drone is seeing in real time.


Afraid you will have to buy extra parts for your drone? Not sure how to assemble a quadcopter? Don’t worry. Most of the quadcopter come with all they need ready to fly out of the box. There are full packages for photography drones, including the camera, the gimbal, remote, battery, sometimes even the FPV screen. You won’t have to set up anything, or lose your Christmas dinner over figuring out how the drone works. Most of the drones are super user friendly, you will be able to fly it right away. Be aware of what drone you buy, some are not advised to fly indoor while others are. Check our other articles to see which best fits your needs!


Contrary to what many believe drones do not brake that easily. Of course it depends on the quality of the material and what type of drone you are getting. The average 15$ toy rated drone won’t survive continuous hard crashes while professional drones (and others in between) were built to resist to any crash. Do not see drones are a sensible, fragile product. You would be surprised how durable they can be.


Probably the most important reason of the all five: drones are affordable. It won’t cost your entire Christmas budget, not even close. There are many and different models you can choose from, and since it’s a recent technology but so many companies already have entered the market, they compete for the best price. Even if you are planning on offering one of the higher-cost drones with professional hardware and features. Once again I will advise you to check our Top 10 Best Drones according to price range. We have analysed all of the best, taking in consideration both quality and price. Find one within your budget: Top 10 Best Drones Under 50$, Top 10 Best Drones Under 100$, Top 10 Best Drones Under 200$, Under 300$, Under 500$ and Under 1000$.

Not yet convinced? Well, Santa is! According to Fortune magazine, FAA official Rich Swayze predicts 1 million more drones will be filling the United States skies after this Christmas. A new era of technology has begun, take part of it, be the first to introduce drones to your family! 🙂

Anthony Turner