350 QX3 by Blade is your next favorite drone !

350 QX3 is new high quality product released by Horizon Hobby. This drone is packed with great professional features at an affordable price.
blade 350 drone

Does this drone really worth $390 (currently on sale for $390, regular price is $570) we’ll find out in our Blade 350 QX3 review.

350 QX3 Specs:

Flight time: 11-13 minutes
Camera: CGO2 16MP, 1080p/60FPS
Battery type: E-flite® 3000mAh 11.1V Li-Po Flight
Mount: GoPro Compatible Camera Mount
Range: 2500 meter vertically / 1000 meter horizontally
Transmitter: Spektrum™ DX4
Safe Technology
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This drone is ready to fly out of the box and needs no assembly. It does not come with a camera, but you may opt from using a GoPro (to which Blade has a compatible camera mount included in the package), or buy a 3-axis brushless gimbal together with a CGO2 16MP 1080p/60fps stabilized camera separately. Both options assure amazing quality picture for more professional photography and/or videography. If you’re looking for a drone with spectacular camera quality, you might be interested in our Yuneec Q500+ review.


Drone is controlled by a DX4 transmitter that uses Spektrum™ 2.4GHz technology, a very powerful transmitter which allows an outstanding range of 2500 meters vertically and 1000 meters horizontally. This remote has a Gimbal control switch that lets you tilt the CGO2 GB camera. There is also an application available for Android and iOS that lets pilot control the camera via its built-in 5.8GHz as well take pictures and record videos. These are outstanding features in this price range, JJRC H8D has some of them too.

What is Safe Technology?

SAFE® Technology is the feature which truly places the QX3 is one of the best affordable quadcopters for aerial video and photography. We have tested it in our Blade 350 qx3 review, let’s see what we have found out. SAFE stands for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope. This technology allows for two flight modes: Smart Mode and Aerial Photography Mode. Both feature self-leveling and use GPS and altitude sensors to precisely hold position in a hover. Also SAFE allows this drone to self-land thanks to the Return Home function. Great for when pilots lose range and control. Blade will automatically comeback to the point of takeoff. Now more on the two flight modes, in Smart Mode the drone will fly in whatever direction the control stick is pushed (stick relativity), it’s like headless mode but more accurate. Smart Mode also has a security measure called SAFE Circle, drone “creates” a barrier around pilot and won’t fly near it. Other mode is Aerial Photography and has the name suggests is meant to assist you on that great video or photo you wish to take. SAFE Technology also allows the drone to hover steadily in air without pilot input. This feature was very useful during our QX3 review when we asked inexperienced drone flyers to try it.

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350 qx3 by blade in the air


350 QX3 features its own PC software, a user-friendly program with options to monitor systems, adjust settings and calibrate sensors. Four available screens: Sensor Information (sensors status, speed controls, battery voltage and accelerometer operation); Calibration Screen (calibration of accelerometers and camera gimbal, adjust flight boundaries); GPS Screen (available satellites and signal strength, latitude, longitude and altitude indications); Device Information Screen (update 350 QX3 firmware and check current software version).

I mentioned the adjustable flight boundaries, what are these? QX3 operates within geo-referenced flight boundaries defined by pilot. These safety boundaries are to ensure you do not lose track of the quadcopter, since its range is so high, it’s a very useful safety measure. So let’s say you only wish to perform a flight around 200 meters, program Blade to only fly within that diameter. All this features are forcing us to list this drone on our homepage.

350 blade qx3 night flight

350 QX3 comes in three different packages, AP-Combo, RTF (ready to fly) and Bind & Fly. On this Blade QX3 review I refered only to the RTF version, since is the most advisable concerning price-quality. RTF version (and bind and fly) comes with the GoPro camera mount and the AP-Combo with the 3-axis stabilized camera. GoPro does a better image quality job, however if you intend on controlling the angle of the camera through the phone app you will need the CGO2 2GB camera.


Even it doesn’t come with camera by default, you can buy it as optional. I highly suggest buying camera because not having it on this drone would be real shame. 350 QX3 offers great flying experience, it’s very stable in the air and comes with a lot of really useful features and functionalities.  Have you enjoyed our review? Feel free to share your opinion with us using comment form below. Have you enjoyed our Blade 350 review? We’d like to hear your opinion, feel free to share it with us using comment form below.

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Anthony Turner