One of the reasons why RC cars are so awesome is because they come in all price ranges. You can get the cheapest ones for well under $50 and still have a ton of fun. Money is not a huge deal when it comes to RC cars, especially for models that have children as their primary targets.

But today, we will be focusing on a whole another specter of RC cars. Today, I am going to show you the best mid-range options for RC car enthusiasts and newcomers alike. These guys don’t require assembly but they do offer somewhat of an upgradeable environment. You can test out your DIY skill and have a ton of fun at the same time with these RC cars under $500! P.S. if you’re looking for cheaper solution, you might be interested in our list of 10 RC Cars under $300?

Want to know more about these RC cars under $500? Well, here’s the list so make sure you pay close attention all the way to the end and the number one pick!


10. Traxxas 6907 1/8 NHRA

We are starting off with a rather unique looking (and performing) RC car. As you can see, it is made by Traxxas and the main characteristic of it is its design. You see, this is an outright drag racer with extremely fast top speeds but lacking downforce which makes its learning curve quite steep. Still, despite that, there is no doubt that Traxxas 6907 (AKA Funny Car) is a ton of fun!

With a unique design and top quality build materials, Traxxas created a speed demon. Believe it or not, this thing has enormous torque and speed due to its 3S brushless power system and the ET 2400 brushless motor. Realistically, it can achieve speeds of up to 70 mph. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to control it while going so fast so most of you won’t get it over 60.

Traxxas Funny Car also comes with a set of interesting features including 3 different modes (burnout, staging and racing) as well as a launch control switch. All things considered, Traxxas’ innovation looks to pay off sooner than they’ve expected since Funny Car is gathering a lot of praises from satisfied customers who wanted to witness incredible speeds at low cost.


9. Redcat Racing Terremoto 10 V2

Stepping away from innovative and funny car designs, we have an awesome model made by Redcat Racing. Come to think of it, it is pretty obvious that there is a huge domination of Traxxas and Redcat Racing in the RC industry. That’s not only so in the low-budget departments but across the entire market. It’s partially so because they’re proven to be trustworthy brands and partially because of the sheer quality of their RC cars.

With that being said, let’s start off with Terremoto 10 V2, an absolutely gorgeous monster truck featuring several body variations as well as oversized, texturized tiers that are made specially for rough terrains. It sports active 4-wheel drive and aluminum (oil filled) long travel shocks for extra stability during off road races.

Terremoto 10 V2 runs on the 3000KV brushless electric motor and 7.4v 3200mAh LiPo battery pack. While this can, of course, be upgraded up to 5800mAh, staying with the stock ones is still a worthwhile option as Terremoto 10 V2 performs good nevertheless. Regarding rest of its build and features, a huge important has to be pointed at waterproof electronics such as ESC, servo system and receiver. All of them are nicely tucked away and secured within the chassis in order for Terremoto to drive during mild rain or through puddles.

So, in the end, I guess Redcat Racing Terremoto 10 V2 is made for people who know exactly what they want. If what they want is a solid, durable monster truck with great off road capabilities, then needless to say, they will be amazed by Terramoto’s overall performance! Definitely deserves its place on our Best RC Car under $500 list!

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8. Traxxas 24076-3 Bandit VXL

Almost making it onto my best RC cars under $300 list, Bandit VXL is definitely worth checking out. If not for its amazing appearance and brilliant design, then surely for its hardware that can put to shame even the most expensive models on the market.

For a model that costs just over 300 bucks, it is plain out ridiculous to see such a wide array of exceptional performance. Starting off with the motor, this little fella has all the brushless VXL power it can take, clocking it at 70+ miles per hour. Yup, you read that correctly – Traxxas Bandit VXL is a 1/10 buggy model that can easily reach 70mph in a matter of seconds!

Likewise, the situation is nothing short of spectacular with the Traxxas 7-cell NiMH battery pack that incorporates the popular ID technology and fast charging. Moreover, Traxxas Bandit VXL communicates via 2.4Ghz with the included TQi advanced transmitter that allows fine tuning your brand new speed demon.

Last but not least, Traxxas Bandit VXL incorporates waterproof electronics, 2075 high torque digital servo system, steel turnbuckles and even steel transmission gears that will definitely do their magic for years to come. So, if you are looking for great value for money combined with a class A build quality, then look no further – Traxxas Bandit VXL should be the model you are purchasing!

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7. MST MS-01D Subaru Impreza WRC 2008

If you are a big fan of Subaru Impreza, then this next model will capture your sight for sure! Meet, Subaru Imprezza WRC 2008 model drift car made by MST. It delivers an amazing amount of details in a fancy outfit that will captivate both younger and older audiences alike. In addition to its captivating appearance, this RC car also provides with top flight performance and build quality, all of which are equally important for every good RC model out there.

I cannot believe I did not mention this already – this RC car is full-fledged drifter which means it is not meant for racing. With that being said, if you are looking for an RC that you can use to beat all of your friends with, then please skip this one as it will disappoint you! Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at some of its basic aspects!

The most important thing about this one is its chassis. You see, it is equipped with the popular MS-01D chassis that provides even the biggest noobs of us all with an enjoyable drifting experience. So, if you are just looking to get into the whole RC drifting hobby, this MST model can surely make you fall in love with it! Other than that, it is also important to note it comes with special pillow ball suspension and A arm that serves for improved tracking.

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6. Kyosho 33203B FW-06 Porsche 911 GT3

Even though Kyosho is still nowhere near the popularity of Traxxas or Redcat Racing, there is no doubt they’re planning on reaching it. They are doing so by releasing excellently performing models at moderate price tags which customers, of course, greatly appreciate. Is their 33203B model a good pick? Well, that is exactly what I plan on showing you in the next couple of sentences!

As you could all guess by the title, this is a Porsche 911 GT3 1/10 replica with a huge ass spoiler in the back. Not only does it look nice but also provides with a better aerodynamic which is always a plus. Moving onto the actual specifications, Kyhoso implemented the GXR15 engine as well as 4WD with 2-speed transmission.

If that’s not enough to sell this one to you, perhaps you will reconsider when I inform you this little fella sports digital servo, and high mechanical grip. That’s still not all though – the build quality is nothing short of brilliant and the chassis is shockproof which means you won’t easily damage the electronics inside. Unfortunately, they are not waterproof so it might be a good idea to stay away from rain or wet terrain with this one!

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5. Team Energy V8SC 1/8th

Exceed RC is not such a popular RC car manufacturer, even though they are constantly making solid quality models. Their luck could turn with this gigantic, 1/8 V8SC model. The first thing you will notice about it is its unconventional design. But how good it really is? Well, let’s find out how it compares to other RC cars under $500!

Team Energy V8SC is best used as a short course racing mini truck due to its high torque and excellent top seed of up to 35 mph with all the stock parts. Of course, the real fun with this one is when you upgrade it. By adding a 6S LiPo battery, Hobbywing motor and 150A ESC with 19T pinion gear, V8SC can go as fast as 70 mph and can do so for more than 40 minutes.

Still, such high speed will virtually disable all steering and make the Team Energy V8SC just go straight. If you want the fastest racing-ready scenario, then leave out everything as it is and just upgrade 19T pinion gear. That will result in roughly 50mph of top speed and enjoyable driving experience.

So, what I am basically trying to say here is this – if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the RC car package itself and you are willing to upgrade it a lot, get the Team Energy V8SC by Exceed RC as it will exceed (pun intended) all your expectations once you put in a couple of aftermarkets parts inside.

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4. Kyosho Inferno Neo 2.0 Nitro

Here we have another one of Kyosho’s models which just proves my point of them being proper competition for both Traxxas and Redcat Racing! That’s even more true if you take a sneak peek at the first spot on this list where the ultimate Kyosho RC car awaits! But, for now, we will be focusing on the Inferno Neo 2.0 Nitro, an extremely powerful buggy that doesn’t agree to compromise!

I will start off by saying that this speedy little devil looks absolutely gorgeous, with its black/white/red color schematic, gigantic spoiler and relatively big rubber (texturized of course) wheels that can make all the difference!

Inferno Neo 2.0 Nitro runs on the revised KE25 engine that has a powerful conrod and pull started, enabling it to go extremely fast… extremely quickly! Moreover, Inferno Neo also has three shoe aluminum clutch and its consistent acceleration is brought to life with scissor springs.

But that’s not all! You see, it works via kt331p radio system that even features a small LCD display. From there, you can adjust certain settings and check the failsafe signal strength. When it comes to durability, the folks over at Kyosho made sure Inferno Neo doesn’t fail to deliver. By implementing ks5031-09mw metal gear and waterproof servos, they’ve done themselves (and their customer) justice. All in all, Kyosho Inferno Neo 2.0 Nitro is a mighty beast and is definitely worth checking out!

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3. ARRMA AR106013 Typhoon 6S BLX

Here, at display, we have yet another awesome looking buggy with big ass spoiler. It is made by ARRMA and as its name suggests, it runs on 6S LiPo batteries (not included) that allow extremely fast speeds and lengthy operating times.

It runs on ARRMA’s own brushless motor on an aluminum mount as an extra level of safety. With all of its electronics such as servo and ESC being completely closed off and waterproof, you can rest assured Typhoon 6S BLX will not be driven off the road by petty rain showers or mere puddles.

When it comes to actual performance, this little guy is bound to amaze you. As it provides a ton of room for upgrades (you can upgrade virtually everything ranging from the battery, bearings, bushings, tires, motor etc), the official statement about top speed was not found. Still, if you upgrade it with decent parts, there is no doubt this thing can go over 70 mph.

With all that in mind, I would like to make a conclusion. So, as you can see for yourself now, Typhoon 6S BLX is an RC buggy made for DIY-ready RC enthusiasts. It is not exactly a beginner-friendly model since it requires a lot of adjustments and upgrades to find the perfect fit. So, if you’re an enthusiast craving for another cool looking buggy, make sure you check out the Typhoon 6S BLX by ARRMA.

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2. Kyosho Nitro-Powered FO-XX Formula

Just 2 cents under the $500 limit that I have set for this list is the Fo-XX RC track made by Kyosho. This thing is an absolute beast across all departments and features several unconventional features that will surely amaze those of you who know the ins and outs of RC cars.

Starting off at the design, Kyosho FO-XX Formula is a huge, 1/8 model with absolutely unique looking rubber tires with interesting textures that make it go extremely fast even while driving on the roughest of terrains. It is characterized by the 3-speed automatic transmission system which not only gives it unearthly acceleration but exceptional top seed as well.

It runs on fuel and requires a glow igniter and AA batteries for the radio system in order to start up. With the beast-like KE25 nitro engine, Kyosho FO-XX Formula is surely one of the fastest off road buggies out there. With solid grip and downforce, excellent build quality and SPECTACULAR design, I really don’t see a reason why you should not go for this one!

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1. Traxxas 1/10 Slash LCG – best RC car under $500

I am sure all of you know that there are several different versions of the amazing Slash RC car made by Traxxas. Today, I will be taking an in-depth look at the most expensive version that bears the LCG tag after its name. It is still well under $500 but provides with excellent performance. Needless to say, the FO-XX Formula defeated it to the first place by the smallest of margins.

I will start off by saying that this thing clocks in at more than 60 mph straight out of the box. So, what I am trying to say here is that Traxxas Slash LCG gets more than 60 mph with all stock parts. That’s how ridiculously powerful this thing is.

It’s no wonder since it is powered by the Velineon 3500 brushless motor and Velineon VXL-3S ESC. It allows a total of 3 different driving modes (same as the XL-5) including sport, racing and training model. The later gives chance to newcomers to test out their skills by giving them just 50% of the motor power. Other noteworthy aspects to Slash LCG by Traxxas is its Low gravity center chassis, waterproof electronics, sealed differentials, shaft-driven 4WD and many more trivial things that will only be of use to real RC enthusiasts.

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As you could see for yourselves guys, there’s really a lot to choose from. With Traxxas and Redcat Racing holding the front line with their awesome models, Kyosho and others are doing their best to pick up what’s left of the market share. They’re enjoying quite a blast whole year around as well as their buyers who can’t wait to test their new RC cars’ limits.

In the end, thank you for reading and I hope you get an awesome RC car that will suit your needs perfectly!