H99W by Eachine will give you so much fun for so little money

Eachine has been stepping up their game. They have been releasing great and affordable products in the market lately. By using very reliable hardware Eachine has built trust among drone enthusiasts. There is no going wrong with an Eachine Toy Grade drone. They have also recently invested in the drone racing market, if you are into drone racing, Eachine has a great product for you too.



Eachine H99W Overview:

Flight Time: 5 to 6 minutes
Camera: 2MP FPV (WiFi transmission)
Battery Type: 3.7V 380mAh battery
Range: 60 meters
Transmitter Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Gyro: 6 Axis
Features: One-Key Return, Headless Mode
Price : check price on Amazon

We have reviewed Eachine Racer 250, an awesome and very affordable racing drone. But that is not what we are here to discuss today. Today, Drones Globe brings you a very reliable and affordable FPV (First Person View) quadcopter to any beginner on a short budget. As always Drones Globe aims to inform you and give you the require tools for you to make your choice and decide what drone best fits your needs. Therefore we have reviewed Eachine H99W a FPV Toy Grade quadcopter which rates very well among the lowest priced real time video transmission drones. Let us move on to our Eachine H99W Review!

Price vs quality

First of all, it is important to mention the relation price~quality of H99W. For a very low price you will have a complete good quality First Person View flight experience. If you are seeking your first FPV drone and you want the best experience at the lowest price possible, hello H99W! Even though H99W presents some below average specifications, it actually compensates in other aspects.

Easy to use, beginner friendly

eachine-h99w-topLet us begin with its ease to use, H99W is suitable to every beginner giving its first steps into commercial UAV’s. Beginners won’t have any problem controlling H99W, after your first or second flight you will control H99W as if you had done it all your life. Capable of hovering fairly smoothly it does not need as much pilot input to remain balanced in air as other same price drones need. An amazing affordable flier which also is highly manoeuvrable and simple to use. Another strong factor of Eachine H99W is its ability to resist wind (at medium and expert yaw rate), in fact, I was a bit surprised how this small (23 x 20.5 x 7.5 cm) quadcopter handles medium breezes. You live in a windy area? Worry not, H99W is a strong and yet gentle flyer, don’t be afraid to take it outdoor in somewhat windy days (do not misinterpret this information, it is wind resistant but it will not fight tornados!). This strong stability is mainly due to its efficient use of a 6 Axis Gyro and lightweight but durable frame.

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If you check H99W you will probably think it brings a 0.3MP camera as many FPV drones within this price range do. I’m happy to inform you, it does not. Eachine H99W features a 2MP camera capable of recording decent aerial footage and taking good photographs. Recordings may have some ‘jello-effect’ depending on flight and transmission conditions. Obviously, one of the most important features to mention about this affordable quadcopter is the real-time image transmission, that’s probably why you are here in the first place: for a very affordable FPV (real-time video transmission) experience. H99W saves buyers some money by using the pilot’s Android or iOS device has a FPV monitor, by doing this Eachine is able to reduce the cost of H99W therefore bringing it to the low price we already know. Live video transmission is done through WiFi connection instead of 5.8GHz. The pilot has to download a free application, available for both Android and iOS, and place his smartphone on the phone holder built-in with the RC remote. The 2MP camera included in the package, is mainly set for indoor recording, outdoor recorded videos are a bit over exposed in sunlight (outdoor video in the sun is a bit too bright). However, it’s not something which will interfere with your FPV flight, H99W has a surprisingly good WiFi FPV video transmission performance. On top of all this, it also includes video OSD (On Screen Display) of low voltage warning from the quadcopter, a unique feature for a drone this cheap.

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eachine-h99w-boxIf you thought Eachine H99W wouldn’t include useful features due to its low-price, well my friend, you are wrong. Eachine wanted H99W to have all the needed tools to compete with more expensive FPV products. Therefore, besides the usual 360º aerial stunt, H99W also features Headless Mode (for easier orientation despite where drone’s nose is point at) and One-Key Return (H99W returns back to pilot). Although these are not breakthrough technology, it is very positive to see them placed in such an affordable drone. Without them H99W would already be a reliable quadcopter, but with this additions it makes it extra sweet!


H99W drone and 2MP camera are powered by a 3.7V 380mAh battery. Flight time is only around 5 to 6 minutes which is a bit below the average flight time a drone within this price range should have, but considering the two features and the included 2MP camera, all powered by this 380mAh standard battery it’s very reasonable. On the other hand, battery only takes 20 minutes to charge! A dream to new enthusiasts which can’t get their hands off the new drone, within 20 minutes your drone is ready to take on the sky once again. The average charging time for drones within this price, size and specifications is between 40 to 90 minutes. H99W is a winner when it comes to saving both money and time!


It includes its own 2.4GHz controller which resembles a game controller but it’s very simple to use. However it only has a control distance around 60 meters, while other competitors have a range between 80 to 120 meters. This is probably this biggest downside of H99W.

What is your opinion? Have you ever flown a H99W? Are you considering buying one for yourself or offering it has a gift to someone? Do you prefer Wifi live video transmission or 5.8GHz? Do you enjoy using your smart device has a real-time video transmission screen? Let us know on the comment section below, we at Drones Globe always look forward to hear your opinion of the products we review. Give it a try and enjoy your affordable FPV flight!

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Anthony Turner