[REVIEW] JJRC H12WH – outstanding control range and flight time. But is that enough?

Hello and welcome to our JJRC H12WH review!  If you have been a drone enthusiast for a while most likely you have come across a JJRC drone. If you are a beginner let me inform you that JJRC is one of the best toy drones manufacturer. They have produced some of the best and most affordable drones currently available in the market. Not only do they excel in specifications they also pack great and useful features.

jjrc h12wh new drone

JJRC H12WH specs :
Flight Time : 8 minutes
Camera : 2MP
Battery Type : 3.7V 750 mAh Lipo battery
Range : 300 meters
Remote : 2.4 GHz frequency
FPV Frequency : WiFi
Gyro : 6 Axis
Features : Headless Mode, One Key Return, Altitude Holder
Price : check price on Amazon

Comparing to other drones, within the same price range, JJRC products regularly have above average quality. Our aim at Drones Globe is to always find the best value for your money (and for us, since we are drone enthusiasts, always looking to find the best bang for our buck as well!) With this in mind, today we bring you one of the most recent drones by JJRC the H12WH model, an upgraded version of the H12W! This being said, let us move on to our JJRC H12WH review.

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First person view (FPV)

JJRC-H12WH-cameraFirst of all let me start by saying that JJRC H12WH features First Person View, meaning it displays real time video transmission. It does not come with a FPV monitor, instead it transmits the live video directly to the pilot’s smartphone device via WiFi connection. This is done through a free application available for both Android and iOS which the pilot can download and install. Original package comes with a phone holder for you to place on the 2.4 Ghz controller with 4 channels. This is a nice and useful bonus as it makes it easier to watch the live video while flying. H12WH comes with a 2MP camera of fairly decent quality. Image quality may have a slight ‘jello effect’ but it will surely please most casual flyers. Take photographs and record video (saved into a Micro-SD card) directly through buttons on your 2.4 GHz remote controller (4 channels).

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Altitude holder

JJRC-H12WH-led-lightSecondly, let’s discuss one of the highlights of JJRC H12WH, the Altitude Holder (Air Pressure Holder) feature. This feature has recently began to be introduced in new drone models. It currently is one of the sought and talked about features of toy drones within this affordable price range. Let me explain what this feature is: a high density barometric air pressure sensor allows the drone to hold its height autonomously while pilot focus on the camera or the live video being displayed on the smartphone. Besides this neat feature, this drone also includes Headless Mode (for easier orientation despite where the front of the quadcopter is pointing at) and One Key Return (drone returns back to pilot). On top of this, H12WH has LED lights for night flights and performs 360º aerial spins with just the push of a button on the remote. As you can see, quite some fun features for such an affordable toy drone.

Control distance is above average

On top of all this, JJRC is still able to excel in the drone’s specifications, particularly the control range. JJRC drones are known for having a long control distance and H12WH is a good example of this. This affordable toy drone has a 300 meters control range, and considering the average range for drones within its price range is around 100 meters… You can tell how much of a difference it is. This is why all H12WH feature One Key Return, with such a long range it is important to have a feature which enables the pilot to retrieve the drone when he loses eyesight of it. Besides this astonishing range, JJRC H12WH also has an 8 minutes flight time (powered by a 3.7 volt LiPo battery), 8 minutes is the average flight time for drones within this price. Battery can be charged via USB cable (plug it into your computer) and for each battery to be fully charged it takes around 100 minutes.

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JJRC-H12WH-bottom-viewJJRC H12WH has a 6 gyro system which enables a nice and stable hover, making it a good fit for beginners looking to start on FPV flying but are on a low budget. H12WH is both ideal to fly indoor and outdoor, mainly due to its stable hover and small size of 29.00 x 29.00 x 9.00 cm. It also has protective frames made of ABS plastic surrounding the quadcopter motors and propellers, ensuring it won’t break easily when it crashes. JJRC H12WH is very lightweight only weighting 125 grams. You can fly it without being worried of causing too much damage.

What is your opinion on this new JJRC toy drone? Have you been looking for an affordable FPV drone featuring Altitude Holder? Are you looking to upgrade your old JJRC H12W model? Let us know in the comment section below! We at Drones Globe love to read your comments, share your opinion with us. Don’t forget to bookmark our page for more reviews of recently released drones such as this. Happy flying fellow drone enthusiasts!

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