Eachine e30w in depth review. Cheap FPV drone packed with some nice features.

Here we are! Ready for another review of an affordable Toy grade drone, this time we are reviewing one of the most recent products by Eachine, the E30W! An FPV (First Person View) quadcopter, in fact one of the cheapest FPV drones currently being released into the market!



Eachine E30W Overview:

Flight Time : 7 minutes
Camera : 720p FPV
Battery Type : 3.7V 550mAh Battery
Range : 70 meter
FPV Frequency : WiFi
Transmitter Frequency : 2.4 GHz
Gyro : 6 Axis
Features : Headless Mode, One Key Return
Price : check price on Amazon

eachine-e30w-packageEachine has been producing great and affordable drones recently, is E30W one of them? We will find out on this review.  As always it is our aim at Drones Globe to find the best value for your money and mostly important provide you the information needed for you to make your own decision. Eachine E30W is a Toy grade quadcopter aimed at beginners, it’s a very easy to control quadcopter, great for learning and practicing. If you are new to real time transmission video flights and don’t have much money to invest on a drone, worry not, there already are greatly affordable products which fit any budget! On top of all this, although it’s fairly low price, Eachine E30W still packs some very useful features. Its specifications, as you will see further on this review are somewhat the average for FPV quadcopters within this price range. If you wish to read about more Eachine products please check our Eachine H99W review (another great WiFi FPV quadcopter) and Eachine 250 review (one of the cheapest and complete racing drones package). This being said let us move on to our Eachine E30W review!

Eachine e30w is one of cheapest FPV drones

First of all let’s start by discussing Eachine E30W First Person View characteristics, most likely this is the main reason you are here for, to learn about one of the most recent and affordable FPV drones in the market. Camera is capable of recording in 720p resolution as well as take photographs, the image quality is very decent and will surely please most casual flyers. However do not expect very good quality, video has a slight ‘jello-effect’ depending on flight conditions. The real time video transmission is done via WiFi directly to your smartphone through an application available for both Android and iOS. This one of the factors which helped Eachine produce such an affordable quadcopter, by using the pilot’s mobile device has a method to display the live video. One characteristic I find very useful is the detachable (not built-in) phone holder on the 2.4 Ghz controller remote (with 4 channels) which make it easy for you to fly FPV. Safely put your phone placed on the remote and start flying FPV!

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Eachine e30w vs Syma x5c

Eachine e30w vs Syma x5c


Now let’s discuss the functions featured on Eachine E30W, I was honestly surprised with the set of features included on this quadcopter, mainly due to its low price, I didn’t expect it to include One Key Home return, but it does! Easily make your Eachine E30W return back to you safely without much hassle. Another feature, which is more common among all Toy grade drones nowadays, is the Headless Mode, despite where the front of the quadcopter was pointing at the beginning of the flight, you will easily turn it left or right. This feature is much appreciated by beginners because it makes the drone much easier to control, however if you are serious about learning how to fly any quadcopter I would recommend you to learn and practice non-headless flights too. Headless Mode is also useful for children, also because it makes the quadcopter easier to control. Other more common features of Eachine E30W is the LED lights for night flights, which allow you to stop your drone even in the dark, the 360º aerial stunt feature (drone rollovers in the sky with just the push of a button) it can perform this stunt in four different directions, just push your stick towards the position you wish it to rollover and click the 360º button. Lastly the low-battery protection (drone starts beeping when battery is running low, advising to land before it crashes). As you can see, it’s a very good and useful set of features, all in a very cheap FPV quadcopter package.

Control range and flight time

eachine-e30w-led-lightsOther Eachine E30W characteristics are the 70 meter range, which is within the average control distance for such affordable FPV quadcopters like this (better range than most of Syma quadcopters). E30W is powered by a 3.7 voltage 550mAh Battery which allow it to have around 6 to 7 minutes of flight time, once again the average flight time for Toy FPV quadcopters with such a low price! E30W battery only takes around 50 minutes to fully charge, which is always a big plus.


What did you think of our Eachine E30W review? Have you been looking for a WiFi FPV quadcopter at a very low price to learn and practicing or to buy as a gift? Well, you just found it, Eachine E30W is suitable to both beginners, experts and children. It will provide you hours of fun without requiring a big investment. Leave a comment below telling us what you think of this affordable FPV quadcopter and link to any of your friends looking a quadcopter with this features and specifications. Also, don’t forget to bookmark our page and visit us regularly for more updated and detailed reviews such as this! We at Drones Globe seek to guide you through your drone decisions and grow as enthusiasts together with you! Happy flying fellow drone lovers!

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