H8D by JJRC – the best quadcopter for under $200?

After the success of H8C, JJRC introduces the H8D a quadcopter ready-to-fly out of the box with 5.8GHz FPV transmission. The design is clearly similiar to the renowned Cheerson-CX20 and it comes in both red and orange.
jjrc h8d package


A great thing about JJRC H8D is the very affordable price. Among other drones of the same price range, H8D is one of the most bought in the market. In our JJRC H8D review we’ll find out why is that so!


Flight time : 8 minutes
Camera : 2MP HD
Battery type : 2S 500mAh LiPo
Antenna : 5.8GHz Frequency
Range : 100-150 meters
Remote : 2.4GHz Frequency
Gyro : 6 Axis
Monitor : 4.3” LCD with built in battery
Price range : Check price on Amazon

First of all, if you have owned a H8C you know its motors were a bit too noisy, even when watching a video you recorded, the noise would overlap the sound. JJRC has corrected this on their newest version, H8D, by adding bearings. The camera is same quality, HD 2.0MP, better than the average low-price drone camera. Yet, sometimes if transmission is weak, can have a bit of a jello effect on the displayed video. On the other hand, the camera angle is adjustable so you can move the camera to the angle which best fits your recording.

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H8D uses a 7.4V battery that powers the quadcopter (it comes with two batteries), providing him 8 minutes of flight time, although it may have low flight time, it compensates in control range. 150 meter range is above the average same price quadcopters capability. Each battery takes around 90 minutes to charge. Nothing spectacular, but still better than other drones in this price range, for an example : Syma X5SW review. For a drone in this price range, this are great results. Let’s keep up with our JJRC H8D review, it’s time to talk about H8D’s features:

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This drone comes with some useful features. One of them is headless mode, in other words the drone will fly on the direction of which the controller stick is pointing to, despite its front (drone nose) or back. This makes it easier for beginners to adapt to flying a quadcopter. Other feature is the one key return, by pushing the stick the opposite direction of the takeoff H8D will return to the pilot.

JJRC H8D Night flight


The transmitter is dual mode having reversible sticks (mode 1/ mode 2) and a button to adjust the flight speed. On top of the controller it can be mounted a 4.3“ LCD FPV monitor with a 5.8GHz transmission antenna and a built-in battery. This monitor comes included in the package. Contrary to other quadcopters, H8D has its own monitor and does not need an Android or iOS device. The screen is a bit too brilliant even with the shade protection and it may be hard to see in brighter sun days.

Other nice but more common features are the LED lights for night flights and the 3D stunt (drone does a 360º spin in air).

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All in all, I think this is great choice if you don’t want to spend more than $150. It will give you hours and hours of fun + you’ll gain some flying experience so you will be able to control more expensive drones in the future. Thumbs up for JJRC H8D !

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hey all. just bought one and there was no microsd card or reader. can i purchase anymicro sd card i want


I have flown this drone quite a few times and love it. It does take some getting used to though. My question: Is there a date and time that can be set somewhere. The date on my videos and photographs are not even close to the date they were taken.


We just purchased one of these. The drone powers up uncommanded. Throttle is completely back and the drone just powers up and flips. We can't figure out why it is doing this. Very frustrating.


If you lose sight of it like I did, flying for the first time, will it continue to fly till battery dies or what. I've lost it as I did not know what I was doing.


Have owned a H 8 D for only a week (my first 'copter) and the only troubles I have had with it are (1) the supplied controller wouldn't work at first and (2) one motor has already burned out after less than 10 5-8 minute flights. The first problem was resolved by me taking the back of the controller off and re-run in the transmitter antennae wire back up into the antennae mast at the top of the controller. It apparently had never been properly installed there. I also had problems with joysticks not being consistent in their actions. They were sporadic in their output, which caused erratic flight movements. Turning everything off and the cycling the joysticks through all their positions several times each remedied that problem. I had to repeat the latter "fix" 3 or 4 times, powering ever thing up and checking flight action to see if it was getting better. I don't have that trouble any more. (2) I've seen numerous reports that the HD goes thru motors rapidly. My HD did NOT come with ball bearings but, rather, it only has bushings (one at each end of each motor). When I first started flying the 'copter it was what I would call "quiet", but on the flight where the motor burned out the 'copter was noticeably louder. Which leads me to believe the bushings may be the major cause of motor failure, especially in the way the failure manifested itself: the motor didn't just stop cold, it lost power but kept turning. I couldn't control the 'copter in flight so I simply reduced the power and let it come down (about 100 feet) and eased in the power closer to ground to lessen the impact (on grass). Nothing got damaged, but now I'm grounded until I came get a new motor!,,, Grrrr!


Hey there,

that sounds like they sent you partially damaged (unfinished?) product. But good thing is you managed to fix up controller.

I was waiting for your new reply haha, have you received your new motor? Does it work good now?

Best regards!


The title of this review is for an H8D. Your review is for the H8C, as seen in the pictures. The H8D has a range of 300 meters.


Review is for H8D, but H8C box was accidentaly captured on the top image. We have both of them.. Also, 100-150 meters range reffers to FPV (wifi) range.