Typhoon Q500+ by Yuneec is one of the best rated drones on Amazon

Welcome to our new article, today we are having a deep look into a Yuneec Q500+, very sophisticated all-in-one drone ready to fly out of the box.
yuneec q500+ and transmitter


Q500+ Thypoon quadcopter is big in size (bigger than Syma X5SW) and loaded with useful features for aerial photography and video. If you are looking for a good quality ready-to-fly (RTF) drone with all you need and yet easy enough for beginners, you will fall in love with Q500. So what is so great about this quadcopter, why it’s featured on our homepage? We’ll find it out in this Yuneec Q500+ review!

Q500+ Overview:

Flight Time: 20-25 minutes
Camera: GGO2-GB Full HD 1080p 16MP 60FPS, 130º View
Battery type: 3S 5200mAh LiPo
Maximum Speed: 8m/s
Range: 800 meters
Remote: ST10 Ground Station 10-channel 2.4 GHz with 5.8 GHz video downlink 5.5” LCD touch Screen Android OS
Gimbal: 3-axis 90° adjustable angle view
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Flight modes

Similar to IRIS+, Q500+ has three flight modes: Smart Mode, Angle Mode, and Home Mode. All three modes use GPS, so in case of an indoor flight, turn off GPS. Modes list:

  1. Smart Mode is much like headless mode and suitable for beginners. In this mode the drone will move in any direction the control stick is, regardless of where the front is pointing to. A great thing about this mode is, you can push the right control stick on the opposite direction to which you flew the drone and it will come back to you. One great thing about Smart Mode is having Follow Me Mode. Follow Me means the Q500 will follow the transmitter because of a GPS the transmitter has. During our Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon review, we’ve founded this mode very useful. It was very helpful for people who do not have any experience in flying drone.
  1. The second, Angle Mode is used by more experienced pilots; standard GPS mode.
  1. Home Mode, as the name says, the drone returns to the takeoff point and lands itself. There is also a Watch Me feature in which the Q500 stays camera pointed at the pilot independently of the flight direction.

During our Yuneec Q500+ review we have founded all modes working perfectly well, as described by manufacturer.

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q500 typhoon in air


The camera is Full HD 16MP with option to record 1080p video, also does FPV (real time video) transmission directly to the 5.5” LCD touch screen. Plus, flight data (GPS status, number of satellites, GPS coordinates, battery voltage, altitude, ground speed, home distance, system settings and flight settings). All displayed in ST10 Personal Ground Station powered by Android operating system. The 3-axis CGO2-GB Gimbal system stabilizes the quadcopter yaw movements allowing for a very smooth footage. The gimbal can be tilted 90º degrees up or down, providing preferred recording/photographing for the pilot. The camera also has a 130º point of view.

q500 typhoon controller

PC & MAC Software

It has its own software for PC and MAC, although it is a bit limited it does provide information about the quadcopter, the sensor, GPS and a feature to calibrate the the accelerometer and the gimbal. The software is also able to update Q500 Typhoon firmware.


Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ features Geo Fence protection, mainly three GPS safety. Number one, No Fly Zones, Q500 will not fly near commercial airports, number two it also prevents flight above the allowed 400 feet (121 meters) vertically (in USA). This might not be useful for European and other continents pilots, since there are, yet, no laws for drones. Smart Circle protection, establishing a 26 foot (8 meter) diameter around the pilot, so the drone does not hit the pilot. At last, there is also a safety option that prevents Q500+ from flying further than 300 feet (91 meters) from the pilot.

Mobile app will make your life easier

A smartphone app named CG03 for both Android and iOS able the pilot to get real-time image transmission and capture photos and videos. STEAGYGRIP CGO3 system allows you to palce and connect your device and control the gimbal much like a plane joystick. Although it cannot control the Q500+ Typhoon quadcopter itself.

An interesting extra (depending on package version) is the lightweight aluminum case with compartment for two extra batteries. Great for taking on a vacation or a more adventurous day.

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After reading this review we hope you share our view on the great quality of this quadcopter. Which we highly recommend for beginners and intermediate pilots. Have you liked our Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon review?

Anthony Turner