Syma X8W – they call it poor man’s Phantom. Let’s see why.

Syma has one of the strongest presences in the low cost drone’s market. After the wide success of  X5 and X5C models, they have reworked those models to incorporate better range and camera. X8W is result of that.

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After, a first (not so much), successful entry into the FPV (real time video transmission) business with the X5SW (FPV version of older model), Syma has since then released their newest quad, the X8 with a FPV version, namely the X8W. Today, we’re here for Syma X8W review.

X8W Specs:

Flight time: 8 to 10 minutes
Camera: 2MP FPV
Battery Type: 2000mAh LiPo
Range: 60 to 80 meters
Transmitter Frequency: 2.4GHz
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X8W is a large quadcopter, able to fly even on windy days and take great aerial photos and videos. Comes in three different colours: orange, black and white (we’ve bought white model for purposes of our Syma x8w review). It has bright LED lights for night flights.  Follow us as we take a deeper look into Syma’s second FPV model.

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Easy to use FPV quadcopter

X8W has proven to be, indeed, one of the most reliable low-cost FPV quadcopters currently in the market. Designed to be easy enough for the average consumer, X8W is a 6 Gyro stable flyer, even when flying against the wind. While one of the common issues among drones being the battery life, for a low-cost quadcopter X8W has surprisingly above average flight time of 8 to 10 minutes. Commonly, same price drones only have a flight time of around 7 minutes. Range, on the other hand, has never seem to be Syma’s priority. Although easy to manoeuvre, much like its predecessor, X8W weak point is the range of only 60 to 80 meters. An improvement to the previous 50-60 meters of the X5C, but not enough compared to the newest same price quadcopters.

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Syma-X8W led lights

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X8W is one of the best affordable choices for FPV. Why? Firstly, because its 0.3MP camera beats many (alleged) 2MP cameras. Very low jello effect. Camera can take photos or record video, this is all controlled through just a push of the button on the 2.4 Ghz transmitter (included). Main factor of X8W’s low price is not using a FPV monitor for the real time video transmission. Instead, Syma has smartly developed an application for both smartphone and tablet with Android or iOS which can be installed for free. This app connects to your phone and lets you watch what the X8W is watching directly on your phone screen. This connection is done through WiFi, X8W provides its own. Although the image is clear and not interrupted, it may have a 1 second delay, depending the obstacles on the area you flying in.


Features headless mode, for easier flight regardless of drone’s position. The drone will fly in commanded direction despite to where the quadcopter’s head is pointed to.  Together with the one push 360º trick in air, fun is guaranteed.

Syma X8W is also called poor man’s Phantom. You could guess why 🙂 Its design is similar to Phantoms, plus they are almost the same in size. To be honest, this drone is one of the best devices you can get for less than $120. So, why don’t give it a chance? Have you liked our Syma x8w review?

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Anthony Turner