V686g by WLToys is a perfect Christmas gift

WLToys has released many great Remote Controlled products in the market. Their aim is to offer the most affordable drones while maintaining some of the quality seen in higher cost products. V686g is their new product on the market, and today we’ll take deep look into it.



V686G Specs:

Flight Time: 8 to 10 minutes
Camera: 2.0 MP HD 720p
Battery type: 3.7V 780 mAh
Range: 150 meters
Monitor: FPV 5.8 Ghz Transmission
Remote Frequency: 4 Channel 2.4 Ghz
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V686G is WLToys’s complete version of the V686 series. A strong and easy to fly quadcopter, aimed for beginner pilots with interest in FPV flight. What makes this drone such a great choice for low-cost FPV flight? We will find it out in our WLToys v686g review. Besides coming with the complete set needed to begin FPV flight right of the box; V686G has specifications above average for its price range.

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Flying & features

Airframe is large, lightweight but durable to most common crashes. The drone is easy to maneuver and wind resistant, comes with three different flight yaw rates, for easier control. Included in V686G features is one key to return function, in other words, the quad will come back to the point where began flight. This is a useful feature, but without a GPS system it does not literally mean the drone comes back to the exact point. Since it has no GPS, V686G uses a directional system. So, when you press the return to home button, the drone flies backwards in opposite direction to where it was flying to. More on these functionalities can be found on our homepage.

Another feature, headless mode, enables an easier flight regardless of drone’s position. The drone will fly in commanded direction despite to where the quadcopter’s head is pointed to. Great for new enthusiasts who are not yet comfortable with derationing a quadcopter. This mode can be turned on and off, according to pilots flight preference.

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If you think low-cost quadcopters do not come with good quality cameras, be mistaken. WLToys 686G brings a very decent quality camera, both for taking pictures or recording video. All the camera related functions can be accessed through buttons on the transmitter which connects directly to the camera. The live video quality may have some jello effect occasionally, but nothing compared to other same price drones. The set includes its own FPV monitor for real time video transmission, which is great, although in shiny days the screen may be a little hard to see. Because of this, the package comes with its own shade protection to apply on the monitor.

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The 720 mAh battery is a good fit to the quadcopter power needs, allowing for a good 8 to 10 minutes flights. While recording video and streaming to the screen at the same time. Fortunately this is a much better performance than other low-cost FPV quadcopters, one of the reasons for this drone being a wise affordable choice.


V686G’s frequency connection to the transmitter is of 2.4 Ghz, not interfering with the live video transmission working on a much higher frequency of 5.8 Ghz. Remote control distance goes up to 150 meters vertically, better than Syma and most quadcopters. V686G is viable to fly both indoor and outdoor thanks to its good stability. It also has other fun functions such has 360º spins in air with just the push of a button.

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Anthony Turner