WLToys Q212G should survive all your crashes !

Drones are becoming easier and easier to fly and WLToys Q212G perfectly suits that requirements. As the demand for this type of aerial machinery increases, manufacturers find new ways to improve flight experience.

Wltoys-Q212g drone


Flight time: 13-15 minutes
Camera: FPV (5.8 Ghz Transmission) built in
FPV Screen: 4.3”
Battery type: 1200 mAh Lithium
Range: 150 meters
Transmitter Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Features: Headless mode, One button take off, One button landing, Return to home, Altitude holder.
Price range : Check price on Amazon

A big concern new flyers have is “Will the drone be able to resist crashes?” “Will it fall apart after hitting the floor?” No and no! Even though most low-cost quadcopters are toy rated, companies have come to realize the importance of producing life-long products. With this in mind WLToys has released a simple, and, yet very fun to fly toy-rated quadcopter with a frame made of carbon boom, providing it a light and solid built. Did they suceed? – we’ll find it out in our WLToys Q212g review.

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This WLToys product is intended for FPV flight enthusiasts on a low budget. Besides its low price, the package is very complete, containing: RC Quadcopter, Controller, 7.4V 1200mAh Lithium battery, Charger, 4 x Blade, 5.8G FPV Monitor, 2GB Memory Card, Micro-SD Card Reader, Monitor Stand, 2 x Monitor Stand Belt, 2 x Monitor Stand Nut, Camera, Antenna. Everything a pilot needs for FPV flights right out of the box.


Unfortunately the 7.4V 1200mAh battery is only able to power a maximum of a 15 minute flight. It is a much better than the 8-9 minute average, considering it’s a large 32 x 32 x 10 cm size quadcopter and the battery has to power a FPV camera, 12-15 minutes is great result. Every battery takes around 90 minutes to charge between flights.

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Camera is good quality even though sometimes may have a bit of ‘jello’ effect when turning. FPV transmission works fine with no delay (you can actually control the drone only looking at the FPV screen). It has its own FPV monitor with 4.3 inches (10.9 cm), so there is no need to use a smartphone as a screen. One cool extra is the monitor protector, a good support for especially sunny days.

Despite its large size, it is steady quadcopter able to fly both indoor and outdoor. Flight distance varies between 125 and 150 meters depending if you are flying on an open area or not.

Another drone with good camera in the same price range : Syma X8W – poor mans Phantom


Overall, expect an easy to maneuver quadcopter, hovers perfectly thanks to its incorporated barometer. In fact it has an altitude hold feature which through an air pressure sensor enables it to stay fixed on air, while you focus on recording video or taking photos.Q212G also has some common features such as headless mode, one button push automatic landing and take-off and one key home return. Q212G is probably one of the best large low-cost quadcopters for beginners.

Note: One uncommon thing about this quadcopter is the way your turn it on. Before binding, at the same time you press the “turn on” button you also have to push the left controller down. After that you can normally bind it as you would do in any other quadcopter.

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Is it worth also updating "The Bad" point in the summary regarding the battery, as it could still put some people off if they only skim read the article.

I spent ages researching and comparing between this one and a JJX 509G and have decided on the Q212G being slightly larger and also the video feed and recording looks as though it's better isolated from vibration.

Just need to wait for it to get to the UK now so hope I've made the right choice.


If you search for "Dutch RC" on youtube he has posted a video of his tests of the Q212g (in English) with a continuous flight of over 13 minutes, so I don't think it is just me. Hope you find it is a weak battery as this seems like a great quad to use to learn FPV and I wouldn't want someone to avoid it for short flight times. Its nice it has plenty of power to fly against the winds as well as it can easily handle Beaufort force 4 winds, 15 -18 mph)


Thanks Stephen, we have updated the review 🙂


I recently purchased a Q212g and my experience so far is that the batteries last far longer than 7 minutes. In a low altitude hover test with video running it lasted for 14 minutes before the 1st low power warning started. In a gentle flight at 40% with video running it lasted for 13 minutes before 1st low power. If you only got 7 minutes perhaps you have a bad battery.


Really? We will definitely test it again, battery issues can happen once in a while. Thank your for your feedback 🙂