Xplorer V by Xiro is futuristic looking drone that comes at an affordable price

Xplorer V, also known as Zero Explorer V is one of the best looking quadcopters currently in the market. It is ready to fly out of the box, needs no assembling, just unbox it and fly.

Xplorer V ready to fly


Xplorer V specs:

Flight Time : 25 minutes
Camera : HD 14MP
Battery Type : 3S 5200mAh LiPo
Gimbal : 3-Axis Stabilized GoPro 3 and 4 Support
Range : 500 meters
Remote : 5.8GHz Frequency
Price range: Check price on Amazon

FPV transmission to your smartphone through an application, with a good quality HD 14 MP camera already included in the package. Xplorer V is one of the best and most affordable competitors to the DJI Phantom 2 Vision. Easy to fly even for beginners, this aggressive futuristic looking quadcopter has some neat features. Its modular design allows user to easily add a camera, gimbal and range extender to increase the somewhat low default range of 500 meters. Follow us on our Xiro Xplorer V review as we take a deeper look into this drone made by XIRO, a new company in the market, but already distributing high-quality products. It’s just matter of time when this drone will be featured on our homepage.

Xplorer V comes in three different packages the standard Xplorer (no camera and gimbal), the one we are reviewing on this article the Xplorer V (14MP camera and 3-axis gimbal) and the Xplorer G (built-in WiFi FPV transmission ranger increaser 800 meters). It can be compared to IRIS+, read 3DR IRIS+ review : Good and Bad sides.


As the drone market gets bigger and more technologically advanced, companies are starting to improve the product’s design, in order from them to stand out from the rest. Xiro done this especially well. Xplorer has green and black color as well as a unique symmetrical facet design, not the average white and blue or white and red we have begun to get used to. It’s not only the quadcopter design that has been well thought. The transmitter is also well designed, almost as a controller from a console, even has rubber pads on the back for better grasp. A negative thing about Xplorer built we founded during our Xiro Xplorer V review is the manual retracting landing gear, it is a bit weak and easily goes out of place.

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xiro-xplorer-v controller

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First, let us discuss the transmitter. Besides the already mentioned interesting design and smooth material. The 5.8GHz frequency transmitter is very easy to handle, to transport and it can stand on its own. It has a multi-angle cradle for the cellphone (to use as FPV system). A vibration alert warns every time the drone is running low on battery, the WiFi connection is getting weaker or it’s going too further in distance). One of the most useful buttons on the transmitter lets pilot tilt the camera gimbal while on air. Allowing the drone to transmit and record on your favorite angle, even when just hovering steadily on same position. Great feature for aerial photography and videography. Transmitter gives access to other features, which I will mention later on the Xiro Xplorer Vision review, since they have to do with other features.


Xplorer V has GPS and compass which allow features such as IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control) somewhat like Headless mode but more efficient. Xplorer uses its internal compass to memorize drone’s position. This extends Xplorer functions to a range of functions as the Return to Home, in which the drone locks radar position of where it began flight and returns automatically. This feature is also enable as a security measure, whenever Xplorer is running out of battery or flying too far, it will return to pilot. Another button on the transmitter allows the drone to automatically takeoff without control of the pilot and hover steadily above ground. Same button also works for auto landing, as the name suggests, quadcopter lands itself.

xiro-xplorer-v in the box


The detachable 3-axis stabilized gimbal supports both GoPro 3 and 4, as well as a 4K camera. If you do not own one, worry not. Xplorer V package comes with a HD 16 megapixels 1080p 30 FPS camera, very good quality. Gimbal is also able to turn on a 90º angle, this can be done through transmitter or the phone application available for both Android and iOS system. Xplorer V has built in Video Wireless Transmission, for great FPV (real time video) directly to your phone. The app also displays real time flight data information on screen, Album Synchronization and battery status informer. Live transmission is done through WiFi and with no delay. Image quality is great.

Great price/quality ratio

Xiro Xplorer is a great affordable choice for any enthusiast seeking a powerful quadcopter, with good flight time and featuring most useful functions for aerial video and photography. It is the perfect alternative to a Phantom 2 Vision. Not only it brings its own good quality camera, it also comes with a gimbal which supports a GoPro 3 or 4. Although range is just of 500 meters, its modular design makes it easy to add 800 meter range increaser (also found on Xiro shop).

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If you are looking to a cheaper alternative to Dji or Walkera’s products, Xplorer series is one to have in consideration. Remember, it supports 4K cameras and range increasers. So what you see, can always become better with some official Xiro extra hardware. I hope you have enjoyed our Xiro Xplorer review. Enjoy your flight!

Anthony Turner