Cheerson CX-10W review

Today we’re here for Cheerson CX 10W review. This drone was kindly provided by GearBest (Adam, thank you) for this review. So, let’s start :



Flying time : Around 4 mins
Battery : 3.7V 150 mAh
Charging time : Around 30 mins
Material of product : ABS Aviation material
Camera : 0.3 megapixels
3D Flip : YES
Color : Golden, Rosy Red and Dark Grey
R/C Distance : Around 15-30 m
SD Card : Optional (Up to 32 GB)
Channel : 4 Channel
Transmitter : Mobile
Product Weight : 15 g

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This tiny (32 mm width, 22 mm height) drone is controlled via mobile app. It’s available for both Android and iOS users. Cheerson made it easy for you to find correct app, to they printed QR code on drone box. Just scan it and phone will redirect you to App store/Google play app. Now when you’ve downloaded app, it’s time to fly this little monster.

You have to connect your phone with your drone using wi fi connection. This is how you do that :

  1. turn on your drone
  2. open wi fi settings on your phone
  3. connect to Cheerson cx 10w wi fi network
  4. open Cheerson CX10W app

That’s it, you’re ready to fly now. As most of you guys probably know, flying drone using smartphone isn’t easiest thing ever. That’s mostly because you don’t get any feedback from your screen. It really takes some time to get used to it. Flight experience is not bad at all.  While control distance of “only” 25 meters may seem like a poor spec, think about it again. Drone is very small so you don’t see it at that distance at all. I was flying it 10-15 meters from my position and I found it perfectly appropriate for drone of this size.

Night flights

This tiny drone is equipped with green/red led lights so it’s appropriate for night flights. In my personal experience, flying this little drone is more fun during the night than day. It looks like some small flying bug, making that “buzzz” sound. Don’t fly it too close to your neighbour, they probably won’t find it that funny and interesting as you do 🙂


Battery and flight time

It comes with a 3.7V 150mAh battery. This battery will give you about 4-5 minutes of flight time. Once when it’s empty, it won’t take too long to charge to 100%. In my case it took about 30 minutes, I should also mention that I was charging it through USB connector on my laptop. Nothing else to say about battery and flight time, let’s move to camera now.

Camera and FPV

Cheerson CX-10W comes with built in 0.3MP camera. Camera quality isn’t spectacular, but you probably didn’t expect it to be spectacular when you bought drone of this size and price. It’s good enough to take few pictures (and videos) from above, but nothing to be amazed with. Live feed from camera is displayed on Cheerson CX10 mobile app. Actually, it’s displayed in “background”, behind flying controls. All camera controls are located on the top of mobile app screen, so you have buttons for : take picture and record/stop video.


Beginner friendly?

Since most of people who buy this drone are beginners, I have some good new for you. This drone is pretty crash resistant. After I tested it I gave it to my younger brother who has no flying experience. Of course, he crashed it. He crashed it from 10 meters, it hit concrete wall and didn’t break. One propeller was damaged, but good thing is extra propellers are included in the package so you just quickly change it and continue with your flight. Nice, ha?


You can buy this drone on GearBest.

Larry Haller